Class ShallowSwamp

  extended by us.asciiroth.client.core.AbstractPiece
      extended by us.asciiroth.client.terrain.AbstractTerrain
          extended by us.asciiroth.client.terrain.ShallowSwamp
All Implemented Interfaces:
Piece, Terrain

public class ShallowSwamp
extends AbstractTerrain

Swamp. Agents get caught in it sometimes when trying to move out.

Field Summary
static Serializer<ShallowSwamp> SERIALIZER
          Type serializer.
Method Summary
 void onExit(Event event, Player player, Cell cell, Direction dir)
          Agent attempting to exit the from cell, heading toward the to cell.
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Field Detail


public static final Serializer<ShallowSwamp> SERIALIZER
Type serializer.

Method Detail


public void onExit(Event event,
                   Player player,
                   Cell cell,
                   Direction dir)
Description copied from interface: Terrain
Agent attempting to exit the from cell, heading toward the to cell. The terrain being used is the from cell terrain, and the agent is still in the from cell. If the event is canceled at this point, the agent will not be able leave this cell. The move will be canceled. This event is fired for the player as well as all other agents

Specified by:
onExit in interface Terrain
onExit in class AbstractTerrain


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