Volume #1, Issue #4. (Jul 9, 1993)

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Forgotten Realms

(Technically Toril, which includes Maztica, Kara-Tur, the Hordelands, and Al-Qadim) Southern Cormyr
Raids on caravans and travellers on the Traders Road between Eversult and Westgate have increased lately. Just this week, a caravan was attacked by a large number of kobolds led by an orc who was captured and killed. The governor of Teziir is organizing a hunting party to clean out these bold marauders and is offering a bounty on raider ears.

Beth Gaynor: bgaynor@csi.compuserve.com

Raurin Desert
It has been rumored that an evil efreet has awakened after almost a thousand year rest. It is said that he can destroy much of the desert inhabitants, and maybe farther south. Recently a group of adventurers calling themselves "The IV" (consisting of 2 elves and 2 humans) have gone in search of five magic Star Gems. It is said that these gems will give them the power of the dead arch-mage Martek. It was he who first banished the efreet almost one thousand years ago. With this help they hope to send the efreet back to its home forever.
Nothing has been heard from them since I saw them on the road about a week ago. They informed me that they had 3 gems and were on the trail of the fourth. However I don't know if anything will be able to stop this evil that has come to our land.

Sorga Kazan: (missed the Internet address)

Pirate Isles
The troubled Pirate Isle that has been the site of a bloody civil war was attacked and conquered by a force of Ogres and Bugbears supported by a band of Frost Giants and led by a pair of Elves. Details are sketchy at this time, but reports indicate that the Goblin and Orc populations of Scrape have been ruthlessly exterminated, whiles the Humans and Ogres native to the town have agreed to obey the new rulers. An unconfirmed report also states that the lead vessal in the attack was the same one stolen from the Zhentarim at Scardale two months ago. The latest report available from our Pegasus Express messengers say that the fighting has died down with the invaders in complete control. The new rulers of Scrape have yet to make any formal announcements as of yet but are expected to soon.

Jon Gad: jng53092@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu

Kingdom of Cormyr, Eveningstar and vicinity
A slew of attacks by trolls, ankhegs, and other monstrous beasts in the immediate vicinity of the village of Eveningstar has been halted by a band of adventurers known as the Swords of Light. Apparently the surge of attacks, unusual for the area, was due to a minor artifact, known as the Eye of the Basilisk, that had recently come into the possession of the Temple of Lathander. Unsubstantiated rumors hint that the Swords of Light may have sold the Eye of the Basilisk to the temple in the first place and then stolen it several times in succession.

Waterdeep, Ruins of Undermountain
A noted band of adventurers, the Swinging Swords, is reported to have recovered the third of four Elemental Blades from the dungeons beneath the city of Waterdeep. Rumors claim that the band has some affiliation with the dark elves lairing beneath the city, but this rumor is believed to be without basis in fact. It is known that the band has not yet emerged from the main well of the Yawning Portal inn, and may have met a sinister fate beneath the city streets.

Eric L. Boyd: boyd@eecs.umich.edu

Woods of the Sharp Teeth, Gateway (original)
Lord Moriarty and Lady Joleena, both members of the Consortium, have announced that they will renew their wedding vows on the Twentieth day in the month of Flamerule. This announcement comes shortly after the rumor of Lord Moriarty's alleged affair with two chambermaids under the Moriarty's employ and a young, female, Moon Elf whom aspires to be a ranger. Gordon, Right Hand of Lord Moriarty, has initiated a full investigation into the origins of the malicious lie.
For reasons not yet disclosed, a militant organization of humans calling themselves The Pure, have lay siege to the High Elven village of Hightree. This attack has served as a pawn in the mounting racial tensions between the Elven Races and Humans. Based upon last year's registry of the organization, it is comprised of the following:
    A 19th-lvl fighter leading a 6th-lvl fighter, a 3rd-lvl fighter,
    20 cavalry, 100 infantry, and 20 berserkers

    A 16th-lvl fighter leading a 7th-lvl fighter, 30 cavalry, and 10 
    mounted knights

    An 11th-lvl fighter leading a 5th-lvl fighter, 40 heavy
    crossbowmen, 20 light crossbowmen, and 20 expert archers

    A 20th-lvl mage, two 13th-lvl mages, and 5 8th-lvl mages

    A 17th-lvl Cleric of Helm with 134 followers

    A 14th-lvl thief leading fifteen thieves

The Consortium will reward a discretionary amount of gold to any individual or group of individuals who can provide indisputable proof of this group's size and motivations to the proper authorities.

Deadlock: deadlock@apache.dtcc.edu

Azrik, an accomplished mage who lives in a remote tower several days east of Waterdeep failed to turn up to the AGM of the Mage's Guild. He was supposed to be giving a lecture on recent research. A guild representative said that he was normally a very reliable member, and didn't deny that something could well have happened to him. The Guild are looking for adventurers who will be paid to check up on Azrik.

