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Prost*tute Vocation

(Physical Trait)

SEC 1-4, 2 at start

My new campaign will be extremely gritty, and begin in a very urban setting.Though not necessarily confined to these types of areas, a Vocation I immediately thought of was (pardon my dirty mind)...

From crafty courtesan to gigolo to alley-whore, this Vocation encompasses all who seek to pay their life's wage with their bodies-- certain parts of their bodies, in fact. In general, prost*tutes are disdained by every class-- but their services are used by members of every class (funny, that...). The prost*tute's skills are oriented towards attracting customers, and these can also be useful in the gaining of information. When playing such a persona, some words and phrases to keep in mind are: turning tricks, "special" skills, divorce mind from body, pimps, madams, no taboos, oldest profession, money.

K/S Area                        Base Steep
Criminal Activities, Mental     24
Appraisal                       20
Criminal Activities, Physical   20
Deception                       16
Disguise                        16
Impersonation                   16
Combat, HTH Non-Lethal          12
Combat, Hand Weapons            12
Thespianism                     12
Streetwise                      12
Tolerance                       12
Dancing                         12 *
Gambling                        8
Influence                       8
Business Administration         8
Acrobatics/Gymnastics           8
Charismaticism                  8
Buffoonery                      4
Biology                         4
Endurance                       4
Handicrafts                     4
Fortune Telling                 4
Magnetism                       4
Herbalism                       4

* New K/S Area, see below.

New K/S Area:

Dancing: This K/S covers the basics of body movement, usually (but not necessarily) accompanied by music. Those possessing it are able to move their bodies rhythmically without making themselves look foolish (unlike the author). It has five Sub-Areas:

  1. Court Dancing
  2. Artistic Dancing
  3. Exotic/Erotic
  4. Festive
  5. Foreign

This K/S uses the average of the PMSpd and PNPow ATTRIBUTES as a base.

Vocation created by Aaron Brezenski (apbtjs@primenet.com)