An outline of why I chose Scheme as the extensible programming language for my mod.

Extensible programming languages

(TODO: Overview of what an extensible language is, examples of, use of)


(TODO: Explanation of my first extensible language, how it fit with the Q3 console, its capabilities, what became of it)


(TODO: Explanation of Q2WF MOCK, MOCKability, weapons files, data format, XML for formatting)


(TODO: How XML relates to S-Expressions, how S-Expressions relate to Lisp)


(TODO: Quick overview of Lisp; history, syntax, abilities, a little evangelism, its descendants, Common Lisp)


(TODO: Descendency of Scheme from LISP 1.5, relative size and simplicity, lending itself well to being an extensible language, fitting the syntax to Q3 console, dealing with console idiosyncracies)