Andy Merritt: amerritt@armltd.co.uk

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Spelljammer, Ginsel, Laval-Zhernokoviya Front
For the first time in the course of the three-year war between the Duchy du Laval and the Principality of Zhernokoviya, Zhernokovskie forces have broken past the elaborate defenses of the Duc du Laval. The government of the Velikiy Knyaz Vladimir S. Zhernokov issued no statement on the matter, but the furious Duc du Laval has placed the blame for his defeat on the treachery of off-world mercenaries who had been sent to infiltrate the Grand Prince's court.


After a brief respite in their adventures, those two brave and noble persons who helped destroy the thieves guild are seen hotfooting for the hills. It seems they were connected somehow with the hellhounds released a few weeks ago. 'The General' and his men are none to happy about it, and they immediately begin a manhunt for them. These men have orders to shoot first and ask questions later.

Don JohnsonL $01bcgfs@etsu.bitnet

Lordship of the Isles
Residents of the city of Sulward, report that just after the recent coup (believed to be perpetrated by the Scarlet Brotherhood) (about a week later) a small group of men numbering less than 35 stormed the Imperial compound, no details are available, however, the upper story of the large manor house was see to erupt in flames, it is unclear who was behind this second coup or who is now in control, perhaps it will be known in the near future...

Pat Ellis: io11330@maine.maine.edu

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Two weeks after the encounter at Jansburg, the party arrived in Sanction. Avoiding contact, if possible, with anyone, they made their way into the Temple of Luerkhisis and, with the help of a group of shadowpeople managed to enter the inner sanctum of the temple. Once there, they made their way, (after a brief encounter with five officers), to the old chambers of Highlord Kitiara. The group of shadowpeople led them through another secret chamber which led over the top of these chambers to a group of twelve small openings in a circle that looked into the room. Below, in the chambers, a group of draconians bowed down to a figure in armor that looked like Kitiara. >From here, the following dialogue occurred:

Kitiara look-alike: What does Gildentongue report my servants? (her voice sounds strangely far away and muffled)
(Here, a draconian, a winged sivak, stands)
Sivak officer: Milady, Gildentongue reports that a group of Solamnics were in Jansburg asking questions about your return. The force sent to destroy them failed.
Kitiara: Damn! Those heroes, those must be the ones spying on me from above! Draconians, leave us!
Sivak officer: Milady... perhaps it woul-
Kitiara: Leave! (takes off her helm and throws it at the Sivak revealing bedraggled dark brown-gray hair.)
(Draconians quiver with fear and then scramble out. Their steps can be heard thundering down the hall.)
Kitiara: Come heroes, I have more important things to do than wait for you! (She points to the ceiling of her chambers, where the heroes are and says) Break!
(the ceiling crumbles and the party, minus the shadowpeople who fled before, fall into the chamber, fine, but slightly stunned.)
(Kit turns to face them, her face in bandages)
Lord Crownguard: Paladine help us.... A Death Warrior! You must all escape! NOW! I will hold her off!
Tasslehoff: Why? Hi Kitiara! Why is your face in bandag- Hey!
(Hauk grabs the kender by his collar and hauls him back with the others who are scrambling back up into the tunnels. Lord Crownguard moves forward to meet Kit.)
Kit: Thats it heroes! Run! Leave your knight to die! (draws her sword. Advances to meet Crownguard.)
(the party escapes into the tunnels and meeting the shadowpeople begin to escape from the Temple. Behind they hear a scream.)
Lord Crownguard: Nooooo!!!!! Not my son! Not my son!!!! (said as a Death Knight enters the room, Derek Crownguard. Lord Crownguard charges Kit.)
Kit: Fool! Die then! (draws her sword and parrying Lord Crownguards blows points with her free finger and says,) Die!
(Lord Crownguard crumples and falls, dead.)
Kit: Derek, take this fools corpse and prepare him for the ceremony... we will get the others soon enough. (here the party moves out of hearing, urged by the shadowfolk.)
(Note: A Death Warrior differs in several ways from a Death Knight, and so I will provide stats for both Lord Soth and Lady Kitiara to provide comparison:)
Lord Soth: Alignment: CE, Death Knight
Str: 18(99)
Dex: 14
Con: 17
Int: 10
Wis: 9
Cha: 17
AC: 0 (plate mail +3); THACO 5 (+2/+5)
Hitpoints: 89
Special Abilities: Magic resistance 75% (if roll is 11% or less, spell reflects on caster), affects undead as 6th-level priest, summons nightmare steed once every 4 years, projects fear 5' radius; Magic: fireball (20d6) once/day, gate twice/day, power word (stun, blind, kill) once/day, symbol (pain or fear) once/day wall of ice at will.

