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This is a collection of patches that I have (maybe partially) worked on. These provide a little extra functionality to Q3A that I have been unable to find at Q3A mod tutorial sites. Patches are provided in unified diff format, and can be applied with Larry Wall's patch(1) program (the classic 'patch(1)' in any modern free unix(like) system).

For the most part, these code fragments are "go ahead and use/modify/copy it, just give me credit for it; at the very least, don't pretend you made it yourself", unless otherwise noted in the relevant directory.

(2001.03.29) Q3 aliases (/alias command)

(2001.08.08?) Q3SH - Quake 3 Shell Interpreter, based on behaviors of GNU Bash. Currently abandoned in favor of a Scheme implementation.

(2001.08.08) malloc() - they said it shouldn't be done, but I did it anyway.

(2001.08.26) vsprintf hexadecimal - expands vsprintf() function in bg_lib.c for hexadecimal formatting of integers ("%X").

(2001.09.15) Standard C stdio functions - saner file I/O for Q3VM bytecode.

(2002.02.23) Q3 Expanded Math Library - additional math function based on Standard C math library (math.h).

(2002.06.27) vsnprintf() for bg_lib.c - Adds vsnprintf(), the limited-length variant of vsprintf().

(2002.10.11) noiz-based random number generator - A better RNG based on noiz-0.5, using an entropy collector.

(2003.01.12) Votebox and Votefilter - Alternate voting system using config files.


These stuff relate to Quake 3 as a program, but don't affect the game source directly.

(2002.01.23) Q3ASM Turbo - q3asm with major speed improvements.

(2002.02.23) Q3VChat Popup Menu - In-game popup menus, primarily for WFA, but adaptable to Q3TA and maybe RTCW. Utilizes the new HUD/menu system, and uses a perl script to set up keystroke sequences. Essentially emulates the VChat menus in Tribes 2.

(2002.03.01) MD3 Import - Python script to import MD3 into Blender Creator.

(2002.04.21) MD3 docs - Documentation on the MD3 and MD4 file formats (binary structure).

(2002.06.09) Q3LCC-PH - Patches to lcc-4.1 to generate a Q3VM-friendly lcc (q3lcc-compatible). Developed independently without help from Id Software (grrr).

(2003.09.08) Quake Command Processor - Generalized description of the Quake 2 command processor (lightly related to the quake console), written for reimplementation purposes.

Larger Projects

Other stuff that were deserving of their own directories.

(2001.02.14) WFA HUD - Currently abandoned. Still a source of useful bits, though peppered with outdated information. This was my attempt at creating custom HUDs for Weapons Factory Arena.

(2001.03.30) Q3TA menu documentation - An effort to document the .menu format used in Q3TA (available since Q3 PR 1.27). This project is a direct result of modifying HUDs in WFA, and not knowing wtf was going on. The new menu system is used in:

(2002.08.11) Quake 3 Mod Commentary - Something of a commentary on the baseq3 mod source. Also includes a description of the Q3VM.

(2003.03.11) Triseism - Standalone Q3VM interpreter. Implementation of a Q3VM interpreter independent of Quake III.

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