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Goblins in the Haunted Woodlands

The HPs, for one reason or another, are in a village or hamlet somewhere on the outskirts of a Kingdom, near some vast woodlands, during the middle of Fall. Strange things are happening during the night. Mysterious sounds have been heard on the outskirts of town, and dark shapes have been spotted Farm animals have been found dead and mutilated. Hunters have come back from the woodlands with reports of strange sights- -bizarre lights, walking organized group investingating this came back in a panicked, dazed state, and two people have been missing after entering the woods. All of this activity has been centered around woodlands.

This is all a plot by some goblins to establish a beach-head on AErth, for some mysterious purposes. They are transforming the forest into a Dark Sylvian blight. Should the players enter, they will find several beasts of dark nature inhabiting the place: Most are dark forms of AErth fauna, such as Black Squirels, all imicial to humans, but there are also some goblin beasts such as a few Cerberi, Montegres, Lecruetta and Cocktrices, as well as a few new creations such as Bloodleaves.

The forces behind this invasion are a powerful Slaugh Captain and his Goblin Vampire assistant, leading a small group of Dueagar and Gargoyles, as well as a pack of Yeth and a Nightmare. The Slaugh is conjuring beasts from his own sphere and setting them loose in the forests at night, hoping to turn this area into a small colony for the Red Faction of the Unseelie. During the day, these creatures dwell in a small series of caves connected to the Shallowshadow. The players must find these creatures and put a stop to their dark plans.

Written by: John R. Troy

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Hapless Heart of the Horrible Hermaturge

Setup: The HPs need to see Havatar, a powerful Hermaturge, a Grandmaster of the Skills of Alchemy and Conjuration. Perhaps the HPs need something that only a powerful alchemist can provide. Or, perhaps a local lord needs somebody to contact him, since he's been ignoring regular correspondence. In any event, the HPs will need to pay him a visit. Advance notice has been sent and he's invited the HPs an audience and a few days at his abode.

Situation: Havatar was always an eccentric isolated adept, who achived goals rarely seen by any living alchemist. He married a lovely lass who lived in the local village--Melissa, one who loved him for the passion he had for both her and his art. Along with his servants, he spent many of his days working in his manse, forever seeking knowledge and skills about the elemental forces of the universe.

Recently, Havatar started becoming unbalanced and withdrawn. Who can say what did it--perhaps he scried one to many secrets from the outer planes. Perhaps it was exposure to alchemica such as quicksilver (mercury poisoning), or perhaps it was growing age. He started becoming obsessed with his work. He fired most of the servants, letting his skills, golem and wife handle all of the day-to- day needs. Finally, his wife confronted him about this change. In a fit of rage, he slew her!

Now fully unbalanced with his grief and loss, Havatar has now become obsessed with ressurecting his wife, and has undertaken a mad quest to perform this task. He has done several experiments--the few remaining servants were killed by the golem and turned into super corpse golems, which he's tried to restore spirtual force to. He has a horde of dead-yet-alive animals that he's restored to life. He made his (metal) golem self-aware and spirtually awake. He's consulted with elementals and demons, he's divined and scryed. His wife is currently a form of simularicum--seemingly alive yet having only a quasi-spirit and lots of gaps in memory and personality.

Being made aware of the HPs arrival in advance, he realizes an opportunity to try another experiment. He wants to take the soul from one of the HPs and imbue it into his Wife's corpse...through this and his skill, he hopes to fully restore his wife, using the Spirits Energy to regenerate the Soul of his Wife via a gestalt method used for simularicums.

The HPs might get warning from the local residents about him, since they haven't seen his wife in weeks, he's let servants go, he's not come out to see the locals, etc. They're concerned about him, and Melissa. He ignores their inquires and visitations.

However, when the HPs visit, Havatar will conduct his audience like most sane people, but they may be little edges of his grief- obsessed personality showing through. There are several pets in the house--but they seem somewhat strange and unnatural. Furthermore, personas might get the sense of a haunting feeling. There is an errie feeling in the manse.

