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tr5_room_t Struct Reference

Room. More...

#include <tr_types.h>

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Public Attributes

float x
 x-offset of room (world coordinates).

float z
 z-offset of room (world coordinates).

float y_bottom
 indicates lowest point in room.

float y_top
 indicates highest point in room.

bitu32 num_layers
std::vector< tr5_room_layer_tlayers
bitu32 num_vertices
std::vector< tr5_room_vertex_tvertices
bitu32 num_rectangles
std::vector< tr4_face4_trectangles
bitu32 num_triangles
std::vector< tr4_face3_ttriangles
bitu32 num_sprites
std::vector< tr_room_sprite_tsprites
bitu16 num_portals
std::vector< tr_room_portal_tportals
bitu16 num_zsectors
bitu16 num_xsectors
std::vector< tr_room_sector_tsector_list
bit16 intensity1
bit16 intensity2
bit16 light_mode
bitu16 num_lights
std::vector< tr5_room_light_tlights
bitu16 num_static_meshes
std::vector< tr2_room_staticmesh_tstatic_meshes
bit16 alternate_room
bitu16 flags
tr2_colour_t fog_colour
tr5_colour_t light_colour
bitu16 unknown_r1
bitu16 unknown_r2
bit16 unknown_r3
bitu32 unknown_r4
bitu32 unknown_r5
bitu32 unknown_r6
float room_x
float room_z
bitu16 unknown_r7a
bitu16 unknown_r7b
bitu32 unknown_r8
bitu32 unknown_r9
float room_y_bottom
float room_y_top

Detailed Description


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