Volume 1, Issue 6. (Sep 1, 1993)

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    James Rothwell (rothwell@ravel.udel.edu)
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    Mike Phillips (msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu)
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    Neodig Beowulf (Phy_Shaffer.exodus.Valpo)
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World Index

  1. Forgotten Realms
  2. Greyhawk
  3. Dark Sun
  4. Mystara
  5. Ærth
  6. Original
    1. Unknown
    2. Alexandria
    3. Scarlet Forest

Forgotten Realms

The group of mages who were employed by the city authorities to cast Continual Light spells on street corners in the city's latest push against crime have been arrested for fraud! The mages clearly found this business highly profitable, and didn't want the business to stop, so they employed thieves and urchins to sabotage the continual lights, thus ensuring more business for themselves! The mages concerned have not been named, but are expected to have a heavy fine imposed at a closed Magister's hearing.

Our sources reveal that a gem mine on the edge of the Lizard Mine near Daggerford, which had been left unused for several years, has apparently been taken over by lizardmen, who are manning it with slaves. Daggerford authorities refused to comment on this, but it has been noted that a militia special squad did leave Daggerford heading for the Lizard March.
It is conjectured that this increase in lizardman activity has something to do with the strange green beacon visible from near the Lizard Marsh, although we have nothing to prove this.

A group of adventurers which has worked part time for the City Watch entered Undermountain through the Yawning Portal with the intention of rescuing some friends. However, they have been gone over a week now, and nothing has been heard of them. A witness who saw them go down, however, said that they had a huge amount of provisions, and that they spoke of a Black Portal, which they were intending to enter.

Andy Merritt: amerritt@armltd.co.uk

Damara/Barony of Morov/Loon Village (original village 15 miles NW of Morovar, at the east bank of Goliad River)
DR1149 (FR1359-Year of the Serpent)
Wednesday, 20th of March (Ches of the Sunsets)

A small hill one-hour walk East of Loon Village was exploded this afternoon. On the east side of the hill used to be the house of a long dead evil mage (name unknown). The west side of the house appeared to be carved inside the hill (who knows how far inside...) The house was reported to be full of skeletons, zombies and other undead creatures. Many parties who tried to clear the place were turned into zombies themselves, due to a powerful curse which was set on the house. The last party reported to enter the house was an adventuring group named AID, consisting of 4 persons and one wolf:

    Roger Green, human male, druid (6th level)
    Morgan Sibilius, half-elf male, fighter/thief (5th/5th)
    Merlin Skywalker, half-elf male, fighter/mage (5th/5th)
    Elvis Garnseath, human male, bard (7th)
    Jaana, wolf female (druid's companion)
The AID group has not returned yet from their mission and if they caused the hill to explode, maybe no one will hear from them again...

Kyriakos Sgarbas: sgarbas@grpatvx1.bitnet

It has been reported that there are a larger number of rats in the Dock Ward and surrounding areas than is usual. Rumor doth attribute this to some unusual movement in the sewers, possibly some lost monster or maybe a clan of wererats. Both possibilities are overheard with about the same frequency.

GUARD TACKLES SMUGGLING OPERATIONS The City Guard has been cracking down on smuggling through the caves in the cliffs just north of the city. There have been three public expulsions from the City so far, and rumors of more to come.

GRAIN PRICES INCREASE, RIOTS EXPECTED The citizens of Trades, Dock, and South are hearing ugly rumors that the recent drastic increase in bread and similar products is due to a certain merchant, nameless here until some proof is garnered, who is stockpiling grain to jack up the price. The Bakers guild merely comments that the price of grain has indeed doubled, but refuses to speculate as to the reason. The Watch is preparing for riots if the price doesn't come down soon.

Twice last night the door traps on Halazar's Fine Gems were tripped, sending Walls of Fire up around the building. The Watch has said that the first was due to a nearly unconscious halfling, drunken and lost. No explanation for the second trigger was given. People in the area recall youths not seen before playing in the area for the past couple of days.

There is a gypsy-band staying in the city, currently at the Dripping Dagger, which is putting on a show near the Market each afternoon.

James Rothwell: rothwell@ravel.udel.edu

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The humanoid army laying siege to the City of Loftwick was repelled by a fiery barrage of magical fireworks the likes of which has not been seen before. Fireballs fell from the sky and toasted the dismayed humanoid army (The Mage's Tower was destroyed by a suspicious earthquake just days before the siege began). It was reported that the twenty-mage attack was led by a stranger wearing a brown fedora riding a griffon.
The day following the liberation, the adventuring group called The Company (which is led by the elven paladin [see TAJ v1 #2 "HUMANOIDS ATTACK" for more information]) left Loftwick, heading for the Joten and Crystalmist Mountains.