A few complications are involved in the storyline. Hungry for Revenge, Melissa has become a Ghost, who hides in NPM form. She will occasionally make her presense felt. She can't assault Havatar in her current form, due to his insanity and obsession involving her, but she might decide to take some energy from an HP, slowly, over time. She could also appear as a formless shourd, and even attempt to warn an HP.

The other complex factor is the golem. Havatar unwittingly called in a powerful Demon in spirit form, and has trapped it in the golem. The being is powerful and knowledgeble, and is forced to serve Havatar, but it wants out. It can't leave the body, but it can circumvent its programing at times to pursue its own agenda, as long as it doesn't directly disobey Havatar. It is aware of Melissa's ghost (though can't communicate with her) and would like the HPs to slay Havatar. Occasionally, it uses telekinesis as a "poltergiest" effect, wildly wreaking a room or assaulting something (or someone).

Havatar's plan is to drug the HPs during dinner. If some resist the drug, he will use castings, solutions/reagents, and summon his animals/corpse golems/metal golem to incapacitate the HPs. If all goes well, one of the HPs will be selected and put in a ritual. The rest of the HPs will have to escape the cell--the ghost or golem will help behind the scences. The ghost might try to drain an HP in order to take a PPM. The HPs will have to make their way through some traps and conjured servants or animated corpses/quasi-life.

Eventually, this will climax in a battle in the lab. Melissa's ghost will manifest, while Havatar will deny it's existance as the "real" Melissa. The HPs will have to attempt to free their companion and stop the two beings (or perhaps allow Melissa her revenge). Havatar should die no matter what at the end of this conflict. When that occurs, Melissa will depart the plane... and the demon becomes free-willed if the golem wasn't destroyed.

The eranged demon to his anquish, can't depart the form. He can use a few powers (a gaze attack, telekinesis), but no others (thank goodness for the HPs, since he's a powerful demon and could wipe the HPs up!). He can be attacked mentally and spiritualy, though (and can attack back if the HPs do so). He can be abjured--but doesn't want that to happen, nor does he want the golem to be destroyed, since that will force him back to the netherplane and result in a loss of power and perhaps status (or even existance if his peers are lucky). He desires to Kill the HPs or (failing that) escape them and find his own way of getting out of the construct.

Play up the spookyness of the mansion, and the fact that Havatar is fooling around with the forces of life and death itself. While Alchemists can do that on occassion, it's not the norm, and he's obsessed with it. It should also be horrible that he's going to try to destroy an HPs soul to restore Melissa! Finally, the Ghost could always cause problems (she's no saint in this vengeance-seeking manifestation).

Yeah, this ones a little unfocused and requires some development, but it's a fun one. Alchemists in Mythus do have a potential to be Dr. Frankenstein, wouldn't you agree?

Written by: John R. Troy

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The Man Who Would Be Emperor

On pg.71 of Epic of AErth (©1994 TSR, Inc.) it states that there is claimant of the House of Eavanor in hiding. This rumor is true. The claimant is Evaemon Inheptep Colulcan.(I have HP sheet if you don't want to work it up yourself). The story is this when Atlantlchol conquered Colulcan and slayed every member of that line(pg.9) one woman(a Duchess) escaped. She was put in hiding by a prince of Atlantchol(not the heir). This Atlanchol Prince and Duchess were lovers and from them was born a son.(yes illigimate) This line continued through many generations until Evaemon discovered his heritage and decided to reclaim the throne.(note:this is not because of power hunger,he believes it is his birthright and could help his people.) This desire is also not all consuming some compromises could be reached with excellent role playing. He is by all accounts that all to frustrating Paladin(Cavalier)that uses violence as a last resort(which should make the HP's mission harder.)

The first emperor of Atlantl(the name of the new empire) was Evenor. The former kingdoms were still restless and force of arms was necessary to control them.(pg.9) In a token effort to appease the former kingdoms Evenor produced a decree that stated that any person of royal blood(which he believed were slain) from any of the kingdoms if they aquired the three items of royalty from Colulcan,Zuivanal,and Xalissa( shield,crown,sword), which Evenor promptly gave away to kings around the world to better relations and seperate the items,could challenge the Emperor for the throne by right of combat. Of course a challenger would probably never make it alive to the Emperor. The empire which Evaemon holds claim of course no longer exist so there is some question as to whether or not this decree is valid and what kingdoms would now comprise Atlantl. Evaemon of course has royal ties to both Atlantis and what is now Cholcan.

