Miscellaneous other links.

Icculus.org, the canonical home of Project FI.

PhaethonH's homepage on icculus.org.

Tremulous, an open-source Q3 mod. It pits humans against aliens, with construction of buildings thrown in. Timbo, the main developer for Tremulous, has been an inspiration for me in continuing my mod development and aiming for an open-source development.

Timbo's Q3 SDK, Timbo's packaging of the Q3A game and toolchain sources for Q3 mod development for GNU-based, Linux-based, BSD-based, and other *nix-based systems.

People's Linux-Centric Modifications to the Quake 2 Source Code, also called "Relnev's Quake2", is one of the projects to get Quake 2 to work better after it's release under the GPL on 2001 Dec 21. The freeing and continuation of Quake 2 means the original Q2WF release can remain playable as-is for the forseeable future. In the meantime, I'll be using this to continue my collection on Q2WF gameplay notes.