Volume #1, Issue #1. (Oct 24, 1992)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Welcome to the first issue of the FNN newsletter. The world around us is exciting so this newspaper pledges to bring you news around the worlds. Due to a minimal staff, myself, all articles are distributed as is, with no grammatical or spelling checks. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to submit your own articles. Instructions for submitting articles and subscribing to this newsletter will be given at the end of the newsletter.

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World Index

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  2. Forgotten Realms
  3. Original
    1. Helliconia
    2. Unknown
    3. Op-Tessl
    4. Farport
    5. Arthur
  4. Mystara


A band of adventures named the avatar guardians who where sent by unknown powers to stop the release of "He who should not be named". Have been tricked into being the key that unlocked the gate. The eternal sleeper has awoken and the gods know not where this will lead. Already the signs of his coming and actions spread over Oerth.

>From Dancer Bard of the Crystalmists


Iron League, Rumors about Drow
CELIANT, Court of the Earl Valagalen of the Rieuwood: A small band of adventurers interrupted the meeting of the Council of Elders with the surprising news that a band of Drow had taken up residence in the ruins of Amon Angwi in the Menowood. The Council did not truly believe their claims to be completely true but felt that any news of Drow should be taken seriously. Due to ominous rumblings coming from the Great Kingdom and the See of Medigia to the north, the Earl was unwilling to spare much manpower to investigate the rumors. However a scout was assigned to journey with the group back to the ruins to verify the rumors.


The Year is 593 during the middle of the Greyhawk wars. If information is requested for the year 583 to the present I have plently of material to post what is posted here are the most current events in an on going campaign...

The Circle of 8 responding to the entrance of Aerdy into the Great war have enlisted the help of a group of well known adventurers known by the name of the Untouchables. An Aerdy General by the name of Alrith has been sent to retrieve an artifact of great evil to help the mad-kings armies. The Untouchables have intercepted the general to find the following: he was in league with demons. Both Greater and lesser. His general appearance was no longer that of a human but more like that of a dead person. These reports lead the Circle of 8 to believe that the mad-king has once again created the DEMONIC KNIGHTS OF DOOM. During the conflict Malakai Arboles bane of slerith was killed.

Hlool Marshes
The following takes place in the early months of 583.
A small group of inexperienced adventurers stumbled upon a smuggling operation along the coast, near the Hlool Marshes. After investigating it became clear the the operation was an intent on suppling weaponry to some group, against Keoland. There investigation prooved that it was in fact the Scarlet Brotherhood who were in control of the operation and were sending the weapons to a place near Stonhiem in the Pomarj. The person to receive the weapons Thurosh Mak?!

Pat Ellis: io11330@maine.maine.edu

RookRoost: Party manages to rouse local citizenry in uprising. Sought after by General's Men as well as local Thieves Guild members (Guild Name is Black Mantis). Said Party has escaped from Guild and its current whereabouts are unknown. There have been mighty magics displayed within the city limits and the party is thought to be the source. Paladin Sir Gregor joins in mop up of thieves guild.

RookRoost: Invulnerable coat of Arms Found.

RookRoost: Portal to Abyss open. Hell Hounds released.

RookRoost: Major political battle brewing. New citizens responsible. Call gone out for all reserves to assemble. New citizens disappear, thieves thought responsible.

Don Johnson: $01bcgfs@etsu.bitnet

Oerth, Hold of the Sea Princes (Hokar)
The Sheriff, Ayer, is reported to be a traitor, and the ambassador from Westkeep is sent back to Westkeep with his head in his arms, literally. A war has apparently broken out between Westkeep and Hokar, precise cause unknown.

Oerth, Hold of the Sea Princes (little known keep)
An elven paladin of Correllon Larethian took a keep from the well-known hired assassin Gwilliam, and began building up defenses. However, recently, the keep was beseiged by humanoid and giant forces, mixed. Questioning resulted in a suspected drow influence. The paladin and his companions slipped away to investigate.

Oerth, Celene
The elven Queen was recently married to Moradrin, son of Moredeep. It is thought that Moradrin is embarking on a personal campaign far to the south, for after a week of festivities, he left, headed south.

