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tr_meshtree_t Struct Reference

MeshTree. More...

#include <tr_types.h>

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Public Attributes

bitu32 flags
tr5_vertex_t offset

Detailed Description


MeshTree[] is actually groups of four bit32s. The first one is a "flags" word; bit 1 (0x0002) indicates "put the parent mesh on the mesh stack"; bit 0 (0x0001) indicates "take the top mesh off of the mesh stack and use as the parent mesh" when set, otherwise "use the previous mesh are the parent mesh". When both are present, the bit-0 operation is always done before the bit-1 operation; in effect, read the stack but do not change it. The next three bit32s are X, Y, Z offsets of the mesh's origin from the parent mesh's origin.

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