3. Appearance

Rimururu (Rimnerel) wears a loose long-sleeved blouse with a sash around the waist (which also holds her sword sheath?), shorts, and fluffy (snow?) boots. On each hand she wears some kind of gloves (gauntlets?) which leave her fingers exposed. She still has her hair cloth (what is it called? It's not a bandana) tied over her head. This outfit is similar to what she had in Samurai Shodown 64 (and 64-2?). Her prior outfit was a thick robe/kimono type outfit, similar to Nakoruru's.

Konru (Konril) is a diamond-shaped ice entity that hovers behind Rimururu and assists in creating the ice in many of Rimururu's attacks.

"The Fighter's Generation" page on Rimururu has images of Rimururu in her old and new outfits, animated images of some of her attacks, and images of Konru.