As the story has developed in my campaign: The HP's are of course sent on 3 quest to get the items. The Prince of Cholcan has declared Evaemon the Duke of Colucan. Those familiar with royal lineage will realize that a prince usually can not make a Duke and this was certainly done without the King of Leons permission.(pg.16).With this Cholcan effectively announced its independence. Leon has sent messengers(as has Cholcan) to all the nations of the Iberian-Atlantlan Concord(pg.27). The HP's might have to

  1. get Evaemon somehow safely in front of the Emperor to challenge for the throne.(it must be in person)
  2. Represent Cholcan in front of the Royalty of Leon.
  3. Represent Cholcan to other Concord members
  4. Argue the validity of the ancient decree(there might be enough people in the royal court to demand that this be heard)

I involved my HP's in this web simply by hiring them to retrieve an item they knew nothing about and having to deliver it to a small town in Atlantl controlled by Evaemon and his followers.

Written by: Jonathan Justice
The author of this adventure seed releases it into the public domain.

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The Possessed Villa

The adventurers are contacted by a powerful noble family outside of a major city. It seems that strange things have been happening to the family villa. Hauting sounds, horrible illusions, and strange physical and spiritual blights have affected all the inhabitants. They've heard of the power of the HPs and have decided to ask them to come solve the problems, since other local priests haven't had success in helping. This is the ancestral home of the family, they don't intend on leaving.

Thoughout the scenario, the personas discover that recently the family angered a powerful sorceror, and the house is possessed by a powerful malign Supernatural spirit. The personas must exorcise the spirit from the household. This will not be an easy task, as it is a very powerful spirit, and can perform such feats at attack the personas with illusions and emotions (causing fear and/or rage), hit people with contagions--even possessing HPs and OPs, animate objects within the house, and just cause a lot of problems. The spellcasters will have to fight this force with their skills, while they and the rest of the personas must stand guard against interference from the house and perhaps the sorceror, who will be spying on the domicile and might send a Demon or two (with FPM status) to interfere. If they players succeede, they'll gain the respect of the noble house, while also gaining an enemy who could be a problem later.

Written by: John R. Troy

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Rampage of the Red Wolf

The outskirts of the small state of Wildedge have been harassed lately. Many of the dwellers on the borders have been reporting a large gathering of aggressive wolves. Apparently, the native wolves have become very aggressive, attacking lone humans, raiding livestock at night, and several people have been mauled or killed. Reports are also coming of a Bright Red Wolf, who apparently seems to be not an ordinary wolf--strange things occur around him. Some of the peasants think it is the Wild Hunt come to Wildedge. Others claim it is a loup-garou. Others claim it was the work of the "foul savage natives"

The Laird of Wildedge wishes the HPs to solve this problem before it gets out of hand. Their mission is to both solve the mystery/problem and enforce the laws of the Laird upon the land, as the villagers and peasants are getting unruly in their fear. They will be given assistance by a small group of soldiers.

The Red Wolf exists. It is a Daimontherion beast, summoned by a petty witch, who lost control of the creature and was destroyed, her soul now stroking the pits. This foul netherbeing has the ability to control ordinary wolves, and is creating a huge united pack of wolves. Apparently, it is attempting to eliminate isolated communities on the borderlands, for whatever dark purpose it has.

During this time, the HPs will have to deal with very riled villagers as well. Peasants tend to be distrustful of Phaeree natives anyway--And this is a strange land, not like Albion or Hibernia. In addition to finding the beast, the HPs must keep the peace. Some communities are thinking that this was a plot by the native tribes, and may wish to raid the communities. Other communities are becoming suspicious of the ne'er-do-wells, the shunned, or the misfits, and the stirrings of a mob are in the works. The HPs must try to keep the peace, and prevent panicked outbursts.

