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tr4_face4_t Struct Reference

Definition for a rectangle. More...

#include <tr_types.h>

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Public Attributes

bitu16 vertices [4]
 index into the appropriate list of vertices.

bitu16 texture
 object-texture index or colour index

bitu16 lighting
 transparency flag & strength of the hilight (TR4-TR5)

Detailed Description

Definition for a rectangle.

Member Data Documentation

bitu16 tr4_face4_t::lighting

transparency flag & strength of the hilight (TR4-TR5)

In TR4, objects can exhibit some kind of light reflection when seen from some particular angles.

  • bit0 if set, then alpha channel = intensity (see attribute in tr2_object_texture).
  • bit1-7 is the strength of the hilight.

bitu16 tr4_face4_t::texture

object-texture index or colour index

If the rectangle is textured, then this is an index into the object-texture list. If it's not textured, then the low 8 bit contain the index into the 256 colour palette and from TR2 on the high 8 bit contain the index into the 16 bit palette.

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