Current state of Northern Vargaard as of the spring of AAF 995:

Falcondonia: recovering from a medium-scale skirmish, and infested with various evil cults, Falcondonia is not as strong as it has been in the past. At the moment, Grandmark is eyeing the territory, but is more rapaciously interested in Wildedge (since Falcondonia, a nominal ally of that beleaguered state is pretty much out of the picture for now).

Jarlesheim: disorganized, but there is a slow movement to unify under a particularly strong Jarl who has proven very able in keeping his territories and very charismatic.

Wildedge: small, beleaguered, it is only a matter of time before the skirmishes with Grandmark spell the end for this small country.

Atlantlan forces: various factions of the Atlantlan territories are trying to take control of the colonies (all of them), so there are a number of their agents wandering around.

Iroukia: while carefully shielding Grandmark and other colonies from their actions, they are currently waging a quiet war on the Huron, aided by several crafty war chiefs who managed to get warriors to strike from behind (in Algonquin and other territories). The Huron are near capitulation and, unless they resist to the last brave, will be incorporated into the Iroukian Nation (making it the Seven Nations). In addition, a visitation by the Great Spirit to a holy man names Pretty Pond has resulted in a crude but workable writing system. The most immediate impact that this has is that written records of religious teachings are being kept (by hand) for the first time, and the extreme variations in the teachings from one end of the Iroukian territory to the other are likely to decrease dramatically over time, leading to a more homogenous people.

Grandmark: Perhaps most important of all, the ruler has recently retained a Full Practitioner (Elemental), and his military has been gearing up for a campaign on Wildedge. In the meantime, a public works project in Tremayne has helped the city clean up its act, since a hole, not unlike those in metropolitan Paris and Londun and others, has been discovered and is being used for waste disposal. Opportunities abound for the willign adventurer.

Phaeree: With the gearing for war betwixt Grandmark and Wildedge, a small group of Slaugh have made their way into Grandmark, where they are advising the ruler of said nation. It is very likely that there will be a short campaign on Wildedge, followed by a longer campaign against Falcondonia (and likely the latter will be, at least temporarily, subjugated). Further, worried, a group of Fay have migrated to Wildedge, in the hopes of preserving the peace. To add further fuel to the fire, native Phaeree of various sorts are preparing to undermine both sides, in the hopes of driving the AEropan Phaeree off of their continent, and it is rumored that a large war-band of Amazons has joined the effort.

The Accursed: While the Accursed are not particularly strong on AErth, due in part (no doubt) to the wide range of evil forces already extant on AErth, they have their fingers in a number of pies as well. One of their most learned sorcerors has been touring Falcondonia, encouraging the growth of sorcey and witchcraeft, and teaching terrible rituals which summon awful beasts. However, he has been deliberately lax in teaching the controls, and it is likely that a number of Nether creatures will be brought to bear and will rampage throughout the upcoming battles.

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