Thursday, September 30, 2004

People Who Don't Get It

I've often thought that one of the problems with democracy is that people don't see what matters. Some people (who may even be voters!) simply aren't able to connect the simplest of dots.

For example, after the presidential debates today, I got online to ask people what they thought. A friend of mine who is a freshman student at the University of Montevallo messaged me:

(21:45:17) ckayeejss: when asked if kerry would get more attacks if president..bush talked about registered voters in afghanistan no one cares :)
(21:47:41) ckayeejss: if you honestly care about how many registered voters are in afghanistan you need to get out more:p

The fact that some people don't see the connection between democracy in Afghanistan and America's safety is scary. Even the most liberal of the liberals (I'm talking Moore, Rhodes, Franken, et al.) agree with the war in Afghanistan.

These are all facts:
  1. Al Qaeda was able to openly conduct terrorist training camps in Afghanistan before action against the Taliban was taken.
  2. Most (all?) of the terrorists involved in the September 11 attacks trained in those camps.
  3. They were able to do so because Afghanistan was not a democracy, and was instead run by the Taliban.
  4. Afghanistan is now a democracy. Terrorists therefore aren't able to run training camps there.
  5. The fact that people are registering to vote in Afghanistan is relevant to the fact that Afghanistan is now a democracy.
  6. Therefore, America is safer.
The connection here is so obvious that Bush didn't even need to explain it. And that says a lot, given the simple minds of many of Bush's followers.

When I tried to answer the poor girl's questions about why the answer fit the question, she would have none of it.

(21:57:39) ckayeejss: :) im no longer arguing with you :) conservatives are brick walls :)

I didn't even see where we started "arguing". I was simply pointing out something obvious that she was missing.

I guess that since I actually saw how what Bush said was relevant and she didn't, I'm part of a conservative conspiracy against the idea that Bush talks about voters in Afghanistan for no reason.... alrighty.

Monday, September 13, 2004


In line with the growing trend for everything about everyone's life being put online, I have joined AudioScrobbler! This means that you can see automatically-generated information about the music I listen to. Here is my user page on there.

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