Package us.asciiroth.client.terrain

Class Summary
AbstractTerrain A simple abstract adapter for the terrain interface.
Altar An altar.
BeeHive A special kind of AgentCreator that creates bees when it receives a color event, presumably fired from the death of another KillerBee on the board.
Boards Floor that has crate boards on it.
Bookshelf A bookshelf.
Bridge A bridge you can walk over.
BubblingLava A decorative terrain to spice up lava, that hopefully makes it look like the lava is "spouting".
Bushes Bushes.
CaveEntrance A cave entrance, that acts like either up stairs or down stairs depending on whether it is outside or inside (being a cave entrance, it must be the means to move between an outside and an inside map).
ChalkedFloor Chalk converts the floor piece to the chalked floor piece.
Chest A box that can only be opened with a key of the appropriate color.
Cliff Creates a cliff-like version of the terrain where the only way to enter or exit is via another cell that contains the same apparent terrain.
Cloud White, fluffy, rectangular clouds you can walk on.
Crate A large box that can be broken open with a large hammer, to reveal an item.
Crevasse An impassable crevasse.
Dirt Dirt.
Door A door that can be open (unlocked) or closed (locked).
EmptyChest An indicator of an opened and empty chest.
EuclideanEngine When activated, fires a color event.
EuclideanTransporter This is a special transporter that has complicated activation requirements (exactly for Euclidean Engines need to be activated on the board before this transporter will switch from the off to the on state, and allow the player to transport).
Exchanger When the player walks into an exchanger, the item the player is holding is exchanged with the piece on the other side of the exchanger.
FarthapodNest An AgentCreator specifically for Farthapods.
Fence A fence, which the player actually can't jump, but you can fire over it.
Field A field of crops.
FishPool Uncrossable water that can yield a fish, and that evolves the terrain to move this capability around any nearby water.
Floor Dungeon floor.
Flowers For my daughter, a purely decorative terrain indicating flowers.
ForceField A force field will not allow the player to pass through it while keeping any items in his or her inventory.
Forest Forest.
Fountain A decorative piece that looks like a fountain spouting water.
Gate A gate.
Haystack A haystack which will hide items on this cell.
HighRocks High rocks can also be traversed, but nothing can fly over them.
ImpassableCliffs Cliffs that cannot be traversed by any kind of agent.
KeySwitch A kind of switch that can only be flipped through the use of a key that matches the KeySwitch's color.
Lava Lava.
LowRocks These rocks can be traversed.
Mud Mud.
Ocean Ocean.
Pier A pier that you can walk on.
Pit Impassable but items can be thrown across it.
PressurePlate This is a plate on the floor that when crossed onto or crossed off of, will trigger a color event.
Pylon A pylon is a teleporter that must be activated with a crystal of the same color.
PyramidWall A wall that can be colored, just for an effect.
Raft A raft.
Reflector A reflector is an abstract puzzle piece that has a "reflector" pointing in a given direction.
Rubble Floor that has rubble on it.
RustyGate A rusty gate that cannot be opened, but you can still shoot things through it.
Sand Sand, maybe beach, maybe desert.
ShallowSwamp Swamp.
ShallowWater Water an agent can walk through.
Shooter A terrain type that shoots some form of ammunition (actually, it'll shoot anything...
Sign A sign that will show a message when the player walks onto it.
Sky Blue sky.
StairsDown Stairs down.
StairsUp Stairs up.
Surf Shallow ocean water that the player can traverse.
Swamp Swamp.
Switch A switch.
Teleporter When the player enters this terrain, he or she is teleported to the indicated map and position.
TerrainUtils Terrain utilities.
Throne A throne.
TrashPile A pile of trash which will hide items on this cell.
Turnstile Creates a one-way passage to either the west or the east.
Urn A large urn that can have an item inside it.
VendingMachine Asciiroth's means of supporting shops.
Wall A wall.
Water Water that is too deep to walk across.
Waterfall A waterfall.
Weeds Weeds.
WishingWell Wishing well.
WoodPiling A wood piling, basically the thing that holds up a pier.


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