Mage Vocation

(Mental Trait)

(Note, this is a generic Dweomercraefter, unless the JM wishes to actually force a school selection -- therefore the mage doesn't get Full Practice, nor Castings from Green, Elemental, White, Grey, or Black schools -- unless the JM rules otherwise)

Dweomercraeft*          30 M
Alchemy*                25 S
Magick*                 25 M
Herbalism*              20 S
Foreign Language        20 M
Handicrafts/Handiwork   20 P
Games, Mental           20 M
Jury-Rigging            15 S
Chemistry               15 M
Botany                  10 M

Heka generation:
Dweomercraeft STEEP x2 +
Alchemy STEEP x2 +
Magick STEEP x2 +
Herbalism STEEP +
any other Heka-generating STEEP

(As a suggestion, if the JM wants to use Full Practice, then the Mental TRAIT must be 55 or greater, and a roll vs. Dweomercraeft x 0.5 should be made, and it will result in the lower of Magick or Dweomercraeft being multiplied by 5 instead of 2 when generating Heka)

Note: This is just a suggestion I cobbled together when I needed a mage whippedup for an adventure using the Prime rules..... (Specifically, I needed toknow what the apprentice was training for, so her stats could be adjusteddownwards)

Vocation created by Mike Phillips (