A week after the liberation of Loftwick, a great earthquake shook the nearby Crystalmist Moutains. The quake was felt in Loftwick but there was no damage. There are no reports from the area.

A large city block burned down in the downtown (way downtown) section. Four abandoned buildings were destroyed and five bodies with the remains of armor and weapons on them were found in the ruins. The fire was not the cause of all the deaths, most of the bodies had severe wounds. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Loftwick: BUILDING COLLAPSES DURING FIGHT - Known Halfling Caught In Collapse
An abandoned building collapsed during a fight between three humans (no names available at the time of the report) and Eddon "The Halfling Tank" (Eddon is one of the members of the adventuring group called "The Company"). The humans were harassing a group of five halfling refugees when one the humans ended up causing an injury to a young halfling lad. The other halflings stepped to the aide of their young friend. The much larger humans had no trouble handling the halflings until a miniature suit of shining plate armor waded into the brawl. According to reports, Eddon pickup one human and threw him out of the building's archway. The other two humans then grabbed Eddon, picked him up, and threw him into one of the building's lower supports, knocking out the support. The humans fled as the building started to collapse. Upon getting back to his feet and seeing the disaster about to happen, Eddon shoved the halflings out of the building only to be caught in the collapse himself.
Eddon was severely injured in the collapse. It took over an hour to extract Eddon even with the help of his friends from The Company. Due to the nature of The Company's mission, Eddon told his friends to continue their mission without him. The Company left hours later, heading for the lower spur of the Jotten Mountains. The nature of Eddon's injuries have not been released, but the attending High Priest of Arvorine was quoted saying "...even with all our prayers, he won't walk again short of a miracle."

J. Scott Hayes: jshaye@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

A recent attempt by a merchants' guild to hire a group of adventurers for a spot of detective work resulted in demon and elemental summoning, the destruction of a small area of the city and finally the capture, prosecution, and execution of the adventurers involved. All these actions have left the city in a state of chaos. Various rumours point to Ket, and there are also unconfirmed reports of increased activity along the Bissel/Ket border.

Kozmo: mcc5@uk.ac.leicester

Saltmarsh: AMBUSH OF FISH WAGON NEAR SALTMARSH A party of adventurers recently saw of an ambush of a fish wagon that has the authorites of Saltmarsh baffled. The caravan was ambushed on its way north from Saltmarsh and the bandits cut down the guards and a number of the group before the arrival of an helpful Archer served to sway the battle. The bandits only seemed to have interest in a specific box of fish which had been taken on board at the last moment. The merchant and the wagon boy who had received the box were both killed in the attack. With the proximity of night, a watch was set and the box and fish examined. The box seemed to hold an enchantment to keep its temperature cold but nothing more. The fish were taken from their ice packing and examined but nothing unusual was discovered.
During the night, several different disturbing nightmares were had by the group which caused the Holy warrior to return to her family in Saltmarsh to check on their health and has caused the elf in the party to be unsettled by "Bad" dreams. He has been displaying unusual behaviour patterns since then avoiding sleep and any rest. The remains of the caravan's crew and the caravan were handed in to the authorities in Saltmarsh!

MELANDRA, INSANE ELF.: mcspikgfm@vaxd.dct.ac.uk

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Dark Sun

The gladiators searching for the ruins have been sighted, heading southwards towards an oasis that legend says appears and disappears at random intervals. There is no word yet as to whether or not the band has actually found the ruins it sought, though one merchant caravan, recognizing the description of one of the members of the band, reported to Kalak's templars that an additional person joined their party during the night the band and the caravan spent together.
The templars thanked the merchant, and then sent some mercenaries and half a dozen of their own to bring this party, in their words, "to justice."

The templars have begun another reign of terror, cracking down because of recent rebellion. They have announced that a noble, said to be the same one searching for the ruins, is suspected for inciting the rebellion, but no names have been named yet. They attempted to collect him, but he apparently had fled the city without being seen.
A reward has been placed on the noble's head.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, Fort Doom

