Difference for arch/ogl/wgl.c from version 1.13 to 1.14

version 1.13 version 1.14
Line 40
Line 40
 static bool GLPREF_windowed;  static bool GLPREF_windowed;
 static HGLRC GL_ResourceContext=NULL;  static HGLRC GL_ResourceContext=NULL;
 //static WORD Saved_gamma_values[256*3];  static WORD Saved_gamma_values[256*3];
   static WORD gammaramp[256*3];
 bool OpenGL_Initialize(void);  bool OpenGL_Initialize(void);
 void OpenGL_Shutdown(void);  void OpenGL_Shutdown(void);
Line 145
Line 146
 int ogl_setbrightness_internal(void){  int ogl_setbrightness_internal(void){
  return -1;//TODO: not yet implemented   int i;
    for (i=0;i<256;++i)
    gammaramp[i]=min((i+ogl_brightness_r*4)*256, 0xffff);
    for (i=0;i<256;++i)
    gammaramp[i+256]=min((i+ogl_brightness_g*4)*256, 0xffff);
    for (i=0;i<256;++i)
    gammaramp[i+512]=min((i+ogl_brightness_b*4)*256, 0xffff);
    return SetDeviceGammaRamp(hDC,(LPVOID)gammaramp)?0:-1;
 }  }
 void ogl_swap_buffers_internal(void){  void ogl_swap_buffers_internal(void){
Line 474
Line 483
  // Save our gamma values because we'll probably be changing them,   // Save our gamma values because we'll probably be changing them,
  // this way we can restore them on exit   // this way we can restore them on exit
 // GetDeviceGammaRamp(hDC,(LPVOID)Saved_gamma_values);   GetDeviceGammaRamp(hDC,(LPVOID)Saved_gamma_values);
  return true;   return true;
Line 503
Line 512
  // Restore gamma values   // Restore gamma values
 // SetDeviceGammaRamp(hDC,(LPVOID)Saved_gamma_values);   SetDeviceGammaRamp(hDC,(LPVOID)Saved_gamma_values);
  ReleaseDC(g_hWnd,hDC);   ReleaseDC(g_hWnd,hDC);
 }  }

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