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Ferit and LibFerit

Download 0.0.8-2003.02.28 source from mirror.
Download source from my MindSpring mirror.
Download source from my UWG mirror.

Libferit is a GPLed library for transferring files via http, ftp, gopher, proxy server, and the beginings of gnutella support. This library was orignally based on the ftp/http/gopher client snarf 2.0.9's netcode (1998), since I didn't know the protocols and I just wanted to make a GPLed web spider without reading the RFCs.

I often use the sample client, ferit, I wrote for libferit instead of wget. I decided it was time to release another update agian, so you can as well. This version mostly updates the cli user interface, and a few bug fixes.

Using this library you can easily make simple network agents in clean, Object-Oriented C++ code. The sample client can be used with shell scripting to do complex file transfers in a batch mode or with user interaction.

Read the ChangeLog and TODO for current information.

When reporting bugs send a --verbose output, stack trace, and version number.