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Olaf Class Reference

Olaf (Viking). More...

#include <olaf.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Olaf (Sint16 xpos=0, Sint16 ypos=0, const ParameterMap &param=ParameterMap())
virtual void updateAnimState ()
 Additionally checks if Olaf is small and how he wears his shield.
virtual void in_left (Uint16)
virtual void in_right (Uint16)
virtual void in_down ()
 Olaf tries to shrink (if he was big).
virtual void in_up ()
 Olaf tries to get big again (if he was small).
virtual void in_sp1 ()
 Olaf switches his shield state if possible.
virtual void in_sp2 ()
 Olaf farts.
virtual void fall (Uint16)
virtual Uint16 hit (Uint16 direction, Weapon &weap)
 Weapon hits.

Static Public Attributes

ParameterMap default_parameters

Detailed Description

Olaf (Viking).

Act1: Farted
Act2: Farted from ground

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Olaf::fall Uint16   )  [virtual]

Calculates the speed of the character

clean up this mess with fall/move

Reimplemented from Player.

virtual Uint16 Olaf::hit Uint16  direction,
Weapon weap

Weapon hits.

Called when hit by a weapon. Depending on the direction and weapon used, certain effects/events are run.

direction Direction from which the weapon deals damage
weap Weapon used in the attack/hit
New health of the character

Reimplemented from Player.

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