Religion*               30 S
Priestcraeft*           25 S
First Aid               25 P
Metaphysics*            20 S
Nature Attunement       20 S
Mysticism*              20 S
History                 20 M
Handicrafts/Handiwork   15 P
Ecology/Nature Science  15 M
Jury-Rigging            10 S

Note: Medicine Men follow a spirit or a patron of one of the clans.

Recommended bonus K/S Areas: Herbalism, Fortune Telling, Animal Handling, Astrology, Astronomy, and Botany.

Heka generation:
Priestcraeft STEEP x 2, plus
Religion STEEP x 2, plus
Metaphysics STEEP, plus
Herbalism STEEP, plus
any other Heka-generating K/S STEEP

See also: Primitive Weapons, Common K/S Areas

This vocation and related material was developed to run a game in the Atruaghin Clans setting on Mystara. It should translate to similar areas elsewhere.
Created by: Mike Phillips