Duke Stefan Karameikos has today on his way back to Karameikos after being rescued by a party of daring adventurers from the clutches of the Black Baron. The Duke was about to be killed by a Rite of Disintegration when the brave party of adventurers advanced on the Castle where he was being held. After a short battle with a large dragon-like creature, which had earlier killed 2 members of the group and a large portion of the soldiers with the group, in which they managed to roast it, one of the Elves proceeded in invisible to scout out the castle.
After waiting for the fool to return, the rest of the party entered the castle on the back of the other Elf polymorphed into the shape of a griffin and found a large floating black ball chasing the scout. After defeating it in combat, the group was attacked by a varying band of hellspawned dogs, blue skinned humanoids and large poison spiked hedgehogs. These were overcome due to previous knowledge gained by fighting these creatures, and the group ran to the Duke's aid. As they entered the domed building where the duke was being held, they saw a number of mages via by teleportation only to be confronted by three plate clad figures and the Baron himself.
Behind them was the Duke, or what was left of him, laid on a stone slab, with ashes drifting off of his body as the skin and muscles slowly disintegrated. After a large fight, the Baron and his men were defeated, leaving the group of four with only the 2 elves standing. The Duke rewarded the group with land and made Alison de Berne, fighter extraordinaire, the title of Baron of the Black Barony.
The question now is will Bargle, the Baron's court magician, relinquish his hold on the Barony without a fight? Also in question is the slow increase in area of the provinces of the Vyalian Elves after one of their number was granted her second land claim on the edge of the Dymrak woods.

MELANDRA, INSANE ELF.: mcspikgfm@vaxd.dct.ac.uk

The Republic of Darokin, Armstead

The small band of adventurers returned from the first round of searches for the tower of the wizard Conor MacGregor. They reported failure to find the tower, although they ran into a small tribe of hobgoblins and extracted some information from them. They will shortly head to the west, after they have resupplied, as that is the direction the hobgoblins said Conor's messengers always came from.

The Republic of Darokin, Darokin City

The special investigator arrived earlier today, reporting to the Chancellor that the situation in Armstead and Nemiston is as bad as initial reports indicated. The Chancellor is meeting with advisors to decide upon a course of action.

Glantri, Glantri City

The Darokinian investigator, seeking information on Conor and Angus MacGregor, has arrived and, by order of the government, is being given access to the student records at the School of Magic. So far, the search has turned up no likely prospects, despite indications that the two mages, currently waging a private war against portions of Darokin, were trained here.

Glantri, Viscompty de Malinbois

Bounty hunters and were-creature hunters have nearly overrun the area, despite the fact that no lycanthropes of any sort have successfully been killed since the death of the representatives of the Fellowship of Were-hunters. More than two score of the newly arrived hunters, however, have already been buried, and twice that number are recovering in crammed hospices, tended to by local mystics and healers. Three of the hunters have already been put to death for the heresy of calling on gods to save them from their wounds.
The situation is getting very tense, and some of the peasants have begun fleeing the area and moving elsewhere to avoid the distrust that has sprung up. Neighbors no longer trust neighbors, and tempers are reported to be hair-trigger.

Alfheim, Alfheim City and environs

Members of the Shadow Elven underground movement have been apprehended, some are said to be Shadow Elves that have undergone surgical procedures to alter their distinctive features, and others are sympathizers that want to be "reunited with our brethren." Hopefully, officials said with a slight smile, this has cut off the head of the serpent, and not merely its tail.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, Threshold

A paladin of Petra arrived earlier, during the night, as an orcish army began assaulting outlying areas. She was conducted to Patriarch Sherlane's presence, where she was asked to help in the defense of the city. She and her companions, working with the army, a volunteer and slightly crazy wizard, and her young pet dragon successfully routed the orcs after the mage began burning everything, one of her companions caused the siege engines to self-destruct, and the dragon's fear aura swept over the orcs.
She is reportedly seeking information about the mountains to the north.

Atruaghin Clans, Lands of the Children of the Horse

The youths sent to lay the spirits of their departed to rest have returned, reporting that they were unsuccessful in saving the shamani who was first sent to investigate. However, they slew one of the Children of the Tiger, who had erected a small temple at the far end of the lake, where he was performing hideous rituals on the dead.
The Children of the Horse have sent messengers to the other three clans, to inform them of this transgression, and of an intent to retaliate against the Children of the Tiger. There is some concern that the retaliation may turn into war, or may be unsuccessful as the Children of the Tiger live in the swamps south of the great plateau.

Hollow World, Azcan Empire, Chitlacan

The high priest of Atzanteotl, in a triumphant ceremony, today sacrificed an old man who claimed to be a priest of Atruatzin, the Quetzalcoatl. This man, whose name is unknown, died on the altar, unsaved by his supposed god.
However, the city is quiet but restless, as during the ceremony, just before the old man was slain, four simultaneous flights of birds rose from the four points of the compass, flying over the city and into the heavens, and there was a mysterious and brief shower of petals on the gathered crowd. The priests of Atzanteotl are seeking whoever is responsible, as one of the teachings of this hidden church of Atruatzin is that birds and flowers are acceptable as sacrifices, rather than humans. No one has been caught yet.