Powers should be, of course, an invulnerability to normal weapons, and Control of Wolves. It also has some control over shadows and darkness, and also has a fear attack. It can also take the form of a Raven to spy on the party or flee.

Written by: John R. Troy

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Scarlet Scarring

The Lord Mayor of Falcondon has summoned the HPs to perform a mission for him. It seems that somebody is killing the various courtesians and doxys in the rose district. Violent and brutal killings have occured. The Scarlet Madam is worried about this and has demanded protection for her girls. The Lord Mayor's own force hasn't helped much, and he must satiate the Scarlet Madam, lest she decide to release somewhat embarrasing information involving the Lord Mayor and other city officials to the public and the royal court. That's where the HPs come in--to act as independent (and covert) investigators for the Scarlet Madam and the Lord Mayor, without involving the Royal officials or the general masses of Freemen/Gentry.

The HPs will then report to the Scarlet Madam's Grand House of Pleasure. She will sum up the situation for the HPs. They must act as both investigators into the murders as well as bodyguards for the various ladies there. The Scarlet Madam cares for her girls, and is both "guildmaster" and "mother" in her role. While a few bodyguards and priestestes of Venus provide standard protection, it's spread thin and doesn't seem to help against this great evil. She has a lot of connections in the (thieves) underground, and can be a powerful ally (special connection) for the HPs. The HPs will be assinged to protect some of her "finest", who act as leaders for the lesser ones. Just how close the HPs will get to them depend on the temper of the campaign and the personas--hey, I'm not getting involved here!

Initally, the clues will indicate something other-than- human is involved. Various clues will be dropped about furry creatures, rats will be seen, and attacks will look like maimed mutilations--devoring of . It is an attempt to drop a red herring. The blame is being placed on Ratties, who lurk in the Shadowshallow in Northeastern Vargaard along with Ferretfolk, Stoties, Trogs, and small Phaeree enclaves/outposts, who trade occassionally with merchants. If other clues aren't found, and if the Lord Mayor is informed, he will send mercenaries to deal with it...but if that happens, the HPs will confront a representitive of Phaeree. Some Ohdows will appear during a night--coldly threatening, with enough power to stop the HPs from thinking foolishly, and inform them they are misdirected and forcing Ratties to invade other territories, including Ohdow enclaves. They don't look kindly on that. (And if the players need further guidence, send a Thunderbird ally of the Ohdows with some subtle clues in a dream).

The creature really behind the attacks is a former priestes of Vestia, one of the famed Vestigial Virgins, who have a temple in Falcondon. A fresh initiate into the order, she was attacked and raped by a rake who thought her a whore when she was crossing. Defiled and Maimed, about to be destroyed from a mortal wound, her rage and grief combined into a dark cry for vengence, and she found dark strength and slew the ruffian, compelled to eat his heart. But that didn't satisfy her. She knew in what was left of her now-crazed mind that it was the damed whores and trollops who were responsible!!! She vowed revenge!

Hanah has now become a powerful Ghoul. Somehow Hanah's cry attracted a powerful force of near-Entital nature, which she sees as This being now has control over a dozen (normal) ghouls who live in the sewers of Vargaard, and has also ursurped the control of rats. She has built a temple to the Vengeful Vestia, a dark warped temple to "the unseen true side of the great lady!", in a abandoned Sewer adjunct.

The HPs should eventually piece together hints and trails the JM leaves for the players to follow.

Eventually, they will come into contact with Hanah herself, and will have to face her dead on. If discovered, she will attempt to escape and regroup. If not pursued initially, she will attempt to assault the core of the Scarlet District itself, using a plague of rats to swarm the city and cause chaos while she and her Ghouls assault the Scarlet Madams own private lair. The HPs will have to make a stand their, protect their charges, and, if Hanah escapes, will be forced to seek her out in a dark temple underground, devoted to a warped version of Vestia--a black flame, a fetish to a dark being (either a quasi-avatar of Vestia which could gain power, or--more likely--a demonic being taking an assumed form and gaining power from Hanah's delusionary devotion). The HPs must overcome Hanah in her lair, perhaps with aid from a true Vestian priestest who will despise the utter blasphemy/heresy, as well as some of the Scarlet Madams force--including servants of Aphrodite, who protect the harlots.

