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us.asciiroth.client.agents.npc Non-Player Characters 
us.asciiroth.client.terrain.triggers Triggers are a kind of decorator in software terms; they are a terrain that wraps and augments the behavior of any other terrain piece. 

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.agents

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.agents with parameters of type Cell
 boolean LavaWorm.canEnter(Direction direction, Cell from, Cell to)
 boolean AgentProxy.canEnter(Direction direction, Cell from, Cell to)
 boolean AbstractAgent.canEnter(Direction direction, Cell from, Cell to)
static Direction AgentUtils.findPathInDirection(Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Cell targetCell, Direction direction, Targeting targeting)
          Given targeting information and a desired direction to move in, return a direction that is the closest the agent can get to moving in the desired direction.
static Direction AgentUtils.findPathToTarget(Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Targeting targeting)
          Given targeting information, devise the best possible direction to move.
static Direction AgentUtils.getDirectionToCell(Cell origin, Cell target)
          Given two cells, determine the direction that will take you from the origin closer to the target cell.
static Direction AgentUtils.getDirectionToCellRangeLimited(Cell origin, Cell target, Targeting targeting)
          Determine a direction toward the provided target cell from the origin cell, accounting for the range specified in the targeting parameter.
static double AgentUtils.getDistance(Cell cell1, Cell cell2)
 void Statue.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
          On a color trigger, the statue turns into the agent it represents.
 void RollingBoulder.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Pusher.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Asciiroth.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Tetrite.onDie(Event event, Cell agentLoc)
 void Corvid.onDie(Event event, Cell agentLoc)
 void Asciiroth.onDie(Event event, Cell cell)
 void AgentProxy.onDie(Event event, Cell agentLoc)
 void AbstractAgent.onDie(Event event, Cell cell)
 void Tumbleweed.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Triffid.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Thermadon.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Tetrite.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Statue.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Sleestak.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void RollingBoulder.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Rhindle.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Pusher.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Paralyzed.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Optilisk.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void LightningLizard.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void LavaWorm.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void KillerBee.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Hooloovoo.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void GreatOldOne.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Farthapod.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Corvid.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Cephalid.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Campfire.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Asciiroth.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void AgentProxy.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Triffid.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Thermadon.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Tetrite.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Sleestak.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void RollingBoulder.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Rhindle.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Pusher.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Optilisk.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void LightningLizard.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void LavaWorm.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void KillerBee.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Hooloovoo.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void GreatOldOne.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Farthapod.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Corvid.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Cephalid.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Asciiroth.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void AgentProxy.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void AbstractAgent.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Tumbleweed.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void Thermadon.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void Statue.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void Slider.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void Optilisk.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void LavaWorm.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void KillerBee.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void GreatOldOne.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void Farthapod.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void Corvid.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void Cephalid.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void AgentProxy.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void AbstractAgent.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void Hooloovoo.onHitBy(Event event, Cell itemLoc, Item item, Direction dir)
 void Corvid.onHitBy(Event event, Cell itemLoc, Item item, Direction dir)
 void AgentProxy.onHitBy(Event event, Cell itemLoc, Item item, Direction dir)
 void AbstractAgent.onHitBy(Event event, Cell itemLoc, Item item, Direction dir)
static void AgentUtils.turnToStone(Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Color color)
          Turn the agent to stone.

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.agents.npc

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.agents.npc with parameters of type Cell
 void NPC.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void NPC.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void NPC.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void NPC.onHitBy(Event event, Cell itemLoc, Item item, Direction dir)

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.board

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.board that return Cell
 Cell Board.find(CellFilter filter)
 Cell Board.findRandomCell()
          Find a random cell that an item could be placed on that the player should be able to enter in order to pick up the item (cells that have traversable terrain).
 Cell Cell.getAdjacentCell(Direction direction)
          Get the cell adjacent to the current cell in the indicated direction.
 Cell Board.getAdjacentCell(int x, int y, Direction dir)
          Given a location on the board and a direction, get the adjacent cell.
 Cell Board.getCellAt(int x, int y)
          Get the cell at the given coordinates
 Cell Board.getCurrentCell()
          Get the cell currently occupied by the player.
 Cell Cell.init(Board board)

