Team Arena Entity Definitions

The enclosed tadef_ptch.def file a bare bones list of entity descriptions for use in the Q3Radiant editor. You can paste it onto the end of your current def file (or better yet, into a copy of that file).

This is the Quake III: Team Arena entities definition file patch (note that it is not the entire definition file). The Q3Radiant editing tool uses this data to place game entities (ammo, weapons, power-ups, etc.) in the game map and the game. It contains the definitions for all the power-ups, game-specific items (like the Obelisks from Harvester and Overload). To use these definitions, open the text file and copy it. Now open the definitions file that you are currently using (probably in Baseq3/Scripts) and paste the contents of your clipboard at the end of the file. Now save this modified document as “teamarena.def” in a folder in your Quake III Arena folder called Missionpack/scripts. Open the Q3Radiant editor. Click on the File menu, and then select the “Project Settings” entry. This brings up the Project Settings pop-up window. Change the entitypath field so the pathname leads to the new definitions file.

Example: If the field currently reads c:/quake3 or g:/quake3/missionpack/scripts/*.def, change it to c:/quake3/baseq3/scripts/teamarena.def



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