Mike Phillips: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu (Internet) msphil@WMVM1 (Bitnet)

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Forgotten Realms

Myth Drannor, Time of Troubles
A group of adventurers became Harper heroes today, after single handedly killing not one, but THREE liches in the School of Wizardry (see FR boxed set for layout). They were originally sent there over a year ago, when Lashan of Scardale fled there after his war with the dales. On their first trip they only reported seeing one lich, but they escaped, bringing the captured Lashan with them. It was then they were asked to return again, as a test to see if they were worthy of being Harpers. Three weeks later they appeared in the village square seemingly out of thin air. When questioned by Storm Silverhand, she heard a spectacular story of planar travel, and a battle with a group of githyanki. The adventurers, led by an elven fighter mage, even produced a githyanki head, and one of their fabled two handed swords. Storm, impressed with their bravery, made them Harpers. After a long layover, they were asked to go to Aglarond by Storm to look into some sort of business, and on the night of the fall of the gods, they were teleported there by Elminster himself.
Unfortunately for them the adventurers would not make it there for another two weeks. The instability in magic caused them to end up near Castle Perilous in Vaasa. Using two psionicists with dream travel, they headed south in leaps and bounds. After reporting with the Simbul it is unknown what they did, but somehow, they returned to Shadowdale just three weeks after talking with her. They returned bearing some very evil magical items, including an evil staff of the magi, but also with the heads of not one but THREE liches.
According to rumour, they were magically teleported from some inn in Telflamm, and brought to the School of Wizardry. It is thought by most that the instability in magic aided, not hindered this group of adventurers.
Currently, the adventurers are resting three miles north of Shadowdale in a small dugout house.


Sea of Fallen Stars (Pirate Isles)
After the death of the Half-Orcish leader and its Green Dragon protector at the hands of an adventuring party, the pirate town of Scrape has fallen into a state of chaos and confusion as various factions struggle to claim leadership.
No less than four factions comprised of Humans, Ogres, Orcs, and Goblins are at war with each other on the small Pirate Isle.

The adventurers known as the Bloodhawks have returned in triumph to Mirabar aboard a flying ship. The vessal's holds were filled to the rim with platinum, gold, and silver obtained from the lair of a Red Dragon. At the request of the party's leader, Deltar the Destroyer, a drydock was built and the vessal landed outside of the city. After seeing to the ressurection of one of their number who had fallen to the Dragon's breath, and removing the 'helm' that allowed the ship to fly, the Bloodhawks donated the wooden galley to the city and rode to the south.

A sea-going vessal belonging to the Zhentarim was attacked and stolen by unknown parties in a fierce battle on Scardale's wharves. At the end of the melee, several Zhentilar were dead, including a mage and a priest of Cyric, and the vessal was sailing away to the north. The Black Network is rumored to be actively seeking the culprits, and have offered a 1,000 gold piece reward for information leading to the bloody and painful death of those responsible.

Jon Gad: jng53092@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu

Moonshaes(& outer planes)
A well known group of adventurers have traveled to the plane of hades to reclaim the now lost soul of Tristan Kendrik. They have enlisted the help of the Mage Flamsterd, and another unknown sage called Gregor. Gregor seems to hold vast knowledge of the outer planes, and of the resident powers.
All that is known is that he was first seen in Waterdeep soon after the death of Myrkul in the Time of the Avatars. The group has returned empty handed with two of their number dead, thought to be now restored. They now plan on returning to Hades with new information to where their King's soul lies.

CG the DM: ccg001@acd.drake.edu

Some adventurers from the Company of the White Raven accidently visited Maztica recently when the ship they were travelling on was swallowed by a giant sea monster. When the elven mage Kitiram cast a Flaming Sphere against the monster's stomach lining, a survival mechanism teleported the ship randomly, causing it to appear above a desert. Gravity took over, and the ship smashed into the surface, killing most of the crew and severely injuring the adventuring group.
Fortunately, the survivors were discovered by some friendly natives, and after establishing rudimentary communications, they discovered they were in Maztica. The group set out to discover a way to travel back to Ravens Bluff. After a series of adventures, the group found a spelljamming helm. This helm was mounted on a ship, and the group left Maztica, taking some willing natives with them.
The return to Ravens Bluff caused some consternation, as the pilot failed to handle the helm properly, crashing the ship into a house, destroying the ship and house in the process. No loss of life occurred and damages were paid for by the Company.