Lady Kitiara: Alignment: LE, Death Warrior
Str: 17
Dex: 18
Con: 15
Int: 11
Wis: 9
Cha: 18
AC: -3 (Plate Mail +3, Bracers of Defense +3); THACO 3
Hitpoints: 112
Special Abilities: Magic resistance 50% (if magic fails, spell reflects, with three times the power back on the caster and anyone within 10 ft., affects undead as 6th-level priest, summons nightmare steed once a year, projects fear 5' radius at will; can polymorph into her living form once/week but loses all death warrior abilities except for undead control, Magic: fireball (22d6) twice/day (not within six hours of each other), gate once/day, power word (stun, blind, kill) three times/day (not within six hours of each other), symbol (pain or fear) once/week, wall of ice, once/day.

Raistlin Majere: lucas@scicom.alphacdc.com

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The Republic of Darokin, Armstead
A group of adventurers returned to Armstead, claiming to have destroyed a goblin lair that had been providing the town's scourge, one Conor MacGregor, with his mounted, crossbow-wielding goblins. They stated that a captive had said that this tribe was actually one of several beholden to Conor, but it was the only one with worg- riders. They claim to also have picked up information regarding Conor's current whereabouts, and they are pursuing that particular lead.
The special investigator, who is currently here, asked them to guard him for a trip back to Darokin, but they declined. He is still looking for some guards to accompany him back to the capital city.

The Republic of Darokin, Fort Nell
Reinforcements from Darokin City arrived just in time to break a siege on the fort, taking light casualties. Apparently, just after the commander of the fort had sent his request for more troops, the *rest* of the army sent against the fort showed up (the previous group of about a thousand orcs was apparently only a vanguard). The assault, while well-organized, suffered from a certain amount of internal tension, and thus the ten thousand humanoids, mostly orcs, were able to be turned back by slightly more than a thousand human troops marching from Darokin City.
The commandant, who had been under a great deal of pressure during the siege, was happy to see the supplies, and he reportedly fell to his knees before the leader of the reinforcements, begging the other officer to take over the fort.

Alfheim, Alfheim City
About half of the officers involved in the discovery and arrest of a shadow elf only a short while ago have disappeared. Most have turned up slain by strange-looking daggers. These daggers, which sport a pair of serpentine blades intertwined and odd pommels which look like the eyes of a reptile of some sort, were poisoned, and they were left at the scene of each of the deaths. The local authorities are worried and have reportedly placed the rest of their force into various safehouses. Citizens and travelers are warned against the possible threat.

Glantri, Viscompty de Malinbois
The Viscomptess de Malinbois, who had recently announced the discovery of a massive deposit of silver under her own castle, has reached an agreement with the Fellowship of Were-Hunters. Mining and weapon-forging will commence shortly. However, a number of the residents of the area have voiced a certain amount of concern about the mining activity, many of them worried about the impact it will have on the local economy. A few of the more outspoken residents have also mentioned that there are, in fact, a number of lycanthropes settled in the valley, and their reprisals against the mining operation could be disastrous.
Since, by Glantrian law, lycanthropy is justification for being put to the death, each of these outspoken citizens has been impaled on a silver pike and burned for suspected sympathizing.

The Empire of Thyatis, Thyatis City
The Emperor has announced that he has sent an envoy to the neghboring Grand Duchy of Karameikos, encouraging Grand Duke Stephen Karameikos I to recognize the independance of Vyalia, the recently announced homeland of the Vyalian elves.

The Empire of Alphatia, Sundsvall
The Court of Empress Eriadna was in an uproar recently, upon the return of a nobleman thought long-dead. Cries of "He's an imposter" and "But he hasn't aged these past decades", as well as objections by the Heldannic Knights, has driven the so-called nobleman away from the capital city. His airship recently left under a cloud of mystery, the supposed mission being to negotiate trade interests for the Empire in previously unexplored areas.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, Dymrak Forest (Vyalia Woods)
Sukiskyn, a homestead along the Volaga River, the only homestead for miles to have survived the goblin rampages of a month ago, had lost a member of the homestead in the goblin raid. Stepan Petrov, brother of the head of the household, was captured. A paladin of Petra, who had volunteered to search for Stepan, reappeared recently with news of his probable whereabouts. She is setting out for the ruins of Xitaqa shortly, where she hopes to find Stepan.

Hollow World, The Kingdom of Nithia, Tothys
Kharabasta, a young woman in the small town of Tothys, began manifesting clerical powers a month ago, has recently formed a very small following for the Immortal called Bast. A few of the oldest of Nithian writings had mentioned this Immortal, but worship had ended millenia before.
Kharabasta, along with a half dozen of her followers, has announced that she is taking them on a pilgramage into the desert to the west, where she and her followers supposedly will be founding a new village, Basta.

