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Interesting Links


Programmers love art too. It's always cool to see what the artists can do given todays tools. This site has several WIPs to finish of hobby projects of talented CG artists. The recreation of Lady of Shalott by Yang Zhang is one of my personal favorites.


Futaba, 2 channel, or 2chan has many names. It is an Internet forum/image board that's very popular in Japan. Imagine if Myspace only had anonymous posters, and you get the idea. The thought behind that idea is by not having user accounts the posters can feel free to say and do whatever they want. It's terribly interesting to watch it play out. Sometimes just terrifying. There are plenty of forums where people just talk about their pets or cooking, however be warned some of the forums have offensive content. Futaba actually holds more pop cultural clout in Japan than Myspace does in the US. There was once a movie based on a forum thread there for example. It makes for good Japanese study, which is why I visit it sometimes.

If you can't read Japanese you can try 4chan, which is an English board based on the same idea.

Ubuntu Linux

I run Ubuntu on various hardware, and it's really easy to get up and going without having to fiddle around. On a few laptops I installed on, everything worked including the wlan PCMCIA card without having to install any extra modules or packages. The best part is that it uses snaptic (apt) for upgrades over the net for real ease of use maintaining your install. The live CDs are also great for fixing other operating system installs. You might want to use the LTS release if the newer Feisty Fawn release has regressions on your hardware. Ubuntu is based on the outstanding Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

Linux Documentation Project

The Linux documentation project provides: HOWTOs, FAQs, RFCs, and all kinds of articles and guides for almost anything you want to do with Linux.


My old site for quake bot news, code, and articles. I think PlantQuake has pulled all the files down, but I'm not sure. The website itself seems to still be up however. Writing AI in QuakeC was pretty painful, but Quake II was pretty nice with C/C++. The problem there was porting your modification to every platform.

Order of the Stick

Yet another web comic, but this one is about a band of adventurers out to make their fortune and complete their destinies... Unless they fail a spot check on a surprise attack. Yes, it's a D&D web comic.

The Inquirer

A couple of sites with hard hitting investigative accounts of the latest tech biz infighting and breaking news. Very credible - as far as rumor mills go. The 'Inq' used to be part of The Register, until some staff buggered off to form there own rumor site.