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Welcome, dear adventurer to my personal website formerly known as Order of the Mongoose. Normally, I would greet you here with a poem and a nice painting or photograph. However this update is breaking with that tradition to make an announcement.

I'll be updating many of the sections of the website soon, so if you have content you want to keep please download it now. I can't guarantee what I will and won't remove just yet, since some of the content isn't so useful anymore. The redesign will focus more on my Open Source projects and papers. I've been wanting to post a new series of guides for Linux for some time from Japanese support to Wine tweaking. You can play the Japanese Quiz while waiting for the redesign and content update.

You may have heard of the fanart characters called OS-tan, which represent various Operating Systems. I reworked a few of the Linux-tan WIPs into the Ubuntu-tan image here. She's a mix of the symbols for GNU/Linux and is fairly comical. Yes, Open Source artwork. Clicking Ubuntu-tan will take you to the Ubuntu Linux website where you can get a free copy of the operating system.

- Terry 'Mongoose' Hendrix II

Last update: 2007 05 11