Chris Ryan: chrisr@fitmail.fit.qut.edu.au
Now any interested DM can contact me for more information if they want. I can then supply information on the White Raven Company, the elven mage Kitiram, the monster, the adventures in Maztica, the spelljamming helm, the returning natives, etc.

In the past two rides, a total of four caravans have been ambushed and plundered while making the run through Gnoll Pass. The only survivor tells of a pitched battle between the caravan's guards and a large combined force of orcs, hobgoblins, gnolls, and ogres. Baron Thomdor, commander of Castle Crag, suspects Zhentarim influence, because as everyone knows, humanoids can't cooperate on making dinner, let alone coordinating a military operation of this magnitude. Various adventuring bands have been hired to find the humanoids and destroy the operation. A fake caravan manned by Purple Dragon's will also attempt to draw out the humanoids and expose their leaders.

Pat luhmann@atlantic.cps.msu.edu

Baldur's Gate: Unicorn Controversy
Tran, a noted alchemist in Baldur's Gate, has put out advertisements for unicorn horns. Despite massive protests by noted druids and rangers, a large party brought in two horns and was paid hansomely, in cash and gems. The Moon Blades, a group of nearby Druids, contacted Tran with the intent of having him revoke the advertisement. Two druids went to have a "talk" with him and have not been seen from since.


Adventurers go Hunting Trolls - On Purpose!
Two foolhardy adventurerst ought it would be "fun" to go hunting trolls, so off they went into the southern part of the Stonelands a few days east of Eveningstar. They apparently spend two days trying to attract a troll, they were very successful, for three fully grown trolls attacked out of the bush. The elf, whose idea it was, was rendered unconscious in the attack. His dwarven companion managed to fell the trolls and burn their bodies.
After healing his companion with healing draughts, the furious dwarf dragged his embarrassed colleague back to Eveningstar where they were heard to be solemnly swearing to never do that again.

News and Rumours
The Dwarves of Baldour report that one of the Swords of Baldour has been stolen. Emissaries have been sent to investigate its sighting in Waterdeep.

An ancient axe, the dwarven Axe of Thrammer, has been rumoured to appeared in Eveningstar and also in Waterdeep. This huge axe that hits like a 2-handed sword, was being made about 700 years ago for the Dwarven prince Thrammer, but he and the axe disappeared during the 17th Dwarf/Orc war. The axe is not magical but was intended to be enchanted, but was put into use when the Orcs attacked.

There as been a flood of Maztican gold and silver on the market in Waterdeep recently as adventurers return from the jungles of The Death Zone.

The Church of Helm denies reports that a Helm missionary tried to raise an army of Maztican warriors.

The recent restrictions on magic weaponry in Waterdeep appears to have created a thriving black market in evil-baby-killing- assault-swords. Loyal citizens are requested to report any knowledge of magic weapons to the authorities.

Greg Booth: booth@mdd.comm.mot.com & cgb003@email.comm.mot.com

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Original: Helliconia

Ishtar (city)
Our great King's Wizard has once again made a fabulous spell concerning eggs. Therefore, the King's chamberlain would like to hire more help cleaning the Great Castle before the smell becomes intolerable. Eye-witnesses claim to have seen a gargantuan boiled and peeled egg appear 200' above the courtyard and fall down. One of the guardsmen is still missing.

Witnesses to an explosion in a narrow alley near the Market claim to have seen a terrible Demon. It was 12' tall with wings and burning skin. One of the brave soldiers of Tyr entered the alley accompanied by an elf only seconds before the explosion. The soldier was rescued by the paladin Bah, but the Fiend disappeared.

