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16. Values for ``uiScript''

Many thanks to dementor for starting this section.

These values are used for uiScript. These are game-specific internal actions that cannot be effected by .menu text alone. These are actions carried out in the mod's C code, but triggered from the menus. In a way, they are like hooks for actions into the mod from the menus. Mod makers can create their own uiScript components; the pattern is in ui/ui_main.c, UI_RunMenuScript().

The listed values here appear in the source for Q3[T]A 1.27. Values are case-insensitive, but I still preserve the capitalization as it appears in the source text.

16.1 stopRefresh

Stops the updating of servers list (when you try to join an online game). In other words, queries to the master server and servers are terminated.

See also: RefreshServers, itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_SERVERS

16.2 LoadDemos

Loads a list of demos to be used with the demo feeder. This also updates the feeder source for FEEDER_DEMO.

See also: itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_DEMO, uiScript::RunSPDemo

16.3 LoadMods

Loads a list of demos to be used with the mods feeder. This also updates the feeder source for FEEDER_MODS. If a file named `description.txt' exists in a mod directory, the first line of that file is used as the mod's name in the feeder list. If no such file exists, the name of the directory itself is used.

See also: itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_MODS, uiScript::RunMod

16.4 playMovie

Starts playing the RoQ selected in the movies list. The movies list is any widget using a movie feeder.

See also: itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_CINEMATICS, uiScript::LoadMovies

16.5 verifyCDKey

Combines the cvars "cdkey1" through "cdkey4" into a single cvar "cdkey", which is then passed through the Quake3 internal cdkey verification function. After verification is complete, the cvar "ui_cdkeyvalid" contains a message indicating the result.

See also: getCDKey

16.6 StartServer

Starts a server, and the associated online game (instead of just joining). Initialized values include dedicated setting, gametype, number of available spots (maxClients), number of bots, bot names (if any).

See also: uiScript::SkirmishStart

16.7 updateSPMenu

Update the Single Player menu based on latest achievements, such as after completing a [new] arena.

See also: uiScript::resetScores, uiScript::SkirmishStart

16.8 resetDefaults

Resets many settings to default: video, sound, game, input, keys. Many of the default settings are set by running the script named 'default.cfg'. This should be packaged in pak0.pk3.

See also: uiScript::glCustom

16.9 getCDKey

Retrieves the stored CD key from internal Quake 3 memory, and stores into 4-character pieces into cvars "cdkey1" through "cdkey4".

See also: verifyCDKey

16.10 loadArenas

Loads list of maps for starting server.

See also: uiScript::StartServer, uiScript::SkirmishStart, itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_ALLMAPS

16.11 loadGameInfo

Parses "gameinfo.txt" file. Also loads (single-player) best scores for each map.

See also: uiScript::resetScores

16.12 resetScores

Resets best scores for each map.

See also: uiScript::loadGameInfo

16.13 RefreshServers

Refresh the list of servers (when you want to play online). This clears the list, queries the master servers for list of servers, then pings each of the servers.

See also: uiScript::RefreshFilter, uiScript::ServerStatus, itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_SERVERS

16.14 RefreshFilter

Refresh list of servers according to filter. This doesn't clear the list of servers, but still (re-)pings the servers in the list.

See also: uiScript::RefreshServers, itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_SERVERS

16.15 RunSPDemo

Plays back a demo. The demo to play is the one selected in the list that uses a demo feeder.

See also: uiScript::LoadDemos, itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_DEMOS

16.16 LoadMovies

Load a list of movies.

See also: uiScript::playMovie, itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_CINEMATICS

16.17 RunMod

Run mod selected in listbox. The mod to load is the one selected in the list using the mods feeder.

See also: uiScript::LoadMods, itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_MODS

16.18 Quake3

Switch to baseq3 (the version without all the nifty new menu code).

See also: uiScript::Quit

16.19 closeJoin

If server list refresh is in progress, the refreshing is stopped.

See also: uiScript::RefreshServers

16.20 ServerStatus

Retrieve status of selected server (server cvars, player list, etc.). The selected server is the one selected in the list using the servers feeder. Updates the serverstatus feeder.

See also: uiScript::RefreshServers, uiScript::FoundPlayerServerStatus, itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_SERVERS, FEEDER_SERVERSTATUS

16.21 FoundPlayerServerStatus

Retrieves status of server. The selected server is the one selected in the list using the findplayer feeder. Updates the serverstatus feeder.

See also: uiScript::ServerStatus, itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_FINDPLAYER, FEEDER_SERVERSTATUS

16.22 FindPlayer

Search for a player's name in the list of servers. Player name to find is stored in the car ``ui_findPlayer''. Color codes are stripped during search (i.e. color codes don't matter). The specified name is searched as a substring (i.e. it can be a short piece found inside a longer name, and exact matches also show up). Updates the findplayer feeder with the list of server names.