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.board that return types with arguments of type Cell
 java.util.List<Cell> Board.findAdjacent(Cell start, CellFilter filter)
          Starting at a specific cell, test adjacent cells with the selector and continue finding and selecting adjacent cells until no adjacent cells match.
 java.util.List<Cell> Cell.getAdjacentCells(CellFilter filter)

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.board with parameters of type Cell
 boolean Cell.canEnter(Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir, boolean targetPlayer)
          Can the agent enter this cell, accounting both for the terrain type and the presence of other agents, as well as the intent of the agent (attack player vs.
 java.util.List<Cell> Board.findAdjacent(Cell start, CellFilter filter)
          Starting at a specific cell, test adjacent cells with the selector and continue finding and selecting adjacent cells until no adjacent cells match.
 void Board.fireColorEvent(Context ctx, Color color, Cell origin)
          Fire a color-related trigger across the board.
 boolean CellFilter.matches(Cell cell, Direction from)
 void Cell.moveAgentTo(Cell next, Agent agent)
          Move an agent to another cell.
 void EffectBag.moveEffectTo(Cell next, Effect effect)
          An optimization to avoid creating animation proxies for effects.
 void Cell.onSteppedOn(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 boolean CellVisitor.visit(Cell cell, int range)
          Visit this cell.
 void Board.visitRange(Cell center, int range, boolean includeCenter, CellVisitor visitor)
          This searches a square of the board, centered on the range, from the closest to the most distant squares, up and including the range of cells (so a range of 3 searches up to 3 cells away).

Constructors in us.asciiroth.client.board with parameters of type Cell
EffectBag(Cell cell)
ItemBag(Cell cell)

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.core

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.core with parameters of type Cell
 void Game.agentMove(Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Targeting targeting)
 void Game.agentMove(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction direction)
 void Event.cancel(Cell cell, java.lang.String message)
          Cancel this event and provide an explanation to the player, pointing to the indicated cell.
 boolean Terrain.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
          Can the (non-player) agent enter this terrain? Without regard to side effects, this method should determine if the agent can actually move into the cell.
 boolean Player.canEnter(Direction direction, Cell from, Cell to)
 boolean Agent.canEnter(Direction direction, Cell from, Cell to)
          Can the agent enter this terrain? This method mirrors the same method in Terrain, and both most return true for the agent to be able to move.
 boolean Terrain.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
          Can the (non-player) agent exit this terrain? Without regard to side effects, this method should determine if the agent can actually move into the cell.
 void Game.damage(Cell cell, Agent agent, int delta)
          Do not allow an agent to move due to animation, when we're in the middle of figuring out if their dead or not.
 void Game.die(Cell cell, Agent agent)
 void Game.drop(Event event, Cell cell, Item item)
 boolean Player.enforceWeakness(Event event, Cell loc, Item item)
          After picking up an item, adjust inventory if the player is weak so that he/she still only holds one item.
static Direction Direction.inferDirection(Cell origin, Cell target)
          Given movement from a start cell to an origin cell, what's the direction that has to be taken?
 void Terrain.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
          This terrain is adjacent to the player.
 void Terrain.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Terrain.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void ColorListener.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
          Terrain has received a color event, probably related to the firing of a color event on the board.
 void Item.onDeselect(Event event, Cell cell)
          Notification that the user is trying to deselect the item.
 void Player.onDie(Event event, Cell agentLoc)
 void Agent.onDie(Event event, Cell cell)
          Called when the agent dies on a given cell.
 void Item.onDrop(Event event, Cell cell)
          Notification that the item is about to be dropped.
 void Terrain.onDrop(Event event, Cell itemLoc, Item item)
          Item is going to drop onto the terrain at this point.
 void Terrain.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
          Agent attempting to leave the from cell, heading toward the to cell.
 void Terrain.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
          Agent attempting to exit the from cell, heading toward the to cell.
 void Terrain.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
          Terrain has an item flying over it.
 void Player.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Animated.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
          Animation callback, executed once each frame for each piece animated on the board.
 void Item.onHit(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
          Item has touched an agent either as a result of being thrown against the agent, or as a result of the player walking into the agent while holding the item.
 void Player.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerLoc, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Agent.onHit(Event event, Cell attackerCell, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
          Fired when this agent collides with the player, or if this agent is the player, when the player collides with another agent (in other words, this method will not fire if one non-player agent collides with another non-player agent).
 void Player.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
 void Agent.onHitBy(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Direction dir)
          Called when this agent is hit by another agent (another agent collides with it).
 void Player.onHitBy(Event event, Cell itemLoc, Item item, Direction dir)
 void Agent.onHitBy(Event event, Cell itemLoc, Item item, Direction dir)
          Called when this agent is hit by another item, either by being thrown, or by being wielded by the player.
 void Terrain.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
          This terrain is no longer adjacent to the player.
 void Terrain.onPickup(Event event, Cell loc, Agent agent, Item item)
          Item is going to be picked up.
 void Item.onSelect(Context context, Cell cell)
          Notification that the user is trying to select the item.
 void Item.onSteppedOn(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
          Notification that an agent has entered the same square as this item.
 void Item.onThrow(Event event, Cell cell)
          Notification that the item is about to be thrown.
 void Item.onThrowEnd(Event event, Cell cell)
          Notification that this item, having been thrown, has fallen to the ground at the indicated cell.
 void Game.pickupItem(Cell cell, int index)
 void Game.shoot(Cell agentLoc, Agent agent, Item ammo, Targeting targeting)
 void Game.shoot(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Piece originator, Item ammo, Direction dir)
 void Player.weaken(Cell cell)
          Weaken the player, which will also have the consequence that the player will drop everything except the currently equipped item.

