(Moonlight, Agathocacological, Ordered, Great God)

Njord has become the symbol of the sea and those who sail upon it. He is father to Frey and Freya. They are of the Vanir, a group of rival gods to the Æsir (to whom Odin, Thor, and the other inhabitants of Valhalla belong). As a condition of truce between the warring factions, Njord and his twin children came to live among the Æsir.

Among the Norse cultures of Ærth, the Vanir, having dwelt among the Æsir for so long, are often considered practically a part of that deific tribe. The religion had considerably more time to develop in full, resulting in more overlap in spheres of influence. On modern Ærth, Njord has become the god of the sea and those things upon them, in particular sailing vessels and sailors. AEgir has become the god of the sea and those things within (fish, etc.), thus becoming the patron of fisherfolk.

Njord's priests are fairly rare, but they are in high demand as sailing companions. Their castings, not surprisingly, bring great benefit to those who sail, and most (if not all) sailors following the Norse gods will seek out the blessing of a priest of Njord before any lengthy sea voyage.

Grade I:

Heaveto Cantrip
Time: 1 ATOther Heka Costs:
Area: 1 sailing vesselR&D: Nil
Distance: 1 rod per 10 STEEP Other: 10:1 additional AT
E/F/M: This cantrip causes the winds around the chosen vessel to still briefly. It does not affect the weather, although the vessel will coast to a halt, the sails and rigging hanging lax. The range makes it difficult to use offensively or defensively, and rare is the priest of Njord who would attempt to do so. However, it can and does guarantee that the vessel will be stopped, even in a fearsome storm, and such a break can be very beneficial. Note that the cantrip does not have any further effect on the weather, and rain, heavy waves, lightning, and thunder continue normally. Further, although the vessel has stopped, the wind will continue to lash those on board, only the sails and rigging are unaffected.

Safetack Charm
Time: 1 BT per STEEPOther Heka Costs:
Area: 1 sailing vesselR&D: Nil
Distance: 1 rod per STEEPOther: Nil
E/F/M: This useful charm will weaken the winds around a sailing vessel's rigging for a brief time, allowing what could be an otherwise difficult change of direction to be quite safe. This will not affect the speed of the vessel (any more than tacking normally would), but it does prevent severe damage to the sails and rigging in all but the most terrible of hurricanes.

Grade II:

Long Rowing Formula
Time: 1 day per 10 STEEP Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 sailor R&D: Nil
Distance: Touch Other: 25:1 additional sailor
E/F/M: Using this formula, the priest can extend the endurance of a single rower, granding the rower the Endurance K/S Area at half the priest's STEEP in Priestcræft. If the rower already possesses Endurance, then he receives a temporary increase of 1D6 per 10 STEEP possessed by the caster. This increase in Endurance STEEP only lasts while the rower is still rowing, and it ends once the rower has exhausted himself. The priest may add more rowers at a cost of 25 additional Heka per additional rower, to a limit of half his STEEP in Priestcræft.

Windlift Formula
Time: 1 AT Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 sailing vessel R&D: Nil
Distance: 0 Other: 10:1 additional ATs
E/F/M: This particularly useful formula is employed by priests to gain a minor advantage over other vessels. The precise effect of the casting is variable, but generally the vessel is able to point higher into the wind (and square-riggers will actually be able to almost point into the wind), resulting in the target vessel probably being able to out-maneuver any competing vessel. The typical application would be for a vessel targeted by pirates to slip away from the pursuers. The casting may be extended at a cost of 10 Heka per additional AT, to a total maximum of 1 AT per 10 STEEP or fraction thereof.

Grade III:

Fair Winds Formula
Time: 1 hour Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 sailing vessel R&D: Nil
Distance: 0 Other: 25:1 additional hour
E/F/M: This Casting causes the air around the subject vessel to become vastly more favorable for the duration. For purposes of computation, the vessel will sail at its maximum speed while under the influence of this casting. However, any significant maneuvering (e.g. naval combat) will cause the benefits to cease for 1 AT each time the heading changes, as the winds whip around and re-orient to the new direction.

The duration of this casting may be extended by extending 25 Heka per additional hour, to a maximum duration of 1 hour per 10 STEEP possessed by the caster.

Grade IV:

Safevoyage Ritual
Time: Special Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 vessel R&D: Nil
Distance: 0 Other: Nil
E/F/M: Upon the successful application of this Casting, the priest places a protective aura of safety around the vessel targeted. The JM will then make a secret roll against the caster's Priestcræft STEEP at base DR Moderate (modified by the table below).

Safevoyage DR Modifiers
Factor DR Modifier
Short (< 1 day) +1
Medium (1 day - 1 week) 0
Long (1 week - 1 month) -1
Very Long (> 1 month) -3
No major weather conditions +1
No significant opponents* 0
Normal opponents -1
Preternatural opponents -2
Supernatural opponents -3
Entital opponents -5
Priest in very good favor** +1
Priest out of favor -1
* opponents are any beings interested in the ship in particular.
** determined by recent service (modifiers may increase/decrease at JM's option)

If this die roll is successful, nothing untoward happens during the sea voyage. If the die roll is unsuccessful, then the vessel is not so protected, and the ordinary course of events will take place. If this secret roll results in a Special Failure, then the worst-case scenario occurs (e.g. the pirates just happen to have picked up a second vessel no one knew about, and they just happen to cross paths with the vessel). As is logical, the more fearsome the opposition directly interested in the specific vessel, the harder it is to avoid notice. Plainly, a short trip through calm seas is virtually guaranteed to be safe, while fleeing an Atlantlan god during a hurricane is a risky proposition, this Casting notwithstanding!

Grade V:

Following Seas Formula
Time: 1 day Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 vessel R&D: nil
Distance: 0 Other: 25:1 additional day
E/F/M: This casting causes the sea to "follow" the vessel, effectively pushing it along, resulting in a speed increase of one-half the caster's STEEP in this area. Much like the Fair Winds Formula, any sudden maneuvering or other major shift of heading will negate this bonus, in this case for an hour each time it occurs (the seas need some time to churn themselves into a more helpful position). In addition, a speed penalty of half the bonus applies for the first half hour.

The duration of this casting may be extended by expending 25 Heka per additional day, to a maximum of 1 day per 10 STEEP possessed in this area.

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