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Packages that use ColorListener
us.asciiroth.client.terrain.triggers Triggers are a kind of decorator in software terms; they are a terrain that wraps and augments the behavior of any other terrain piece. 

Uses of ColorListener in us.asciiroth.client.agents

Classes in us.asciiroth.client.agents that implement ColorListener
 class Asciiroth
          A boss piece.
 class Pusher
          A pusher is an object that moves slowly in one and only one direction on the board.
 class RollingBoulder
          A large rock that rolls across the board and injures the player (or even kills the player, if he or she is trapped between the boulder and a wall or similar).
 class Statue
          A statue.

Uses of ColorListener in us.asciiroth.client.terrain

Classes in us.asciiroth.client.terrain that implement ColorListener
 class BeeHive
          A special kind of AgentCreator that creates bees when it receives a color event, presumably fired from the death of another KillerBee on the board.
 class Cliff
          Creates a cliff-like version of the terrain where the only way to enter or exit is via another cell that contains the same apparent terrain.
 class Door
          A door that can be open (unlocked) or closed (locked).
 class FarthapodNest
          An AgentCreator specifically for Farthapods.
 class ForceField
          A force field will not allow the player to pass through it while keeping any items in his or her inventory.
 class Reflector
          A reflector is an abstract puzzle piece that has a "reflector" pointing in a given direction.
 class Shooter
          A terrain type that shoots some form of ammunition (actually, it'll shoot anything...
 class Sign
          A sign that will show a message when the player walks onto it.
 class Turnstile
          Creates a one-way passage to either the west or the east.

Uses of ColorListener in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.decorators

Classes in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.decorators that implement ColorListener
 class AgentDestroyer
          When this decorator receives a color event, it destroys the agent at the given location, if there is one.
 class AgentGate
          An agent gate decorates another terrain type and changes its behavior so that all agents except the player consider that cell impassable, and will not move through it.
 class ColorRelay
          A terrain that looks like the terrain it decorates, and is for all purposes the terrain it looks like, but when it receives a color event, it triggers an event of a different color.
 class Decorator
          A base class for terrain types that can augment the behavior of another terrain, looking like that terrain but behaving differently.
 class DualTerrain
          Dual terrain is a composite terrain that holds two other terrains, only one of which is active at any given time.
 class EnergyTrapContainer
          A container (chest or crate) that is trapped and explodes when opened.
 class Equipper
          A utility terrain.
 class Flagger
          A utility terrain.
 class Messenger
          A utility terrain that shows a modal message.
 class Mimic
          A mimic looks like one kind of terrain, but is entirely another kind of terrain in behavior.
 class PieceCreator
          A utility terrain.
 class PitTrap
          A hidden pit.
 class PlayerGate
          A player gate decorates another terrain and tests to see if the player has a specific flag or item.
 class PoisonTrapContainer
          A container (chest or crate) that is trapped and explodes when opened.
 class ResistancesTrapContainer
          A container (chest or crate) that is trapped and explodes when opened.
 class SecretPassage
          A very common kind of mimic, it looks like wall but actually it's a corridor.
 class Timer
          A decorator that fires a color event periodically (you can specify how fast in frames).
 class TrapContainerBase
          A container (chest or crate) that is trapped and explodes when opened.
 class Unequipper
          A utility terrain.
 class Unflagger
          A utility terrain.
 class WinGame
          When this piece receives a color event, the player wins the game.

Uses of ColorListener in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.triggers

Classes in us.asciiroth.client.terrain.triggers that implement ColorListener
 class Trigger
          Triggers a color event when entered without any conditions.
 class TriggerIf
          Trigger that will fire if the player has a specific flag or a specific item.
 class TriggerIfNot
          Trigger that will fire unless the player has a specific flag or a specific item.
 class TriggerOnce
          A trigger that will fire a color event on the board one and only one time.
 class TriggerOnceIf
          Trigger that will fire one time, if the player has a specific flag or a specific item.
 class TriggerOnceIfNot
 class TriggerOnceOnDrop
          Trigger (once) when the specified item is dropped on this cell.
 class TriggerOnceOnPickup
          Trigger (once) when the specified item is picked up on this cell.


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