Combat, Hand Weapons    30 P
Crim Act, Physical      25 P
Combat, Hnd Wpn Missile 25 P
Survival                20 P
First Aid               20 P
Nature Attunement       20 S
Military Science        20 M
Handi-crafts/Handi-work 15 P
Ecology/Nature Science  15 M
Jury-Rigging            10 S

Note: Warriors automatically attack at +10 STEEP whenever using a tomahawk, and cause an additional 6 points of damage due to their training (if a Child of the Elk).

See also: Primitive Weapons, Common K/S Areas

This vocation and related material was developed to run a game in the Atruaghin Clans setting on Mystara. It should translate to similar areas elsewhere.
Created by: Mike Phillips