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Menu Class Reference

abstract menu base class More...

#include <menu.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void act ()=0
 Main menu function, depends on currententry (changed by input), overload this.
void setLast (Menu *lastmenu)
MenugetLast ()
Uint8 getSize ()
void increaseEntry (bool forward=true)

Public Attributes

string title
 Name of the menu.

Protected Attributes

 Pointer to the last used menu. NULL if there is no last menu.
Uint8 currententry
 Currently selected menu entry.
std::vector< string > entries
 List of all Menu entry names.
 Font for non highlighted menu entries.
 Font for the menu title.
 Font for the selected menu entry.

Detailed Description

abstract menu base class

Abstract base class for menus. The main part is in the constructor and in the virtual function act(), overload it in the child classes. Only the base class is needed to draw the menu in gfxeng. The background depends from where the menu is called.

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