Hollow World, Tanagoro
A Nithian retaliatory strike after the defeat a dozen sleeps before by Milenian forces, was reported lost amongst the Tanagoro tribesmen. The Nithian army reportedly and repeatedly warned the general of the retaliatory force not to burn the Tanagoro villages, but the general continued to voice this desire for "revenge for allowing the hated Milenians through their territory."
The Nithian army is supposedly forming a second force to replace the lost one.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

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Original: Unknown

There are worried grumblings coming from the river-gypsies. They report being harassed by raiders where the river swings closest to the mountains. Unlike the usual bandits, these men have good discipline, and execute their attacks like trained military troops. In addition, they have many priests in their ranks. The lesser priests fight alongside the troops, and can only be distinguished by the black gauze they tie acros their eyes, but the more formidable ones are horrifying -- they glare from blank, dark eyesockets! Darkness and blindness magic is their obvious favorite.

Gideon Weinstein: GWEINSTE@ucs.indiana.edu aka

Original: Op-Tessl

The Band of the Ring has returned to Waymouth. Immediately on their return they set about returning Waymouth to its pre-sacked condition. Well as best they can in a day.
That night, they began by tracking down some of the bands of ghouls that have been ravaging the city at night. They dispatched two packs of the horrors and reported wraiths as well in their encounters.
The following night they finished off the remaining known packs including the locathah in the bay. Night is once more a safer time for the residents of Waymouth.
The Band has reported plans to wall the city and increase the militia to help prevent attacks that brought Wayouth to its current state. Also on their agenda is a clean up of the burned and looted buildings allowing Waymouth a better image.
A band of 45 humans and demihumans had convened in the Wood Spot to wait for Gull-Gorath, the druid of the Band. Gull reports that "with the ever increasing flock of followers, the powers of Aystreth will repair the damage done to Op-Tessl by centuries of demonic deceit.&quo

Cube, the owner of StillKeep and the captain of the STORMER has been reported missing. He hasn't been seen for three days, nor has the Stormer. His cadre of giants has disappeared as well.

Phill Hatch: phatch@solstice.slc.MENTORG.COM

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I would appreciate comments from the readership about the following two spells. I made them up on the spur of the moment to advance a plot development in my campaign. They haven't been playtested or introduced into the game as of yet.

From the wizards of Vir and the priestesses of Yagwa:

Comperire Exsecrationem - Minor
(Detect Curse - Minor)
(Priest 1st, Wizard 2nd)*

This spell is used to detect if a single creature or object is under the influence of a curse. If an object is th>e subject of this spell then it must be handled by the caster, so that [much like an Identify spell] the caster is in a position to be exposed to the effects of the item. The clerical version of this spell allows for the detection of curses from a divine origin, though not necessarily that cleric's diety, while the wizard's version of the spell allows for the detection of curses of a magical nature.
If the subject of the spell is sentient and unwilling, then s/he gets a saving throw vs. magic. This is often the case for curses that work so tha the victim does not think they are cursed. If the spell is successful, the caster will learn whether or not the subject is under a curse or not, even if the effects of the curse have yet to manifest themselves. If the victim is under a curse then the caster has a 5% chance per level of determining the exact nature of the curse. If the individual is under more than one curse then the only information that can be divined with this spell is the fact that the subject is cursed and the number of curses afflicting that unfortunate.
The caster must make a magic circle of various inexpensive colored inks, chalks, or sands (depending on the surface on which the circle will be made). The subject must stand within the circle while the spell is cast or if the spell is being cast upon an object, the caster must hold the object while s/he is inside the magic circle.
The reverse of the spell, Mask Curse - Minor completely blocks all attempts, by means of this spell, to detect a curse on an individual for 24 hours. An unwilling recipient gets a saving throw vs. magic. No material component is needed for this version of the spell.

Comperire Exsecrationem - Mayor
(Detect Curse - Major)
(Priest 2nd, Wizard 3rd)*

The parameters of this spell are like Detect Curse - Minor except that all sorts of curses can be detected by means of this divination. However, the priest's version of this spell allows for a 10% chance per level of determining the exact nature o>f> divine curses while the wizard's version allows for the same chance of determining the exact nature of magical curses. The caster still has the standard 5% chance per level of determining the exact nature of curse's outside his or her area.
The reverse of this spell, Mask Curse - Major completely blocks all attempts to detect a curse on an individual for 24 hours. An unwilling recipient receives a saving throw vs. magic.

*My justification for making the spell higher level for wizards than priests is that Remove Curse is 4th for wizards and 3rd for priests. Also, Detect Evil is 1st for priests and 2nd for wizards. I think the Detect Curses spells fit into these general types of spells and should thus be higher level for wizards.

Also, I am interested in what people think defines a curse, beyond the common sense definition of the term. Lastly, do the definitions of what makes the origin of a curse "magical" or "divine" require definition beyond common sense notions. If so, what are your thoughts on the subject?


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