Syndicate::Data::Rnc Class Reference

#include <Syndicate/Data/Rnc.h>

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Public Member Functions

uint8_t * unpack (uint8_t *input, unsigned &output_length) const
bool isRnc (uint8_t *input) const

Static Public Member Functions

static RncgetInstance (void)

Private Member Functions

 Rnc (void)
uint16_t crc (uint8_t const *data, unsigned len) const

Static Private Attributes

static uint16_t _crctab [256]
static const uint32_t _rnc_signature = 0x524E4301


struct  Header

Detailed Description

This class decompress RNC packed data. The format is deducted from the code source found at The original tools to decompress RNC files is at

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Syndicate::Data::Rnc::Rnc ( void   )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

static Rnc* Syndicate::Data::Rnc::getInstance ( void   )  [static]

Get an unique instance of the class.

uint8_t* Syndicate::Data::Rnc::unpack ( uint8_t *  input,
unsigned &  output_length 
) const

Unpack the given byte array.

[in] input is the compressed data array.
[out] output_length is the uncompressed length
a pointer to the decompressed data or zero if it fails.
The returned pointer must be freed by the user.

bool Syndicate::Data::Rnc::isRnc ( uint8_t *  input  )  const

Identify a data array as compressed or not.

[in] input is a buffer to test.
true if the buffer is RNC compressed.

uint16_t Syndicate::Data::Rnc::crc ( uint8_t const *  data,
unsigned  len 
) const [private]

Compute the CRC of a buffer

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t Syndicate::Data::Rnc::_crctab[256] [static, private]

const uint32_t Syndicate::Data::Rnc::_rnc_signature = 0x524E4301 [static, private]

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