What is V?


All patches are against stock V 1.16 and affect the X11 version.

We have:

What's Next?

V 1.17 has been released, and the above patches are included in it.

I also have plans for some more additions/changes:

(The GTK stuff will probably be in 1.18; I have not done much with it yet since GTK has been so much of a moving target.)

Why am I doing this?
No particular reason, other than I'm writing a program in V, and I keep running into some usability stuff. So, I am trying to contribute back and make it work/look/feel better. Not being able to print Really Thin Lines is a royal pain, for instance. Especially when working with cross-stitch charts, as I am doing with said application.

Of course, the colossal problem of being unable to print directly was also a Royal Pain, but it has been addressed in the above patch.

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