The war is spreading. Even as our own brave troops train outside the city, The goblinoid and giant forces attacked the town of Achanabar, threatening to cut off trade through the Ice River. A tremendous magical battle raged in the air above the town, rumours are spreading about the swords Cargan and Nagorth being involved. A large part of the town has been devastated.

Knut Skomedal: skomedal@solan.unit.no

Original: Unknown

Rumors picked up on a "merchant" caravan about 100 miles south of where the events are supposedly taking place:
"I heard that they are hiring almost anyone, whether you got skills or not down there in Vir. I guess they got themselves some pretty wild tribes down there, stirring things up time to time."
"What? You want to know more? That'll cost you another drink."
"Mark, bring me another beer."
"Well, where was I? Oh yeah, like I said before; they are looking for almost anyone since I guess the tribes way down south are all uniting and going around burning and looting any town or village they come to. I heard that they have themselves a force of over 10000 warriors, and if thats so then I can see why they are horny for bodies! Guess they're paying a real premium for warriors, especially veterans who can lead. As you know, those Viristi are pretty much all mages so if I were a wizard I don't think I'd bother to make the trip. Besides, you know as well as I do that those elves don't like human mages."
"Do I believe it? Sure, why not? You say that because if it just happened how could we know about it so soon? How long ago did you fall off the turnip wagon anyhow, son? Don't you know that those people down there all got crystal balls and all that kind of bric brac that lets them talk to people quick-like? And I guess since it is pretty obvious to anyone with even half-a-brain that we're the best warriors ever then of course we'd know about it."
"Bartender, another beer. One for the lady too. Well, I guess the Church doesn't like whats going on down there but they aren't going to send any troops. Why not? Do I look like a Holy Father to you? How do I know? Well, I don't know but I figure that it might have something to do with those orcs. Well, I get around, as you know, so I find out things that other people don't know. Like, for example, that the border patrols have noticed that there been more orcs poking their noses around where they don't belong. So my guess is that they don't want to send an army down south and have the orcs attack. Well, that and they being unbelievers and all. I think that actually has more to do with it but you didn't hear me say that and I'll take 'em as fighting words if you say I did."
"Well, thanks for the drinks son but I have to go and see a man about a horse."

They say that there is a huge sword on display in the courtyard at Tanya's Fortress. The rangers who patrol the eastern frontier of the Scarlet Forest have finally figured out why the orcs have been aggressive lately. It appears that several tribes had been united by a trio of fire giants and forced to come down into civilized lands to make raids.
The rangers claim to have routed the orcish tribes in a major battle not far from Tanya's and to have driven off all three giants, one of which was badly wounded and had to abandon his sword.

Eastern Frontier of the Scarlet Forest
One of those frontier traders told me that he put up at Tanya's Fortress awhile back and they told him that if he traveled two days north and looked around the battlefield where they killed all of those orcs shouldn't be hard to find. They claim that there are over 300 corpses up there and that it only took six of them to do all of that.
They were led by some guy named Clayton who I hear has quite a reputation around those parts. What is more they said that an orc helped them and saved all of their lives at one point. Imagine that, an orc doing something like that.

Sandy Murphy: io01092@maine.maine.edu

Original: Arthur

ARTHUR: Portobello
Tobor, a Red Dragon who specializes in draconic medicine, has vanished, leaving behind a cryptic note implying that he has headed toward the Neutral capital city of Garvann to defect. Since the Polymetallic King has been quite ill, his presence would be a Godsend; but the fear is that he may be captured by Chaotic forces before he reaches Garvann. Thus, a group of adventurers on the scene have been drafted for a top-secret mission, to be referred to as the Hunt for Red "Doc" Tobor.

Dan'l Danehy-Oakes: djdaneh@ns.pacbell.com

Original: Op-Tessl

Inner/Outer Dreadhulks
An unnatural storm came up over the Outer Dreadhulks on Monday. The storm disrupted a street party being thrown by the Band of the Ring. Shortly after the storm came up, two figures appeared. The first was skeletal and mildly decayed. The second was said to be the leader of a crime syndicate. (A priest later identified both figures as vampires as well.)
The first figure appeared bent on robbery as it plundered a cart from which the Band of the Ring was serving drinks and food. A case began levitating out of the cart towards the first figure. A blast of Magic Missiles hit the case, spilling its contents to the ground.
Four glass vials/beakers fell to the earth and bounced but did not break. A large black man with two rows of spiked hair dove on the beakers and disappeared. Immediately after that, the two figures disappeared and the storm broke up.
Rumours say the beakers were magical alchemical containers dating from thousands of years ago. Other rumours dismiss it as standard shennanigans between Key-Fahlrain's apprentices and Par-Gretz, the Wild Mage's apprentices.


