4. Movement

There is no combat without movement. --Ender Wiggins, “Ender's Game” by Orson Scott Card

4.1. Stance

Rimururu stands with her fore arm straight ahead, rear arm ready at the sword. Her sword's sheath is tied to her back, hilt pointing towards her rear [arm].

4.2. Forward

(f) Rimururu marches forward.

4.3. Backward

(b) Rimururu marches backward.

4.4. Crouch

(d) Rimururu crouches.

4.5. Lay

(d + D) Rimururu lies close to the ground. This move can avoid most air, high, and middle hits, but not low/ground attacks.

4.6. Roll backward

(db + D) Rimururu tucks into a backward roll. This move can be interrupted by a special technique.

4.7. Roll forward

(df + D) Rimururu tucks into a forward roll. The very beginning has some invulnerability (“dodging”) properties (but not against grapples?). This move can be interrupted by a special technique.

4.8. Hop

(b + D) Rimururu hops in place, about half her height. Avoids most low/ground attacks, but not higher attacks.

4.9. Leap

(f + D) The forward counterpart to the backstep, Rimururu leaps forward. This move can send Rimururu to the other side of her opponent (a mix of the Hop (b + D) in this game and the Turn (close f + AB) in SS3/SS4).

4.10. Backstep

(b, b) Rimururu hops backward quickly and backflips. During this move, Rimururu can invoke Konru Shiraru (ice platform) while still off the ground.

4.11. Dash

(f, f-) Rimururu runs forward. This move can lead into a running slash, running kick, a special technique, a Guard Crush, or revoked by letting go of forward (Rimururu skids to a stop).

4.12. Stop [Dashing]

(dash: n | b) Rimururu skids to a stop, spreading and swinging her arms for balance.


4.13. Jump

(u | ub | uf) Rimururu jumps into the air. This move can lead into Wall Jump (off the edge of the screen).

4.14. [Dashing] Jump

(dash: ub | u | uf) Rimururu jumps into the air. (extra horizontal speed?)

4.15. Wall Jump

(screen edge, air: f | b (joystick away from screen edge)) Rimururu jumps off the edge of the screen while still airborne.