For powers and stats, consider Hanah to have the same stats and abilites as a Ghoul-Vampire, and she is powerful enough to have ALL the powers listed in Necropolis! She can also endure sunlight with no penalty, like a supra-ghoul, though she's not comfortable with it (see Necropolis again under Ghoul). She has no casting ability per-se anymore (she was just an initiate anyway), but in her dark temple the Dark Flame acts as a powerful fetish, which has powers of its own similar to dark castings.

Written by: John R. Troy

[ This adventure is available as a fully-developed module, in HTML, PostScript, and text formats. It was also published in the Web gaming magazine SCRIBE, in a slightly altered form. ]

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Slavonic Serpent Situation

The HPs are visiting a village of Eastern AEropia, one that belongs to the Slavonic pantheon. The village has been hit on hard times--crops have suffered from plagues of insects, a blight, and wild animals have been ravaging the area a night, dangerous to the lone traveller.

Finally, during their festival to Ovinnik, the deity of the Barns who appears as a Black Cat, a manifestation of that being appeared, and stated his displeasure. He states that the town is "unclean", and if the villagers don't clean their barns out, they will all be burned by him and the village will be destoryed.

Naturally, the villagers are upset. They ask the HPs to help. Apparently, the Hut of Baba Yaga has been sighted a few miles away in the forest. They ask the HPs to explain their dilema to the "Grandmother", and ask for her aid. The villagers are too fearful of the crone to do this.

The HPs will enventually find the hut. Baba Yaga is aware of them and will likely have them fight a guardian creature of her's to test their meddle. If they survive, she will offer an audience. The HPs must be on their best behavior--respectful and deffering. Play up the fact that this creature is of Deital power and could destroy them all if they upset her. Try to play on the player's fears...make them nervous. If they do well, Baba Yaga will offer them the knowledge the seek.

She will point out the existance of a long-forgotten temple nearby--one that predates early civilization in the area. For some reason, a powerful Serpent imprisoned there has become aware again and has been exuding his influence on the area--corrupting natural forces. The HPs are told they must enter this temple and slay this creature before it becomes powerful enough to escape.

Of course, the Temple design is up to the JM, but you must make it spooky. It likely has undead guardians, many tricks and traps to keep out violators, snakes and reptiles, and of course the mean nasty inside. If the HPs fail, it's likely the being will be released and wreak more direct havok on the countryside!

Written by: John R. Troy

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The Stalking Shadow Sultan

This scenario takes place while the HPs are visiting the realms of Nejd. They are in an Oasis town or Caravanserai near the edge or inside of an area of the Golden Desert. During this time, the natives become concerned about the "dark starshine" time, a period of two weeks where caravans and nomads/pilgrims stop their journeys through the desert--the travel area linked to this astrological event is known as the "haunted whisper realms". Inquiries reveal many strange things that have happened in the past...nomad camps found burned and laid waste to, men who killed each other, a few corpses found flayed and striped, and insane crazed survivors. The few survivors tell stories of horrid nightmares and visions. To this day, no sane or sober person braves the journey.

For whatever reason, the HPs are pressured into making this journey (about 3-5 days time). It is suggested that a powerful merchant caravan, a brazen impatient princess or noble, a royal courier, or some other group needs to leave right away, for whatever reason, and the HPs are in some manner employee's or associates of these HPs. Of course, you may want to tie this into a mission the HPs are already on... your call. In any event, the locals think them fools for doing this, warning them profusely. They can provide no more details, so it might seem like yokel superstition.

Unfortunately, the legend about the "dark starshine" time is true. During this time, the desert is inhabited by a powerful Djanni of dark demonic nature and great power. He is Z'nugaual, a/k/a The Phantasmal Pasha--Lord of dark desert nightmares!" This creature, a renegade being who was imprisoned by a powerful White Mage decades ago, lives in an extradimensional place adjacent to the area most of the time. During the annual time of "dark starshine", he can enter the "haunted region" of the desert. He feeds on Horror and Terror, and those entering his small domain will be subjected to his horrible attacks. The personas in this adventure have entered his domain.

