Neverwinter Nights Linux Installer FAQ

What are the system requirements for this installer?
Linux 2.2 kernel or higher
glibc-2.1 or higher
ISO 9660 CDROM file system support
Microsoft Joilet CDROM extensions
570MB free in /tmp or $TMPDIR for data extraction
1.7GB minimum free space for the installed game
Your Neverwinter Nights CDROMs.

How do I install Neverwinter Nights?
Download the installer and the language update for your version.
Open a shell and run ./
When the install has finished, run your language patch.

Running ./ doesn't do anything.
Run chmod +x first.

What version binary of Neverwinter Nights does this installer include?
build 1.29.6758e (final).

The installer keeps asking for Install Disc 1. I have it mounted in my cdrom drive.
If you have supermount installed, disable it and mount your cdrom drive manually.
Make sure you have Joilet and ISO 9660 CDROM file system support installed.
If the installer still can't find your cdrom, then run export SETUP_CDROM=/mnt/cdrom before you run the installer from the same shell.  Replace /mnt/cdrom with your cdrom's mount point.

I mount my CDROM in some really obscure place.
These are the mount points that will work without doing anything:


If it is not listed here, you will have to set SETUP_CDROM before you run the installer.
eg. If you mount your CDROM under /mnt/cdrom0 then open a shell and type
export SETUP_CDROM=/mnt/cdrom0

I don't have 570MB free in my /tmp
If you have limited space in /tmp, change your temp directory to somewhere where you have more than 570MB free.  This must be on a Linux filesystem
Lets say you have free space in /usr/local/tmp or your home directory and want to use this instead of /tmp
Open a shell, type export TMPDIR=/home/<your_username_here>/ or export TMPDIR=/usr/local/tmp
Now run the installer from the same shell.

During installation, I get some error in my shell about wine and then this:
Unable to find file 'data'
Unable to find file 'dmvault'
Unable to find file 'docs'
Unable to find file 'localvault'
Unable to find file 'modules'
Unable to find file 'servervault'
You will have to install wine from here or here.  If you have winex installed, it will be used instead of the binaries I include with the installer.  Once you have installed either wine or winex, you should be able to run the installer sucessfully.

Why do I need wine?
wine is used to extract the files from the 1st install disc.  The tool used to extract the package is not available for Linux.
NOTE: Wine is not required!   However, it is needed for installation only if my included wine binaries fail to run on your system (see above question).

Neverwinter Nights seems to have installed okay, but it doesn't run!
Checkout this FAQ.   Some parts of this FAQ are out of date.

This installer isn't working!
It works fine on my machine.  If you have tried everything listed in this FAQ, then you will have to either get the data from a windows install or use the linux resource.