16.23 JoinServer

Join the game on the selected server. The server to join is the one selected in the list using the servers feeder.

See also: FEEDER_SERVERS, uiScript::RefreshServers

16.24 FoundPlayerJoinServer

Joins the server with the player for whom you were searching, if found. The server to join is the one selected in the list using the findplayer feeder.

See also: FEEDER_FINDPLAYER, uiScript::FindPlayer

16.25 Quit

Quits Quake 3 as a program entirely. The cvar "ui_singlePlayerActive" is set to 0 on quitting. (XXX: cvar ui_singlePlayerActive is used to determine if, on error condition, an error message popup window should be used (1) or not (0). Find a better place to put this info.)

See also: uiScript::Leave, uiScript::Quake3

16.26 Controls

Pauses the game (in a manner), ui module takes control of the keyboard, then menu "setup_menu2" is opened. Basically, prepares Quake 3 for the player to set key bindings.


16.27 Leave

Quits from a game, but not Quake 3 entirely. Main menu is opened afterwards.

See also: uiScript::Quit, uiScript::Quake3

16.28 ServerSort [int]

Sort the list of servers (when you want to join online game). The parameter indicates which column to sort. If a new column is selected, the list is sorted in ascending order. If specified again for the second time in a row, the sort direction is reversed. Each time the column is re-selected without a new column selected (i.e. clicking on the same column again and again), the sort direction is sorted in the other order (i.e. sort order keeps switching).

See also: uiScript::RefreshServers, uiScript::RefreshFilter

16.29 nextSkirmish

Single-player game, go on to next round (as from the podiums display at the end of a round).

16.30 SkirmishStart

Start single-player game.

See also: uiScript::nextSkirmish

16.31 glCustom

Set "Video Setting" label to "Custom" (out of "Low", "Medium", "High", "Custom").

See also: uiScript::resetDefaults

16.32 saveControls

Commits the displayed bindings setup to actual binds for Quake 3.

See also: uiScript::loadControls

16.33 loadControls

Retrieves key binds from Quake 3 to set up the displayed bindings.

See also: uiScript::saveControls

16.34 clearError

Sets the cvar ``com_errorMessage'' to an empty string. This, in effect, clears the stored error message. The cvar ``com_errorMessage'' is set upon any error condition by the Quake 3 engine. This is sort of like a bridge for error messages between the Quake 3 engine and the mod space.

16.35 UpdateFilter

Refresh the list of servers with the new selected filter. XXX: does this re-ping the servers?

16.36 closeingame

Closes the in-game menu. The in-game menu is the menu usually bound to ESC.

16.37 voteMap

Call a vote to switch to the selected map. The selected map is the one selected in the listbox using the allmaps feeder.

See also: itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_ALLMAPS

16.38 voteKick

Call a vote to kick the selected player. The selected player is the one selected in the listbox using the player_list feeder.

See also: itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_PLAYER_LIST

16.39 voteGame

Vote on gametype (FFA, TDM, CTF, etc.). (XXX: parameters?)

16.40 voteLeader

Call a vote to make the selected player the team leader. Selected player is the one selected in the listbox using the team_list feeder.

See also: itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_TEAM_LIST

16.41 addBot

Adds a bot to the (online) game. The selected bot is the one selected in the listbox using the heads feeder.

See also: itemDef::feeder, FEEDER_HEADS

16.42 addFavorite

Add the currently joined server to the Favorite Servers list. (XXX: details... limits, time of saves, etc.)

16.43 deleteFavorite

Delete current server from Favorite Servers list. (XXX: same queestions as addFavorite)

16.44 createFavorite

Add to Favorite Servers list the server specified by the cvars ``ui_favoriteName'' and ``ui_favoriteAddress''. XXX: cvars set by user in a menu beforehand?

16.45 orders [string]

Canned action after selecting an order (bot directive) from in-game menu. These orders help direct the actions of the game bots. The string is executed as a console command and menus are closed (to resume gameplay). If a teammate is selected with the cvar ``cg_selectedPlayer'', the order is sent to the teammate. Otherwise, the order is sent to the entire team.

16.46 voiceOrdersTeam [string]

Canned action after selecting a team order from in-game menus. The strig is exected as a console command, and the menus closed (resuming gameplay). The order is implied to be applied to the team as a whole, so if a teammate is selected (cg_selectedPlayer), nothing is run.

See also: uiScript::orders

16.47 voiceOrders [string]

Canned action after selecting a bot order from in-game menus. The string is executed as a command, and menus closed (resuming gameplay). The order is implied to be applied only to a single player, so if a teammate is NOT selected, nothing is run.

See also: uiScript::voiceOrdersTeam, uiScript::orders

16.48 update

Synchronize cvars. Cvars set in the menus are used to modify a set of other associated cvars. For example, reading cvar ``ui_glCustom'' (modified by the menus) to set the values of r_vertexLight, r_mode, cg_shadows, etc (modified with uiScript update).

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