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This is actually a C# Gnome Applet not a script. This monitors the ink level of your printer using the included modified libinklevel. Thinking about replacing the library with all C# to remove the dependency.

A fun little python script that uses bonobo to get your current song playing in rhythmbox. Added argument to change the type of UTF-8 stars it prints out. Finally linked the dbus banshee script I use every day.

IP MASQ script for internet gateway. This script let's you 'share' an internet connection between several machines by using a linux box as the gateway. This script has a basic ipchains firewall, and default setup for hooking three machines from two seperate LANs into the gateway running two ethernet cards.

You may want to read my old IP MASQ Mini HOWTO also in the Docs section.

Small example of distro portable linux network config script. My laptops use about the same script, that allows me to switch networks with a single command. Of course I didn't inculde the info for how to get on campus networks here.

Example: home

Configures the card to the home network, and 'work' for work - etc.

Generate a HTML page of a directory listing. Useful for emulating an 'open' directory if you have them disabled or a 'tiny' web server.

SSH Tunnel to your POP (e-mail) server. This makes POP a little more secure and maybe even faster, since it both compresses and encrypts data transmitted and passwords. Normal POP sessions transfers your password and email in plain text over the method of access.

Requires ssh -- and lsof too if you want 'port in use' diagnostics.

Strip passed files of MSDOS ^M control characters and make backup copies of said files.

Speeds up custom linux kernel compiling and installation.


Recovers RTF and Microsoft Office files from [partial] disk devices/images. Now with an automatic recovery mode for getting disk images.

A script to output a random MAC address to stdout.


XEmacs scripts ( and a shell script for vi users ) I use to generate new source files from templates. I've saved so much time using these, that I figured I'd share them with other people. Please submit changes back, since I'd like to see any improvements on my little scripts.