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Test of the new X servers out there (19.02.2004)

The XFree86 Project changed their license for the 4.4.0 release to include a BSD-like advertising clause. This makes it incompatible with the GPL, which means that distros are not allowed to ship binaries of GPL-ed programs which link against the new X libraries. Most big distros already announced that they won't ship an XFree86 under the license. I took that as a reason for looking at the various new open source X implementations for Unix. Everything was tested on Lenin.

URL: Xserver
This was a flawless compile with the instructions given on the above mentioned site. The mouse cursor behaved weird and had an upsweep behind it. Eterm worked, when I tried to start mplayer in fullscreen mode the machine rebooted. I took that as a good reason to say that this is not ready for the next release of $Distro.


URL: Y Windows
Well, this project just started, so it's not ready either of course. It looks nice though with an SDL backend, iterm-support and a possible standard toolkit. I could only start the daemon though, when I tried out yterm or ysample, the server just aborted.

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