8. Odds and Ends/Miscellaneous/Wishlist

In SS64, Rimururu.Shura had an attack that froze her opponent and sent them sliding away, far away; it wasn't exactly a command throw (it was blockable), but it was an excellent technique for shoving your opponent over the arena edge and winning with a Ring-Out. In SS3, Rimururu.Rasetsu had a similar attack, as a command throw.

In SS3, SS4, and SS64, Rimururu.Rasetsu had Konru Nonno replaced with Rupushi Tomu, where Rimururu slashes forward and upward as Konru creates protruding icicles for multiple hits. This move had better tactical applications (pushes back, hits high, quick recovery), however, the K. Nonno is a far more defining technique (a better “trademark move”) for Rimururu. I think it would be nice to see Rimururu re-equipped with this technique as perhaps a C attack, or, like the Kuare (A|B = Shura, AB = Rasetsu), as the AB version of the K. Nonno.

Apparently http://www.samurai-zero.jp/ is the official home page for SS5 (Samurai Spirits Zero), and all in Japanese. Generic/common movelist is http://www.samurai-zero.jp/sousa.html (in Japanese). Rimururu's movelist is http://www.samurai-zero.jp/chara/02.html (also in Japanese). Most of Rimururu's techniques are spelled out in katakana, so I may dig up a pronunciation chart and romanization rules from some place and straighten out the spellings one day.