During the journey, the HPs will be subjected to many forms of illusion generation and shadow castings. (Z'nugual has access to all the Gray School Dwomercraefting castings and a lot of Heka, plus several useful powers). The strategy of Z'nugual is to unbalance the HPs, drive them against each other, doubting their own senses. To do this, he first begins to invade the HPs dreams, attempting to influence them and preying on their worst fears. Players will have fatigued nights and shared nightmares. Then, when awake, he starts assaulting them with hallucinations, illusions and telempathy, attempting to induce paranoid feelings and confuse the personas. He may appear to them as a doppleganger of one of the HPs or OPs, threatening and attacking, then disappear and let the real HP receive a most likely negative response from the beguiled victim. He is also likely to use suggestion and illusionary manipulation to sabotage the party--making them empty their supplies, scaring pack animals away, creating mirages that delay and distract the group. Finally, as the personas are mentally weakened, physically fatigued and paranoid or unbalanced (by not knowing if their experiencing reality, dreaming, hallucinating, or affected by illusions), he will start sending his Ghoul Servants and conjured shadow phantasms to directly assault the personas, again using his powers to weaken them. He will only directly assault the party in his true form as a last resort.

Weaknesses in the plan are as follows. First of all, there is the matter of his limited powers. Z'nugual can't leave the area he's consigned to at this time, and he can only manifest himself during this adventure...for about 2 weeks maximum. Strong spellcasters (those under Vow, FPs, or those with mysticism/yoga), especially Gray School Mages, aren't as suspect as other HPs. He'll try to make them the subject of loathing or rage, or try to assault them with more direct attacks. He and his conjured shadow servants are too weak during the day to make direct assaults, while the ghouls must hide from sunlight, but he can still invade their dreams, though, and use some castings/powers. However, the great heat, lack of water, and possible sandstorms during this time likely prevent this course of action from being viable.

It is suggested that OPs be used with this game, to help play out the paranoia, since it can be hard to set the mood with a group of players on their own. It is also suggested that the Journey Master try to encourage a dark atmosphere and a "who can you trust" setting. Are the other's being taken over? Who can be trusted? Are they demons in disguise? Look over the Gray School of Dweomercraeft carefully--there are a lot of good spells here for Z'nugual to use.

Inspiration from Horror films such as Nightmare on Elm Street is recommended. So too stories of "Dark Arabia". Have a lot of fun with this one guys!

Note--for campaign use, Z'nugual, like all Geniekind, can't be permanently killed on the Material plane. Perhaps he someday finds a way to escape his prison. He might likely stalk the personas who managed to escape his grasp (a matter of pride), anywhere on AErth, using the same tactics or perhaps a more insidious plan. Might be good for a campaign plot--or at least a sequel for next Halloween!

Written by: John R. Troy

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Through Rain, Sleet, etc...

The HPs are hired as couriers, for a aristocrat of Falcondonia or Grandmark. They must get some documents (or materials, valuable items, or some tangible object) from the state to a party in Nova Scotia. Use whatever MacGuffin fits the campaign and/or the motivations of the HPs. (Money, Virtue, Politics, Religion, Sex--well, maybe not sex...etc.)

The way will be fraught with some danger. First of all, because of the hostilities between Jarlesheim and Nova Scotia, they will have to cross a dangerous trek through the wilderness to avoid problems. This puts them in hostile Irokia territories. The PCs should attempt to avoid all contact with such guards (they don't want to start a war). The trick is to not get caught, and to try avoid killing any patrols. Furthermore, a few random encounters with dangerous fauna should be planned during this event. Nothing spices things up by running into a few panthers, a pike-toothed lion, or perhaps a Woolly Mammoth!

