5. Basic Assaults

5.1. Armed, Standing, Far

5.1.1. Weak Slash

(b|n|f + A) Rimururu quickly slashes her sword forward with her forward arm at about neck height

Short lead-in, short recovery.

This attack is quick enough to counter many opponent attacks.

5.1.2. Medium Slash

(b|n|f + B) Rimururu takes a step forward, with a backside spin, as her sword arm (which would be her rear arm, but now becomes forward due to the backside spin) swings overhead and down forward.

Long lead-in, short recovery. Interruptible.

This move has considerable delay as a forward attack, limiting it's usability in combos. On the other hand, this attack can be interrupted at any time from start to finish -- you can even interrupt before the sword strikes.

5.1.3. Strong Slash

(b|n|f + AB) Rimururu grabs her sword with both hands and steps into a deep horizontal lunging two-handed sword thrust.

Long lead-in, long recovery.

This attack is horizontally forward at about belly level.

5.2. Armed, Standing, Near

5.2.1. Weak Slash

(b|n|f + A) Rimururu slashes inward at about chest height with her rear arm.

Quick lead-in, quick recovery.

5.2.2. Medium Slash

(b|n|f + B) Rimururu slashes at about chest height with her rear arm as she finishes a complete turn.

Quick lead-in, slow recovery. Interruptible.

The short distance of this attack limits the ability to combo into and out of this attack (e.g. jump AB, B, f, d, df + A (jump strong slash, medium slash (miss), K. Nonno)).

5.2.3. Strong Slash

(b|n|f + AB) Rimururu takes a step forward as she uses both hands to swing her sword upward. (two hits?)

Slow lead-in, slow recovery.

The upward arc of this attack permits hitting airborne opponents, but the long lead-in time and very short distance requirement severely restricts use as an anti-air attack.

5.3. Armed, Crouching

5.3.1. Weak Slash

(d + A) Rimururu slashes horizontally with her rear arm.

Quick lead-in, quick recovery.

5.3.2. Medium Slash

(d + B) Rimururu slashes down diagonally towards the ground with her rear arm.

Quick lead-in, moderate recovery. Interruptible.

5.3.3. Strong Slash

(d + AB) Rimururu spins around with a ground-hugging sword slash, knocking down her opponent.

Quick lead-in, slow recovery. Knocks down.

5.4. Armed, Running

5.4.1. Weak Slash

(dash: A) Rimururu quickly slashes horizontally with her forward arm (much like standing far A).

Short lead-in, short recovery.

5.4.2. Medium Slash

(dash: B) Rimururu delivers a chest-height double-palm strike.

Moderate lead-in, moderate recovery.

Since this attack does not involve the sword, Rimururu does not enter rebound stun if the opponent is blocking.

5.4.3. Strong Slash

(dash: AB) Two-handed upward swing for knockdown damage (similar to standing near AB).

Moderate lead-in, moderate recovery. Knockdown.

5.4.4. Double Kick

(dash: C) A shin kick (similar to f+C), followed by a crouching kick (similar to df+C), then Rimururu flips away backward. During the backward flip, Rimururu can invoke Konru Shiraru (d + A | B | AB).

5.5. Armed, Jumping

5.5.1. Weak Slash

(air: A) Diagonally downward short-range rear arm sword slash.

5.5.2. Medium Slash

(air: B) Horizontal short-range rear arm sword slash.

5.5.3. Strong Slash

(air: AB) Large one-handed upward swing.

5.6. Armed, Other

5.6.1. Deflect

(d, db, b, f + D) Rimururu makes a wide sideways swing with her sword pointing upwards. If the opponent slashes Rimururu during her swing, the opponent is stunned.

The strength of the opponent's attack determines the type of stun. Attacks with Weak Slash (A) induce a short stun. Attacks with Medium Slash (B) induce a long stun. Attacks with Strong Slash (AB) induce a long stun and a weapon disarm (opponent loses sword).

The long stun animation last long enough to invoke Emushi (d, df, f + CD), which also means you can use any combo of your choice instead.

5.7. Kicks (armed or unarmed)

5.7.1. Stepping kick

(b|n + C) Rimururu hops forward and delivers a side kick.

Long lead in, quick recovery.

The little hop in the kick may help avoid low attacks.

If your opponent has stepped forward deeply for an attack, this move can actually put you on the other side of your opponent. Although this attack cannot be interrupted, the recovery is quick enough to land a combo.

