The Pattern Viewer

vpatview uses V to provide a cross-platform .pat file viewer.

Regrettably, V does not yet provide Macintosh or OS/2 support. Rumor has it that teams of volunteers are working on them, but interested individuals should volunteer to help. vpatview should recompile just fine for those platforms once V is available on them.

(2/11/98) V 1.17 includes the line scaling patch for X11, so this program works correctly with stock V 1.17. A new binary for the program is forthcoming.

Current Release

Features list (including screenshots)

Pre-beta "code escape": vpatview 0.3.6

New this release: Improvements to the internal symbol "font", PatternMaker 3.0x support, margin control, capability of printing only the color list, various bug fixes

Still to come: New file formats: CrossStitch Designer (.pat), XStitch Designer (.pt5), EasyCross (.wsx), wordwrap of instructions on color page, color/gray/dotted backstitch printing

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Last updates:
February 17, 1997: new freebies sources (Zweigart & MUFU's)
February 16, 1997: pre-compiled V 1.17 library
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2001/12/17: This page has not been updated in a very long time. On a whim, I recently revisited the app (for no particular reason), and I found that it's still buildable. The two changes that need to happen are (1) fix vpat_app.h and vpat_app.cpp to return int on CloseApp and (2) if using the scalable printer, fix the Makefile by commenting out the 'if' on the define. This worked for RH 7.0 with V 1.25. YMMV, it has not been tested with gtkV recently.

I'm hoping to get the next-generation version of this application moving soon.