The HPs also will have to deal with a bandit party. One of the enemies has hired the services of a petty bandit lord to kill the party and capture the item. They have set up an ambush for the HPs. The JM should detail this based on the power level of the HPs. They will have some information about the HPs--exact number, general professions in the party, so they will be prepared.

Worse, during this journey, a Wendigo will soon pursue the party. The Wendigo will attempt to use its slow fear attack upon an unsuspecting victim or two, hoping to drain his life via fright. This goblin will use all its abilities to do this--hoping to get the HP to panic and flee from the party. The HPs must discover this intrusion and try to fight it off.

Lastly, a final obstacle must be faced. This should be a Phaeree creature or group which could cause the party serious grief. My suggestion is either (a) Chenoo giant(s), or a (few) Baykock(s). Hey, they need a good climax. After they smite the varmint, they'll have no more trouble, and will meet their contact in Nova Scotia successfully. (Of course, feel free to make other springboards of this adventure!)

Written by: John R. Troy

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The Traitorious Aethel

The party is assigned the task of investigating the Aethel of one of the four counties of Hibernia. Disquieting rumors have held that there has been a significant increase in arms production, and it's quite possible that there is armed insurrection in the cards.

The obvious path would be to have the Aethel guilty as charged, but that also degates some real potential to the scenario. Instead, the Aethel's nephew (the youngest son of the Aethel's brother) has been smuggling weapons to help a Kelltic resistance movement in the New World. The activities have been traced by an operative of the opposing government, who has come back to destroy the operation.

As it turns out, this operative has planted evidence and faked some activities to implicate the arms-smuggling as a cover story for a much more serious activity: rebellion within Hibernia! The resulting evidence can be uncovered, and the activity stopped, but a full investigation by the crown will clear the guilty party of treason, at least.

[This particular adventure was the first in a series set in Hibernia. A somewhat more detailed version was posted to the Mythus list.]

Written by: Mike Phillips

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Wight Out

The adventures are either stopping off or visiting a small town in one of the Northern AEropean states--such as Norge or Svergie. The town is unwalled and is in a valley isolated from much of the rest of the country, high mountains with just a few trails in and out, more than a days trek by any means.

As their visiting, a powerful ice/snowstorm assualts the place. Winter weather at it's finest. Unfortunately, things don't seem to be going well for the village. The storm is lasting longer than it should, and seems unnatural. During the day, it lets up, but the skies are always overcast and the days are short. Once night falls, it comes back in full force. Trade caravans are being attacked by vicious wolves that don't seem "quite right", and assualted by the winds and ice of the resurgent storm. They can't get out of the valley before nightfall, and nobody has been successful with this. Furthermore, a few homes have been attacked on the edges of the community deep at night, supposedly by mysterious humanoids. Deaths are reported to be from a "Chill to the very Soul". Expidetions to get out of the area have met with failure, and some haven't returned.

If the HPs decide to investigate and assist, they should first explore the valley, or try to escape themselves- -which will be pointless, either due to the weather, wolf attack, or an Avalanche. (Teleportation or Planar Travel could work--but it's doubtful they could all travel that way- -and in the meantime, what does the village do?) They will enventually encounter the wolves, undead creatures who have the same speed, senses, and cunning as normal wolves. Leading the pack are some Damanthion beasts in Wolf form. These come from a forgotten burial site up on a mountain, a massive group of carns and burial mounds, which have been disturbed by a recent avalanche. The tombs are inhabited by animated skeletons.

All of these creatures are being led by a small band of Wights--once forgotten nobles who have decided to take back their valley--by isolating it from the rest of the kingdom and turning the inhabitants into undead: thralls to the undying lords. Serving the Wights is a Liche Lord, who animates the Skeletons and is the mage behind the storm and the wolves. This creature doesn't lead the Wights, but is an ally--similar to the way a Wizard serves his lord(s). The Wights do have a Jarl in charge: The most powerful, most malign of his kind, a Supernatural unliving entity.

JMs are encouraged to play up the horror of these creatures, empahsizing icy death, darkness, and fear. Mood is key to the success of this scenario. Fear, especially due to the fact the personas can't leave!

Written by: John R. Troy

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