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.effects

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.effects with parameters of type Cell
 void Smash.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void ResistancesCloud.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void PoisonCloud.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Open.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void InFlightItem.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Hit.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Fire.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Fade.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void EnergyCloud.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.event

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.event with parameters of type Cell
 void MessageListener.clearCell(Cell cell)
 void Events.fireCellChanged(Cell cell)
          Fire a cell changed event and notify listeners.
 void Events.fireClearCell(Cell cell)
          Cause any messages that are positioned around the indicated cell to be removed from the board.
 void Events.fireMessage(Cell cell, java.lang.String message)
          Fire a message event to be positioned relative to the indicated cell.
 void Events.fireRerender(Cell cell, Piece piece, Symbol sym)
          Fire a rerender event/request and notify listeners.
 void MessageListener.message(Cell cell, java.lang.String message)
 void CellListener.onCellChanged(Cell cell)
          Event notification that a cell has changed in some way: terrain has been transformed, items have been picked up or dropped, effects are flying over the cell, or similar.
 void CellListener.onRerender(Cell cell, Piece piece, Symbol sym)
          Event notification that a piece would like to rerender itself at the given location.

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.items

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.items with parameters of type Cell
 void RedRing.onDeselect(Event event, Cell cell)
 void GlassEye.onDeselect(Event event, Cell cell)
 void BlueRing.onDeselect(Event event, Cell cell)
 void AbstractItem.onDeselect(Event event, Cell cell)
 void RedRing.onDrop(Event event, Cell cell)
 void GlassEye.onDrop(Event event, Cell cell)
 void BlueRing.onDrop(Event event, Cell cell)
 void AbstractItem.onDrop(Event event, Cell cell)
 void TerminusEst.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void HelmOfTheAsciiroth.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Chalice.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Bomb.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void TerminusEst.onHit(Event event, Cell cell, Agent agent)
 void Sword.onHit(Event event, Cell cell, Agent agent)
 void Stoneray.onHit(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void SlingRock.onHit(Event event, Cell cell, Agent agent)
 void Rock.onHit(Event event, Cell cell, Agent agent)
 void PoisonDart.onHit(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Parabullet.onHit(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Hammer.onHit(Event event, Cell cell, Agent agent)
 void Dagger.onHit(Event event, Cell cell, Agent agent)
 void Crowbar.onHit(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Bullet.onHit(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Arrow.onHit(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void AbstractItem.onHit(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void RedRing.onSelect(Context context, Cell cell)
 void GlassEye.onSelect(Context context, Cell cell)
 void BlueRing.onSelect(Context context, Cell cell)
 void AbstractItem.onSelect(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Head.onSteppedOn(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Fish.onSteppedOn(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Bone.onSteppedOn(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void Bomb.onSteppedOn(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void AbstractItem.onSteppedOn(Event event, Cell agentLoc, Agent agent)
 void RedRing.onThrow(Event event, Cell cell)
 void Head.onThrow(Event event, Cell cell)
 void GlassEye.onThrow(Event event, Cell cell)
 void BlueRing.onThrow(Event event, Cell cell)
 void AbstractItem.onThrow(Event event, Cell cell)
 void Weakray.onThrowEnd(Event event, Cell cell)
 void Grenade.onThrowEnd(Event event, Cell cell)
 void Agentray.onThrowEnd(Event event, Cell cell)
 void AbstractItem.onThrowEnd(Event event, Cell cell)