5.7.2. Shin(?) kick

(f + C) Rimururu kicks with her rear leg to shin height (low roundhouse?).

Hits low, quick lead-in, quick recovery. Interruptible.

Since this kick hits low and does not suffer from rebound stun, it becomes the preferred leading attack into a combo when unarmed. The opponent does not suffer as much hit stun as with a B slash, making combos a tad more difficult. Also with misjudged distance, this attack may inadvertently transform into a (whiffed) Guard Crush.

5.7.3. Flying kick

(air: C) Rimururu sticks her forward leg diagonally down and forward at an angle.

5.7.4. Low kick

(d|db + C) Quick kick along the ground.

5.7.5. Sweep kick

(df + C) Rimururu swings forward a bit as her rear leg strikes out for knockdown damage.

Moderate lead-in, moderate recovery. Interruptible. Knocks down.

Her foot sticks upwards diagonally, so this attack can be used against airborne opponents that are close to the ground (however, most other fighters have swords longer than her leg).

This attack can be interrupted by a pursuit (u + B+C or df + B+C), which makes up for the fact the kick does next to no damage.

5.8. Unarmed, Standing

5.8.1. Jab

(A | B | AB) Rimururu jabs with her forward fist.

5.9. Unarmed, Crouching

5.9.1. Jab

(d + A | B | AB) Rimururu jabs with her forward fist.

5.10. Unarmed, Jumping

5.10.1. Jab

(A | B | AB) Rimururu jabs with her forward first (see a pattern yet?).

5.11. Unarmed, Running

5.11.1. Jab

(dash: A | B | AB) Rimururu punches with her forward fist.

5.11.2. Sliding Sweep

(dash: C) Rimururu slides along the ground a short distance, with her forward leg extended, for knockdown damage.

5.11.3. Rupushi Kamui Weisanpekoru, Head (head stumble)

(dash: A+C) Rimururu stumbles face-forward (face-plant) for an overhead attack.

This attack does negligible (very small) damage. This attack must be blocked high (overhead attack). If hit, the opponent is slammed into the ground face-first. This attack can hit airborne (but close to the ground) opponents.

Once Rimururu lands on the ground, she can't roll away. But at least her recovery is while she's supine (avoids high/middle attacks, including most grapples).

For such a quick and mild attack, it sure has a long name.

This attack changes if POW is maxed.

Great for humor value, especially as the final blow.

5.11.4. Rupushi Kamui Weisanpekoru, Foot (foot stumble)

(dash: B+C) Rimururu slips with both feet flying forward and up, for a middle attack.

This attack does negligible (very small) damage. This attack is not an overhead, nor is it a low attack. If hit, the opponent is slammed into the ground face-first. This attack can hit airborne opponents.

Once Rimururu lands on the ground, she can't roll away. Her recovery time is spent prone (avoids high/middle attacks).

This attack changes if POW is maxed.

5.12. Unarmed, Other

5.12.1. Disarm

(d, db, b, f + D) Rimururu holds her hands up to chest level. When hit with a sword, Rimururu grabs the opponent's sword with her hands(!) and pulls it out of her opponent's hands for a disarm, then shoves (double-palm strike?) the opponent away for knockdown.

The timing is similar to that of the Deflect.

5.13. Other (Armed or unarmed)

5.13.1. Wall Drop

(air, screen edge: b + A | B | AB | C) Rimururu cancels a wall jump with an attack.

This move is probably one of the more disorienting obscure moves in the game available to any wall-jumper. Rimururu must be facing towards the screen edge off which she is wall-jumping (typically by jumping over a cornered opponent). Just as soon as the wall jump starts (as she “sticks” to the screen edge), invoke an attack. Instead of a wall jump, Rimururu continues dropping down, as if merely bouncing horizontally off the screen edge. This move is the closest you'll get to a midair about-turn.

5.13.2. Guard Crush (throw)

(close, b|f + C) Rimururu grabs her opponent and shoves.

5.13.3. Guard Crush Followup

(after Guard Crush, A|B|AB) Rimururu follows up a Guard Crush with an upward two-handed slash (near standing AB), or two handed deep lunge (far standing AB), depending on distance. When unarmed, a sweep kick. All these follow-ups knock down the opponent.

5.13.4. Taunt/Weapon Toss

(armed: Start, Start, Start) Rimururu abandons her sword with an underhand toss. The dropped sword does (tiny) damage when it lands on a downed opponent (pursuit attack). All of Rimururu's specials and her super are usable without her sword (Rimururu's true weapon is Konru!).

