(Shadowy Darkness, Benign, Intermediate, Great Goddess)


Goddess of love, fertility, war, and wealth. She was originally one of the Vanir. After the war between the Aesir and Vanir, she went to live with the Aesir as a hostage. At that time, she taught them -- including Odin -- seidr, the magick of the Gods. She rules over Folkvang [the realm of battle] and each day chooses half of the slain warriors to split with Odin. Her chariot is drawn by golden cats and she owns the precious Brisings' necklace. She also owns a hawk-feathered coat which she can use to fly between the worlds and which Loki sometimes borrows.

After significant cultural contact with the various Greco-Roman states, she has become similar in aspect to Venus, hailed as the fairest of the Asynjor and the patroness of beauty in all its forms. Many in Her priesthood have come to focus exclusively on the realm of love and beauty; however, most regard it a mistake to forsake Freyja's warrior matron aspect and tend to be somewhat martial in their bent. Also, the rituals performed by Freyja's priesthood, and the culture as well, put emphasis on fidelity over the wild and debaucherous pleasures found in the Temples of Venus to the south.

In spite of the growing emphasis on Freyja as a Goddess of Love and Beauty, she still retains great importance as goddess of the battlefield. Certain members of her priesthood are highly expert in matters of battlefield preparations, and are consulted by rulers across Northern Europe and Vaargard as to the best times and places for a battle to take place. Additionally, many female warriors swear by her in preference to oaths to Thor or Odin.

Like most of the Norse Goddesses, Freyja is concerned with fertility, both in the land and all the creatures living upon it. Thus, while not as intimately connected with nature as other deities of the pantheon, she is a staunch defender of the natural realm.

Grade I:

Untenable Battlements Spell
Time: 1 BT per 10 STEEP Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 square foot per STEEP R&D: Nil
Distance: Touch Other: Nil
E/F/M: This casting affects a single continuous area of stone, wood, or metal walls such that persons attempting to climb the wall will have to roll vs. the practitioners SP Category (SPCap if partial practitioner) once per CT or slip and fall to the ground. Subjects may resist falling with a roll vs. their PN Category at DR "Hard." Each time the subject resists falling, decrease their DR by one for the duration of the casting. Castings such as the Grade I General Dweomercraeft, Spiderwalk Spell allow the subject to climb normally for their duration but neither casting is negated. This casting functions on two parallel surfaces of a wall and must remain active on both surfaces to function. If a wall has no parallel surfaces, the casting has no effect. Also, the casting does not affect siege ladders, towers, or other items used for scaling walls.

Grade II:

Detect Love Cantrip
Time: 1 AT per 10 STEEP Other Heka Costs:
Area: Circle of radius 1 foot per STEEP R&D: Nil
Distance: Self Other: Nil
E/F/M: Once woven, this Casting allows the priest or priestess to actually look into a metaphysical plane and "see" the love flowing between two or more people. It is often useful when interrogating lovers, to make certain that neither is lying to the other before a marriage is agreed upon. This is often performed at the request of wealthy individuals seeking to know if their own feelings are returned.

Grade III:

Time of Conception Cantrip
Time: Instantaneous or special Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 subject R&D: Nil
Distance: Touch Other: Nil
E/F/M: This Casting has two applications, one of which permits knowledge of when a conception has taken place, the other of which determines the optimal time for conception. The first application allows the caster to know instantaneously when a conception has taken place within 10 BTs; however, the DR is -1 worse for each week that passes between the conception and the time of the casting. The second application, required for the Grade IV Casting, Increase Fertility Ritual, determines the best hour for a couple to attempt to conceive a child within that week. Note however, that this casting will not determine whether or not a person is sterile. It merely indicates the best time, assuming that biological factors will not prevent a conception. If this casting is not used in conjunction with the Increase Fertility Ritual, a couple who attempts to conceive at the appointed time will have a 5 percent greater chance of success, otherwise as indicated below.

