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Quick Guide on Usage

  1. Choose appropriate Keyboard Layout.
  2. Click on key in keyboard image to select a key for binding.
  3. Select binding/command for key from Presets drop-list.
  4. Choose Key Modifier from drop-list as appropriate.
  5. Click [<- use] to copy into Command textbox.
  6. Or type in your binding directly in the Command textbox.
  7. Text in the Command textbox are saved automatically as you change keys.
  8. Click on Generate Config to generate a file fragment in bottom textbox.
  9. Use SelectAll/Copy/Paste to save to a file.

Analog Hatswitch Configuration

  1. Select an analog hatswitch's button to activate hatswitch configuration.
  2. Margins:
    1. [-] to decrement Margin by 0.05.
    2. [R] to reset Margin to 0.15.
    3. [+] to increment Margin by 0.05.
    4. Click and/or drag in slider window to adjust Margin.
    5. or enter value directly into Margin textbox.
    6. Colored region indicates size of hatswitch active region.
    7. Margin slide remains fixed at center.
    8. All sliders are adjusted when Margin changes.
  3. Hat-buttons
    1. [insert] to insert another entry before that line.
    2. [delete] to delete that entry line.
    3. Use final [insert] button to add at end.
    4. Click and/or drag in slider window to adjust hatswitch center point.
    5. Or enter value directly into Hat-button textbox.
    6. Center of slider is indicated by "¦", colored region indicates extent of hatswitch "active zone".
    7. Change the size of the region's extent by adjusting Margin.
  4. Other notes
    1. When the joystick axis falls inside the region of a hat-button, the corresponding hat-button triggers.
    2. Hat-button 0 correponds to AHAT0.0, Hat-button 1 to AHAT0.1, Hat-button 2 to AHAT0.2, etc.
    3. You can set which joystick axis maps to which analog hatswitch by adjusting the Joystick [] Axis [] textboxes at the top of the configurator box.

Drag and Drop

Copy Buffer (Cliph4oard)

Review/Flyover mode

On copying/Pasting config files

Color code guide

InactiveFocused (mouse over)Active (for binding)

Keyboard Layout:

Configure Analogue Hatswitch 0 - Joystick Axis
|| Hat-button 0
|| Hat-button 1

Enable tooltips, for review/flyover mode. Drag-aNd-Drop: Clipboard:



/ -- Use "Select All", "Copy", and "Paste" to transfer data.