Identifier: Monster, Mollusc, Octopod
Habitat: Southern Red Delta region
Size: 3 x human-size (650-725#)
Number Appearing: 1
Modes & Rates of Movement:

Initiative Modifier: - 6 (tentacles), + 4 (body)
Outstanding K/S Areas & STEEP:

Joss Factors: 0
Dodging Factor/Avoidance: Tentacles (30%), Body (0%)/--, 43, --
Attractiveness: 1
Invulnerabilities: None

Average Armor Protection: 10
Attacks           BAC   Base Dmg  Bonus
Constriction (x6)  52     3d6      + 17
Bite               80*    2d6      + 19
* This creature may only attempt to bite its prey by bringing it to its beak-like mouth with its tentacles. With its prey held such, the creature's BAC is incredibly high.

Flesh Rot: a certain, oozing chemical secretted from the tentacles of this beast will cause exposed flesh to rot, doing 2d6 PD/BT until it is removed. It cannot be washed off with water but rather special oils must be used. For every 8 PD taken from this ooze, the victim will lose 1 rank of Attractiveness (final minimum of 3 (Ugly)). The creature cannot digest truely "solid" food. Thus this ooze loosens the flesh of prey that it might be palettable to the Dandikkus.
Chameleon Form: The flesh of the Dandikkus naturally assumes the coloration of its surroundings, makeing it nearly impossible to detect (Perception Check at DR "Very Difficult"). Changing from one pattern to another takes 5 CTs to accomplish.

Statistical Detail:
Mental(cunning) - 12
Physical - 145 WL - 108

Remember - this creature, as are all the others I have posted, have stats for Mythus Prime with a few perks from Adv. Mythus (check out your early issues of DI for more on that one). Hope you like this guy!

Created by: BluSponge@AOL.com