A recounting of the full tale
of what became Clan Erathorn
By Vivernicol, Weaponmaster to Clan Erathorn
(This is the knight that Alexius met in Rhisendahl)

This is an attempt at a complete recounting of the story behind Clan Erathorn, and the happenings surrounding this clan after it was formed. It is written by me, Vivernicol, having been a participant in the greater part of these events. Where appropriate, such material as has been submitted by other members of the clan has been used.

First, my own story in brief. My family has supplied the Kingdom of Albion with warriors since time immemorable. I am the sixth of my generation, the order being William, Jim, Harold, James, Estelle, Vivernicol and Mark. The estate of my father's (Walter) goes according to tradition to the oldest son. The remaining sons became knights of Albion upon manhood, with the exception of Harold, now a member of the Sunlight congregation at Wycombe. Estelle is a lesser mage, but not yet married. As for myself, there was no position for me as I matured, and so I was sent to stay with a distant uncle in the Kingdom of Neustria. There I was raised to be a knight of the realm, and attained such a position upon reaching twenty-one years of age. After serving with the Lancers of Neustria for the allotted time, a small section of land was granted for my personal use, and I was charged with the protection of a small village. Had the hand of fate moved in different ways, I might have ended my days there in peace, after long service to our king Roland. This was not to be.

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