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.terrain

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.terrain that return Cell
static Cell TerrainUtils.getCellOnOppositeSide(Cell cell, Direction direction)
          To support animated pieces that loop around the board, this method returns the approximate cell located on the opposite side of the board.
static Cell TerrainUtils.getRandomCell(java.util.List<Cell> cells)
          Give a list of cells, choose one at random.

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.terrain with parameters of type Cell
 boolean Turnstile.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean Pit.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean OpeningMarker.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean Gate.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean Door.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean Cliff.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 boolean Bridge.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean AbstractTerrain.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 boolean Turnstile.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean Gate.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean FarthapodNest.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean Door.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean Cliff.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 boolean Bridge.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean BeeHive.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean AbstractTerrain.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
static Cell TerrainUtils.getCellOnOppositeSide(Cell cell, Direction direction)
          To support animated pieces that loop around the board, this method returns the approximate cell located on the opposite side of the board.
static Terrain TerrainUtils.getTerrainWithReverseDirection(Cell cell, Direction dir)
          Given a cell with a terrain that has a direction, and the current direction of that terrain, this method creates and caches a terrain piece with an opposite direction.
 void Crevasse.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Bookshelf.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void AbstractTerrain.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Turnstile.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void PressurePlate.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Pit.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void OpeningMarker.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Gate.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void EuclideanTransporter.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Door.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void AbstractTerrain.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Turnstile.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Raft.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void PressurePlate.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Gate.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void FarthapodNest.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
          The farthapods can get out, however.
 void Door.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void BeeHive.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
          The bees can get out, however.
 void AbstractTerrain.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Turnstile.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Shooter.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Reflector.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void ForceField.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void FarthapodNest.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Door.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void BeeHive.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void WishingWell.onDrop(Event event, Cell itemLoc, Item item)
 void Pit.onDrop(Event event, Cell cell, Item item)
 void Cloud.onDrop(Event event, Cell cell, Item item)
 void AbstractTerrain.onDrop(Event event, Cell itemLoc, Item item)
 void WishingWell.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void VendingMachine.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Urn.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Turnstile.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Throne.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Teleporter.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Switch.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void StairsUp.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void StairsDown.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void RustyGate.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Reflector.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Pylon.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void PressurePlate.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Pit.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void OpeningMarker.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Ocean.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void KeySwitch.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void ImpassableCliffs.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Gate.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void ForceField.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void FishPool.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Exchanger.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void EuclideanTransporter.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void EuclideanEngine.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Door.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Crevasse.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Crate.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Chest.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void CaveEntrance.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Bridge.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Bookshelf.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void BeeHive.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
          You really shouldn't walk into a bee hive.
 void AbstractTerrain.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Cliff.onEnterInternal(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Turnstile.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Throne.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Swamp.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void StairsUp.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void StairsDown.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void ShallowSwamp.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Raft.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Pylon.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void PressurePlate.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Mud.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Gate.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Door.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void CaveEntrance.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Bridge.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void AbstractTerrain.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Cliff.onExitInternal(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Urn.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void Turnstile.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void Switch.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
          You can throw things at switches and trigger them, but you can't shoot at them.
 void Shooter.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void RustyGate.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void Reflector.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void HighRocks.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
          Although the player can pass over this terrain, he or she cannot throw or shoot through it.
 void Gate.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void ForceField.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void Door.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void BeeHive.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void AbstractTerrain.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void Waterfall.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Turnstile.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Teleporter.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Shooter.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Pylon.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Fountain.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void ForceField.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void FishPool.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
          When off, the fish pool periodically tests to see if it should go "on".
 void EuclideanTransporter.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void EuclideanEngine.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void BubblingLava.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Crevasse.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Bookshelf.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void AbstractTerrain.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void AbstractTerrain.onPickup(Event event, Cell loc, Agent agent, Item item)
static void TerrainUtils.toggleCellState(Cell cell, Terrain terrain, State state)
          Assuming the indicated cell has a terrain type with state, this method toggles the state on/off and then changes the terrain for that cell.

