Class BoardReader

  extended by us.asciiroth.client.board.BoardReader

public class BoardReader
extends java.lang.Object

The board reader is used by the editor which does not need the player information, so this is stored in the PlayerData object and only read as part of loading a game.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void read(BoardView view, Player player, Board board, java.lang.String json, command)
          Load the map and place the player at the indicated coordinates.
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Constructor Detail


public BoardReader()
Method Detail


public void read(BoardView view,
                 Player player,
                 Board board,
                 java.lang.String json,
Load the map and place the player at the indicated coordinates.

view - The view; optional but if it exists, the TD element will be cached in the cell for performance reasons
player - the current player instance, which communicates the players X/Y position as well as the URL of the board
board - the board instance to initialize
json - the json to deserialize convert to the board
command - an optional callback command to execute when deserialization is done


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