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(As Seen in MMM #6 and on this list!)

This is a Phaeree Hobgoblin race which inhabits the plainlands and upper Shadowshallow realms of Counter-Vargaard. Doors naturally open in this realm dooring nights of the full moon, and some of these races cross over during that time, to hunt for a brief time on this sphere, or to settle permanently. They come into rare conflicts with the various native tribes of Vargaard, and may be taking a more agressive stance since AErth is now being populated with civilized society--and perhaps on Phaeree with Seelie races.

(As created by me just now!)

This is a unique race of Gypsys indiginous to Eastern Vargaard.

The Vargnaesoni originated from the early colonizers of Southern Vargaard. Relantl has always been a hodgepodge of AEgyptian refuges, malcontents, etc. Some of these were AEgyptian and (some) Slavic Gypsys. Many settled, but some continued the role they've had for centuries, wandering as nomads. During the numerous Wambak Wars, whole tribes of natives were scattered to the wilderness, if not exterminated or absorbed into the population. Some of the southeastern tribes were welcomed into the population, accepting the customes of the Vargaesoni and adding to them! As colonies were established north and wars began, further natives joined, and an influx of a small (persecuted) Gypsy tribe indigenous to Avallonia joined the population. It was all of these influenced which created the Vargnaesoni.

Currently, the Vargnaesoni number at an estimated 5,000. Typical caravans are contain 20-80 people, with some larger ones having twice or three-times that number. Such caravans travel as covered wagons or (rarely) wooden wagons, using both horses and mules. A few nomandic encampents can be found on the borderlands, during times of clan meetings, numbering 100-500 people, lead by a Chief. There is rumored to be a semi-permanent "city" somewhere in "wilderness" territory, home to the Varnaesoni Great Farroh. Furthermore, some 100-200 have taken up residence in villages, towns, and cities in various roles--all tend to be aloof and owe fealty towards their leaders.

These people are treated cautiously by all the states of Vargaard. They carry with them the stigma of other Gypsys tribes. In the northern states (above Susekeniana), they make money and a living at trade and entertainment of the peasents, but they are seen as a dark, mysterious, strange race, particularly with their bastadized religion as well as their unique racial makeup. They treat them with a cautions respect. The southern AEgyptian/Atlantian cultures treat them with disdain as barbarians, and tend to shun them at best--though some trade does occur. Caravans will submit to local laws when dealing with outsiders--most of the time, anyway--but they have their own culture, customs, and codes. The natives see them as a strange tribe taking up the trappings of the colonizers, and depending on the temperment of the tribe may be greeted with sympathy or with hostility. Gypsys war with bandits and robbers--they may be mountebanks, but they are not robber or murderers.

Their knowledge and skill base take the best of all the cultures. Mountebank's and Soothsayers by nature, their AEgyptian heretige has given them a lot of knowledge of hekacraeft. The AEropian influx has given them a lot of knowledge about warcraft/defense, organization, and weaponry. And the Natives of Vargaard have given them much lore in hunting, survival, and natural attunement to this land. Similarly, their Magick is strange--many have the mediumship skills of the Gypsys of lore, enhanced by the Conjuration skills of the Medicine Men. All have been enhanced by the renown of AEgyptian dweomercraefters, and the written art of Heak is taught. Dweomercraeft lore favored is the Gray, with Green coming in a close second.

Their religious beliefs are a stange mix similar to what happened on earth with the Voodoun religion when moved to the West Indies and New Orleans. Rooted in the AEgyptian Pantheon (with a scattering of Atlantian--particularly the Ancient Masters), the great influx of the tribes added an equal mix of the Manitou pantheon. The loose nature of religeous practices allowed for a lot of assimilation and acceptence--as did the theranthromorphic deities of both Pantheons. Add to this Phaeree lore/myth from both Kelltic and Slavonic realms (where these religions play a part), and you have a potpourii of influences. Thus their religion is a strange, more-or-less "equal" mix: references to the "Great Spirit" Ptah or Osirus are common, tapestrys of Manitou weave design with Hiero-AEgyptian symbols depicting the twin birds of Thunder and Lightning (Thunderbirds and Bennu), Manitou myths featuring Atlantian Ancient Masters as creator forces, etc. Such religion tends to favor those deities of Balance and Twilight...though cautious veneration of the ones of "Light and Darkness" are also undertaken.

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