Method parameters in us.asciiroth.client.terrain with type arguments of type Cell
static Cell TerrainUtils.getRandomCell(java.util.List<Cell> cells)
          Give a list of cells, choose one at random.

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.decorators

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.decorators with parameters of type Cell
 boolean SecretPassage.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
          Agents are fooled and treat terrain as it appears.
 boolean PitTrap.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean DualTerrain.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean Decorator.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean AgentGate.canEnter(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean SecretPassage.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
          Agents are fooled and treat terrain as it appears.
 boolean DualTerrain.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean Decorator.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 boolean AgentGate.canExit(Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction direction)
 void Mimic.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void DualTerrain.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Decorator.onAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void TrapContainerBase.onAdjacentToInternal(Context context, Cell cell)
 void PitTrap.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void DualTerrain.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Decorator.onAgentEnter(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void DualTerrain.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Decorator.onAgentExit(Event event, Agent agent, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void DualTerrain.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Decorator.onColorEvent(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void WinGame.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Unflagger.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Unequipper.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void PieceCreator.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Messenger.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Flagger.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void Equipper.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void ColorRelay.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void AgentDestroyer.onColorEventInternal(Context ctx, Cell cell, Cell origin)
 void DualTerrain.onDrop(Event event, Cell cell, Item item)
 void Decorator.onDrop(Event event, Cell cell, Item item)
 void PitTrap.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void DualTerrain.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Decorator.onEnter(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void PlayerGate.onEnterInternal(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void DualTerrain.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Decorator.onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void DualTerrain.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void Decorator.onFlyOver(Event event, Cell cell, InFlightItem flier)
 void Timer.onFrame(Context ctx, Cell cell, int frame)
 void Mimic.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void DualTerrain.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void Decorator.onNotAdjacentTo(Context context, Cell cell)
 void DualTerrain.onPickup(Event event, Cell loc, Agent agent, Item item)
 void Decorator.onPickup(Event event, Cell loc, Agent agent, Item item)

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.triggers

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.triggers with parameters of type Cell
 void TriggerOnceOnDrop.onDropInternal(Event event, Cell cell, Item item)
 void TriggerOnceIfNot.onEnterInternal(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void TriggerOnceIf.onEnterInternal(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void TriggerOnce.onEnterInternal(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void TriggerIfNot.onEnterInternal(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void TriggerIf.onEnterInternal(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
 void Trigger.onEnterInternal(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)

Uses of Cell in us.asciiroth.client.ui

Methods in us.asciiroth.client.ui with parameters of type Cell
 void MessageManager.clearCell(Cell cell)
          Hide any messages that would obscure this cell.
 void MouseCellListenerCollection.fireContextMenu( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListenerCollection.fireMouseDown( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListenerCollection.fireMouseOut( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListenerCollection.fireMouseOver( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListenerCollection.fireMouseUp( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MessageManager.message(Cell cell, java.lang.String message)
 void BoardView.onCellChanged(Cell cell)
 void MouseCellListenerAdapter.onContextMenu( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListener.onContextMenu( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void InputManager.onContextMenu( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void CellInfoPanel.onContextMenu( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListenerAdapter.onMouseDown( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListener.onMouseDown( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void InputManager.onMouseDown( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
          This is a complicated method that attempts to do what would be the most obvious action indicated by clicking on a cell on the board, in order to provide a simple, mouse-based interface for novice users
 void CellInfoPanel.onMouseDown( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListenerAdapter.onMouseOut( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListener.onMouseOut( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void InputManager.onMouseOut( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void CellInfoPanel.onMouseOut( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListenerAdapter.onMouseOver( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListener.onMouseOver( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void InputManager.onMouseOver( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void CellInfoPanel.onMouseOver( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListenerAdapter.onMouseUp( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void MouseCellListener.onMouseUp( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void InputManager.onMouseUp( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void CellInfoPanel.onMouseUp( td, Cell cell, boolean shifted)
 void BoardView.onRerender(Cell cell, Piece piece, Symbol symbol)


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