Package us.asciiroth.client.core

Interface Summary
Agent Interface for pieces that exclusively occupy a cell.
Animated A piece that is animated.
ColorListener A terrain piece that can be trigged by color events.
Effect A kind of piece that exists on the board above items and terrain, used to handle animation like the throwing of items.
HasBoard A model element that can provide access to the current game board.
Item Items are objects that can be picked up, moved, thrown and/or used by the player.
Piece An element of the game board.
Serializer<T extends Piece> For each piece type there is a serializer that can convert the piece back and forth to a key, and that also provides some metadata about the type so it can be manipulated in the map editor.
Terrain Terrain is a piece type that describes the behavior and appearance of a cell on the board.
TerrainProxy A piece (always terrain) that proxies another terrain.

Class Summary
AbstractPiece Abstract implementation of a piece.
AnimationManager The class that executes the animation timeline, using an AnimationProxy to bridge between the immutable nature of game pieces (all instances of a piece on the board are the same piece) and their occurrence at specific places and at different moments on the animation timeline (each instance has unique animation-based state in the proxy).
AnimationProxy A proxy for a piece at a given position, which introduces the state necessary to track the animation of pieces on the board.
Bag<T extends Piece> A collection of items or effects.
Bag.Entry<T extends Piece> An entry in the bag.
BaseSerializer<T extends Piece> Base support for serializers that escape/unescape pieces as part of their serialization key.
Color There's some interesting color transformation support we can provider here, and color is an important parameter object for many objects like doors and keys and transformers.
CombatStats A constants class that brings together combat and damage numbers from across the game so it is easier to tweak.
Context This could almost just be an interface that both Game and Event implement, and then HasBoard could be removed, and only this interface could be exposed when event is used for certain methods.
Direction A direction on the map, also representing the information to interact with adjacent terrain on the map or adjacent maps.
Event A game event, with the information necessary for the callbacks on the various pieces to create a meaningful response to the event.
Flags In order to make effective use of proxies, limited use can be made of the instanceof operator.
Game Central controller for the game.
ModifiableSymbol Immutability has been a big success in this game, in terms of keeping the bugs due to behavior under control.
Player This represents both the player, and the state of the game for the player.
PlayerBag A bag that tracks the player's inventory.
State A typesafe enum that represents anything that has a boolean state, such as doors (open or closed), switches (on or off), etc.
Symbol An immutable, visual representation of a piece in the game.
TypeOnlySerializer<T extends Piece> A serializer base that will work for any piece that is defined only by its type.


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