Warrior's Vengeance Ritual
Time: 1 day Other Heka Costs:
Area: Special R&D: Nil
Distance: Special Other: Nil
E/F/M: This Ritual of 5 ATs length summons to the material plane from the Sphere of Folkvang one warrior who has fought honorably against the foe of the caster and been slain by that mutual foe. The warrior need not be specifically named by the ecclesiastic; however, if the warrior is unknown, the DR for the casting is -2 worse. Assuming that the warrior lived an honorable life and died in battle, there will be a 50% chance that he or she resides in the Folkvang (100% chance if under a Vow to Freyja which remained intact at the time of death, 75% chance if Freyja was the warrior's patron deity). Note that if the warrior was instead taken by Odin to Vallhalla or by Hel to Nifleheim that no such summoning is possible. If there is no warrior in the Folkvang who was slain by the caster's foe, the casting fails. If a specific warrior is named and is not present there, the ecclesiastic is informed that the person named is simply not available. Once summoned, the warrior will know by whom he or she was summoned and will be prepared to seek vengence. He or she will have the same attributes as in life except their attractiveness will be 20+1d6. Naturally, the warrior will be summoned with the same weapons and armor he or she used in that final battle. At the end of this Casting's duration or if slain, the warrior will be returned to the Sphere of Folkvang. No single warrior may be summoned more than once per year, and the ecclesiastic may not successfully utilize this casting to summon a warrior more than once each month.

Grade IV:

Increase Fertility Ritual
Time: 1 hour (special) Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 couple (special) R&D: Nil
Distance: 10 foot radius Other: Nil
Special Materia Cost: 800 BUCs special material
E/F/M: This ritual of 4 ATs in length is used to increase the likelihood of conception for the individuals affected. Both subjects must be within the radius of effect for the entire length of the ritual. Special incense must be burned and ritually prepared draughts must be drunk by the participants in the ritual, having a total value of 800 BUCs. The couple must already know the best time for conception as indicated by the Grade III Casting, Time of Conception Cantrip. At the appointed hour, the couple may attempt conception with a 10 percent greater chance of success per 20 steep of the caster. Most ecclesiastics refuse to perform this ritual without first casting the Grade II Casting, Detect Love Cantrip, although it is not necessary to the performance of the ritual or its effects.

Grade V:

Revenge of the Fatherland Ritual
Time: 1 AT per STEEP Other Heka Costs:
Area: 1 mile radius 10 STEEP R&D: Nil
Distance: 1 furlong per STEEP Other: 100 per effect
E/F/M: This powerful casting allows the ecclesiastic to call upon natural spirits of one type per 100 additional heka spent on this casting to wreak havoc over their native terrain type in the area of Casting Effect. The spirits do not assume Full or Partial Physical Manifestation, instead acting through the flora to bring about chaos and calamity for all Fully Manifested creatures and beings not native to the area.

Each of the following types of terrain listed below which are within the radius of Casting Effect can be affected as described by expending 100 points of Heka. This Heka must be expended for each separate area to be so affected.

Terrain Effect
Grassland Grass and undergrowth will tangle feet and cause unwary creatures to trip-- One check each per AT, BAC 25%, causing 1d3 Impact damage. Horses or horse-like creatures may break a leg.
Fens Sinkholes and mire will slow movement by one half. Once per AT, check for a randomly determined individual to fall into a sinkhole or become mired in quicksand, BAC 25%, causing 3d6 Impact damage or drowning respectively.
Tangled underbrush Bushes, shrubs, and small trees will be so densely grown as to require force/cutting to pass through, slowing movement by one half. 1D3 Blunt and Cutting PD each AT for all creatures, humans, and humanoids passing through such growth.
Forest Tree roots will trip passerbys (as above for chance and damage) and old dead limbs and trees will block passage, reducing movement by one half.
Mountains Slopes of any steepness (30 degrees or more) will double the chance for tripping in wooded or grassy areas (50%) so enchanted. In rocky areas, rock slides will occur, inflicting 5d3 Impact damage to one individual (or mounted rider) per AT, BAC 25%.
Rivers and Streams Rivers will swell within their banks, becoming 10% deeper and flowing with double strength current. Springs and pools of water will dry up or become cloudy.

Compare with the Grade VI Green Dweomercraeft Casting, Call up Nature Spirits Ritual.

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