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 class Agentray
          When Asciiroth receives a color event, it shoot a kind of ammo that releases an agent when it explodes.
 class AmmoBow
          A bow that shoots arrows.
 class AmmoGun
          A gun that shoots bullets.
 class AmmoParalyzer
          A gun that shoots parabullets, a kind of bullet that paralyzes its target but does not kill it.
 class AmmoSling
          A sling that shoots rocks.
 class Apple
          An apple.
 class Arrow
          An arrow.
 class BlueRing
          When the blue ring is worn, the player can move through water (although not ocean...
 class Bomb
          An item that can be left on the ground that all agents will obligingly walk right into, causing an explosion that will wipe many of them out.
 class Bone
          A bone.
 class Bow
          A bow that shoots arrows.
 class Bread
          A fish.
 class Bullet
          A bullet.
 class Chalice
          An artifact from the Atari 2600 game "Adventure".
 class Chalk
          The player can use the chalk to mark ChalkedFloor terrain (and only ChalkedFloor terrain).
 class CopperPill
          A consumable item that gives the player resistance to paralysis.
 class Crowbar
          A crowbar, can be used to open crates, and can also be used as a hammer.
 class Crystal
          A crystal.
 class Dagger
          A dagger or knife.
 class EmptyHanded
          An item that represents that the player is not holding anything in particular.
 class EuclideanShard
          A component that is necessary to activate a Euclidean engine, and those are necessary to power a Euclidean Transporter.
 class Fireball
          A good old exploding fireball that does massive amounts of damage.
 class Fish
          A fish.
 class FishingPole
          A fishing pole can be used to catch fish if you stand at the water's edge and move at a fish when it is next to the shore.
 class GlassEye
          When item is wielded, the player can see secret passages.
 class GoldCoin
          A coin of the realm (any realm), made of gold.
 class GoldenHarp
          A harp.
 class Grenade
          A grenade that can be thrown and that explodes just like a fireball.
 class Gun
          A gun that shoots bullets.
 class Hammer
          A hammer (warhammer, perhaps).
 class Head
          The head of an agent.
 class Healer
          When used, this item will heal the player.
 class HelmOfTheAsciiroth
          An artifact (to me, this means there should only ever be one of these in any given scenario).
 class KelpSmoothie
          A consumable item that gives the player resistance to poisoning.
 class Key
          A door key.
 class Kiwi
          A kiwi.
 class MirrorShield
          When wielded by the player, the mirror shield reflects paralyzing ammunition like Parabullets and Stonerays (a kind of ammunition that instantly turns the target into a statue).
 class Mushroom
          Purple mushrooms heal poisoning.
 class Parabullet
          A bullet that will paralyze an agent when hit, if the agent isn't resistant to paralysis.
 class Paralyzer
          A gun that shoots parabullets, a kind of bullet that paralyzes its target but does not kill it.
 class PeachElixir
          Peach elixir makes the player resistant to stoning attacks.
 class PoisonDart
          If this dart hits the player, the player is poisoned, and cannot heal until the poisoning is removed.
 class ProteinBar
          An energy-type protein bar; if eaten, it will cure weakness.
 class PurpleMushroom
          Purple mushrooms heal poisoning.
 class RedRing
          When this ring is worn, the player can move through lava.
 class Rock
          A rock.
 class Scroll
          A scroll that will display an HTML page in a modal dialog.
 class SilverAnkh
          Just an object, with no special properties.
 class Sling
          A sling that shoots rocks.
 class SlingRock
          A rock that is used as ammunition by the sling.
 class Stoneray
          A bullet that will turn its target to stone.
 class Sword
          A sword.
 class TerminusEst
          An artifact and a very capable sword.
 class Weakray
          A form of ammo that will end with a weakness explosion.


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