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Nostalgia Alert
Mar 05, 2003
Due to... whatever reason, I've decided to revive this site and declare it a historical marker and hopefully get something off my taxes for doing it. This site used to be cooler than all of your moms put together. I'm bringing it back because I feel that some of the info on it can be useful for the impending resurrection of interest in Quake 2 that no doubt is knocking at the door.

Still Alive
May 23, 2000
I've finally added the rest of the configs I have to the page. I lost some when I suffered a drive reformat, so if you sent me one that's not here, feel free to send it again.

Site Redesign!!!
Apr 09, 2000
Hi all. I've finally taken the time to upload the new site layout. I haven't gotten all the configs up yet, but I will do that as soon as I can get to it. I just want to show you all that I'm not dead. In the meantime, the tutorials are still up and available for you to browse, so I encourage you to look through them. Also, if you're a member of AGQx, please submit your config.