Original: Farport

One of the adventureers that helped restore our Duke to the rightful castle was reported kidnapped last night by an elven woman and two dwarves. It is said that the posters offering gold for capture of a demon instigated the attack, as the warrior wears a helm that has horns on it and makes him look very much like a demonic figure. Of course, the warriors black skin, white streaked hair and glowing red eyes may have hindered his convincing the attackers that he was "only human".
The warriors friends took off after the kidnappers and have since disappeared into the DeathMarch Forest.

Dewey Williams: williams@unccsun.uncc.edu

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The Republic of Darokin: (Village of Armstead)
Trade with nearby Nemiston has virtually dissipated, and expected caravans and traders have not arrived. Numerous small farms to the south of the town have been burned, and a party of six (two elves, a dwarf, three humans) reported that one Conor MacGregor, rumored to be a wizard from Glantri, has been organizing the local humanoids. One tribe of kobolds has already been wiped out by these adventurers, and they are currently heading towards a goblin lair. A bounty of 1,000 daros (gold pieces) has been placed on the head of Conor.

The Republic of Darokin: (Fort Hobart)
An assault of orcs was turned back with minimal casualties. No further activity has been noted, but humanoids in general have been a little quieter of late than normal. Light crossbows are becoming more common among their weapons, though, and this is causing some concern among the officers.

Alfheim: (general)
Several elves have turned up missing, and rumors of increased Shadow Elven activity have been spread throughout the land.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos: (Penhaligon)
A woman, claiming to be a paladin of Petra, sought entry recently, in the company of a green dragon she claimed to be her companion. (But what paladin would befriend a GREEN dragon?) The guards turned her away at the gate.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos: (Dymrak Forest)
The number of goblin raids has decreased, after the loss of several homesteads. A party of elves, led by two humans, including a paladin of Petra, are believed to be responsible for disbanding or destroying at least two tribes.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos: (Dymrak Forest)
Hunters are reporting encounters with *very* unfriendly elves, who are somehow able to avoid infravision detection and are very, very good scouts and archers.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos: (Luln, Fort Doom)
There is some concern due to an increase of activity in the Black Eagle Barony, and Mistress Sascia of Luln has asked for volunteers for the town militia. It is also thought that an envoy is heading to Luln from Specularum to make Sascia a Baroness.

The Atruaghin Clans: (Horse Clans)
Shamani have been noting increasingly disturbed dreams, and it appears that Atruaghin is mildly upset with something. Some of the younger men of the Tribe of the Wolf have volunteered to go north and investigate.

The Kingdom of Nithia: (HOLLOW WORLD, general)
The daughter of a woman who revered cats has taken to following Bast, a hither-to unheard-of Immortal, and it appears that she is manifesting some clerical powers. Clerics of the other Nithian Immortals are expressing some concern, but are merely watching her at this point.

The Milenian Empire: (HOLLOW WORLD, general)
Clerics of Halav and Petra are reporting a general discontent and worry from their Immortals, but they have no real guidance. A general suspicion among the priesthoods of the Midwives of Matera has also been reported.

Mike: msphil@tsrv1.ts.wm.edu

Council of Mages declares total crackdown on priests 'deluding' the people and set out magic wards to detect priest spells and send out guards. Prince Jaggar von Drachenfels has declared volition to lead his armies against the Khan's heretics, and to cleanse the Known World of this religionus nonsense.
At least three uprisings have been quelled in Glantri since the decision. However, all of them have been very minor. It seems most of the populace just doesn't care.

Ian Clysdale: ag757@yfn.ysu.edu

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