About FI

The primary developer of this project goes by the in-game handle of "PhaethonH". I started playing my first FPS (First Person Shooter) game, Quake 3: Arena, in June 2000. The first mod (modification) I played for Q3 was WFA (Weapons Factory Arena), a class-based capture-the-flag mod.

FI is a Quake 3 mod with two goals in mind:

Project FI was conceived around May 2001. Originally designed to be an "alternate interpretation" on the canonical Q2WF successor, WFA (Weapons Factory Arena), loftier ideals led to a wider scope.

I had followed WFA with great interest for a great while. In early 2001, I had asked to be part of the WFA coding team. To put it short, I was rejected.

In mid-2001 marked the arrival of WFA 3.0. Gameplay was significantly changed. In my opinion, WFA 2.1 represented the epitome of WFA game play, so I asked to fork WFA 2.1 to maintain a parallel project, based on the gamestyle of WFA 2.1. In short, I was rejected. In a nutshell, WFA developers reasoned that forking would be no different from creating a whole new mod from scratch. I disagreed and argued, but being the powerless one, I could not do much against their decision.

The only remaining option was, therefore, to create a new mod from scratch. For the record, I'd like to state that being forced to reinvent the wheel is annoying.

The current extensible language I have implemented is based on Scheme as specified by R5RS, the Revised Revised Revised Revised Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme. Many events led me to decide on Scheme (See whyscheme.html). With the extremely original and highly innovative name of QuakeScheme (check that your sarcast-o-meter is working), it will become the backbone extensible language upon which my rendition of WF will rest upon. Hopefully.