5.13.5. Weapon Pickup

(unarmed, close to sword: A) Rimururu picks up her sword with a sideways swing (the way she swings when Deflecting, but doesn't actually deflect swords).

5.13.6. Big Pursuit

(u + B+C) Rimururu jumps high into the air, falling with Konru underneath (as an ice platform; as in the Shiraru) onto the enemy. Maximum forward distance is about one or two character widths (but otherwise Rimururu homes in on the downed opponent).

Slow lead-in, slow recovery.

5.13.7. Small Pursuit

(df + B+C) Rimururu drops to a crouch as she puts her weight into a two-handed downward stab (not the wimpy-looking bend-over stab in SS3/SS4). When unarmed, Rimururu flips forward, landing on the opponent with a two-foot stomp, then bounces back.

Moderate lead-in, moderate recovery.

5.13.8. Overhead Attack

(BC) Rimururu hops and thrusts Konru diagonally down and forward. This attack cannot be blocked low. This attack can also avoid low attacks (it's a hop).

Slow lead-in, slow recovery.

5.13.9. Meditation

(partial POW: n + hold/tap D) Rimururu pauses (almost as if praying) as she drains her POW meter to raise her life triangle.

Meditation only works if the POW meter is partially filled. This move doesn't work if the POW meter is empty, full, or sacrificed for a different meter.

Raising the life triangle helps reach the ability to use Enlightenment (Bullet Time) sooner and longer.

5.13.10. POW Explode

(armed: A+B+C) Rimururu strikes a pose (not sure how to describe that...) as a large semicircle (hemisphere) explodes around her. The explosion is unblockable, but does no damage. The POW meter sacrifices itself for a red-gradient RAGE meter, and the timer suspends.

This move can be invoked while Rimururu's feet are on the ground; the upshot is that many opponent combos can be interrupted if Rimururu remains on the ground.

While the RAGE meter is not empty, the timer stops counting down (but the chronometer/total-time-elapsed continues), the Kenki Meter (Damage Meter, just under life bar) enlarges (extra damage bonus), you have all capabilities of a full POW meter (Rimururu's stumbles and Super attacks), and the RAGE meter continually decreases with [real] time. If the Super connects, the RAGE meter drops to zero (empties immediately) (read: don't use with 1 second on the timer if you want to connect with the Super -- the round ends before the Super can deal any damage), but otherwise a missed Super does not empty the RAGE meter.

Must be armed to invoke.

5.13.11. Enlightenment (Bullet Time)

(flashing blue life: d, db, b + C+D) A profile image of Rimururu scrolls across the screen. The background turns whitish as the POW meter sacrifices itself for a blue-gradient meter. The opponent slows down.

This move can only be invoked after losing one round (or when your opponent is one round away from Conclusion?), and when the lifebar falls past the small white life triangle (which coincides with the lifebar flashing blue). The life triangle can be raised by Meditation (n + D with partial POW meter).

This move sacrifices the POW meter for a blue Enlightenment Meter. The size of the new meter is proportional to the distance of the life meter, so meditating after your lifebar turns blue is still productive.

While the Enlightenment Meter is not empty, your opponent moves very slowly, you have the Issen move at your disposal, and the meter continually decreases with time. The meter drops to zero (empties immediately) when you get hit or use Issen.

The timer does not stop nor slow down.

You can invoke this move even after your opponent has, too. In this case, both of you move just as slowly (i.e. the slowness is not cancelled) until someone runs out of meter (the one with remaining meter moves faster).

Can be invoked armed or unarmed.

5.13.12. Issen (Flash)

(armed, enlightenment: B+C+D) Rimururu suddenly slides across the screen. If Rimururu hits a non-blocking opponent, she lands a slash for extreme damage, and the blue Enlightenment Meter drops to zero as the opponent collapses to the ground. If the opponent blocks, Rimururu flips away for no damage as the blue Enlightenment Meter drops to zero. If Rimururu completely misses the opponent, she slides all the way to the other side of the arena, then the blue Enlightenment Meter drops to zero. Basically this move is a double-or-nothing gambit.

5.13.13. Suicide

(armed: b, f, df, d + Start) The screen darkens as Rimururu summons Konru overhead to form a giant ice boulder. Then the ice boulder lands on Rimururu, crushing her.

I have not managed to invoke this while unarmed, although one would think doing so is possible.