MYTHUS-L is an electronic discussion forum, conducted via e-mail, primarily concerned with the Mythus Fantasy Role-Playing Game. Occasionally, the participants stray afield into such diverse pastimes as: additional Dangerous Journeys genres, TSR-bashing (a popular sport among the more jaded and outspoken members), ARIA-praising, and general gaming support.

If you want to see what all the fun is about, I recommend perusing some of the logfiles, that repository of every word written in and to the list. I keep a (mostly up-to-date) set here, as part of the Mythus web pages.

That's all well and good, but how do I join?

Send e-mail to, with no subject. The body of your message should contain:


Of course, you need to replace Your Name with your own monikor (e.g. Gary Gygax or Dave Newton, if that's who you happen to be!).

If you have problems joining, I can probably help, so feel free to e-mail me.

Mike Phillips