Hollow World, The Milenian Empire

The high priestess of Petra, in a speech to the followers of Petra gathered at a major festival, suddenly began speaking in a low voice that somehow carried over the entire crowd. Though no one has the full text of her speech, it conveyed a warning against the followers of Night and that some sort of champion, one of Petra's own followers, would arrive to save the sun.
Those who heard it are hopeful, but also worried at what it might portend.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Ægypt, Town of Soleb

Reports have begun filtering back concerning the fate of the forces sent to Fort Nefer-Khufu on the Keshu-Ægypt border. Citizens are concerned, as the supply caravan was reportedly attacked by nomadic raiders, and two columns of the Ægyptian army apparently ran into heavy battle. Rumor has casualties very high, although one supposed eyewitness assured people that fewer were killed than initially thought, because a couple hours after the battles were fought, they picked themselves up and continued their march.

Ægypt, Fort Nefer-Khufu

The remnants of a supply caravan and two columns of soldiers arrived earlier, after investigating a desecrated tomb to the north. They were hesitant to make contact, as the first indications were that the inhabitants of the fort were undead, and some investigation on the part of their mageling showed that this was, indeed, the case.
They attempted one attack, hoping to lay the restless dead at peace, but it was unsuccessful as undeath apparently had little effect on their mages' prowess. The party is contemplating further action, hoping to tidy up these problems before others are caught by the undead.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Original: Unknown


When the village elders from the gold mining village of Stonelane disappeared during a trip out of town, Stoner McSpade, entrepreneur and Dwarf-About-Town, decided to do something about it. He rounded up some friends and set out to find out what happened. His party, made up of himself, 3 clerics, a druid, a ranger, and a young mage set out from StoneLane and quickly found the blood-stained wagon that the elders were using. Using the ranger's tracking skills, they followed tracks made by the kidnappers. After a minor incident during which one of the clerics claimed to have been possessed by a long dead spirit and then stole some funds from the party members, the party tracked the kidnappers down.
The kidnappers had taken over an old stronghold, and after dealing with some guards and a small tribe of hobgoblins, the party infiltrated the caverns below the keep. The party defeated some zombies that were guarding a secret entrance to the stronghold, and managed to enter the crypts of the stronghold. After some exploring, one of the clerics (the one that claimed to have been possessed) was turned into a giant slug by a trap. The party secured the area and returned to StoneLane to report their findings. A patrol of the Duke's guards later stormed the stronghold, to find it deserted except for the missing elders who were found locked in some cells.
The village elders were returned safe and sound to StoneLane, thanks to the determination and leadership of local dwarf, Stoner McSpade.

A fire in a storage shed at the StoneLane gold mine was ruled an accident late last week. No one was injured in the fire which completely gutted one shed and did some minor damage to another.

An unusually fierce rain storm swept the mountains north of StoneLane earlier this month. Several passes were blocked as several mudslides resulted from the unseasonal storm. There is no news of the party of adventurers from StoneLane that were last seen heading into the mountains in the area.

Rumours of a vast dragon migration are being reported. One sage was heard to claim "Them dragons are heading south for the winter." Others say it is a just a story being used to frighten young children and rangers. Anyone who has any information on this are requested to contact The Adventurer's Journal.

Greg Booth: booth@mdd.comm.mot.com

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Original: Alexandria

Alexandrian Empire, Selune: Fall 335, Third Dynasty

Selune has been freed! Once again the Dogs of War have risen to the task! The Dogs were commissioned by the Great Library to travel to the town of Selune and investigate a wizards tower there, which is believed to contain books dating back to the Second Dynasty. The Dogs traveled to the tiny village, and discovered a fairly unfriendly town. The only place that would harbor these brave heros was a temple to Chauntea. Indeed, the cleric there seemed very anxious to have them stay there. After getting the priest stinking drunk, they searched the temple grounds and discovered two things. First, all the plants that were sown in the last month grew twisted and malformed, and second, a secret door leading to an underground complex.
Investigating this complex revealed an Illithid, who had not only charmed the entire town, but a hatchling red dragon as well! Through bravery, skill, and an adventuring party the size of a small army, the Dogs prevailed against this most horrid foe, and saved the town.
The Dogs will be wintering in Selune to nurse their wounds, and expect to investigate the wizards tower immediately after the first thaw.

Neodig Beowulf: Phy_Shaffer.exodus.Valpo.edu

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Scarlet Forest

A ranger in my campaign has just received a message from the sheriff of a small town asking to keep an eye out for her sword. The sword is magical (in a magical item scarce campaign) and was passed down through 3 (elven) generations to the present owner. The ranger has seen it and knows that it can be recognized by its exceptional craftsmanship as well as by the inscription DOMINUS ET DEUS etched boldly into one side of the blade.

SEM: io01092@maine.maine.edu

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